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Kyoko (Suguri/100% Orange Juice) CMC+/0.9.3 - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


Completely new version 1mo
  • Overhaul Resprited
  • Overhaul Balance Changes all around
  • BugFix Downb crystals were trggering with every projectile
fixed a bug 7mo BugFix

chills in

Kyoko hails from the Suguri series which is part of the 100% Orange Juice universe.

In all of Kyoko's appearances and depictions, she is the ultimate tank, and as such, so she is in SSBC - CMC.

Kyoko posses an incredible high weight value, higher then Bowser and is the heaviest (on purpose and balanced) character in all of CMC, with a value of 0.39 KOing her early is not an option. (That Zits mod by james has 0.6 and DIO from cmc+ v1 had 0.42 but these werent balanced at such and zits definitely wasnt on purpose)

To make up for that, Kyoko is extremely slow. Walk, Run, Air. You name it. You are better of sticking to crusade air dodge if you want to have any hopes of chasing someone down.

However, Kyoko also posses a passive 5 of heavy_armor, allowing her to tank any projectile or hitboxes that causes less then 5 damage.

Kyoko would be the perfect character for zomeone to camp on or zone to hell with her not even mediocre but straight up bad mobility, that would be if Kyoko herself was not a stage control-defend the fortress zoner herself. And I'll explain below.

Kyoko neutral B spawns up to 6 crystals that homes in the enemy after 3 seconds have passed, touching them at any time regardless of homing or not deals damage, they all do 1 damage and very minor knockback impossible to kill with, but are very useful to controlling the arena.

Kyoko side B spawns a mirror in her front with 3 seconds duration that reflects projectiles and acts as a wall impeding anyone(including her) from walking by.

Kyoko down B spawns a crystal that does nothing. Nothing on it's own that is. If any of the following types of projectiles passes by it, then something will happen:

Projectiles with a priority of 3 or higher

Projectiles with a "ungrazable = 1"

Projectiles with a "missile = 1"

Projectiles with a "laser = 1"

or, her own dash attack laser projectile.

Then, the crystal will activate, upon activation it will make whomever projectile activated it home on Kyoko's enemy, then it will create an area of snow around the crystal itself, which deals 1 damage each 30 frames for any of kyoko's enemy's passing by and slows down them drastically when trying to traverse it.

Setting your own crystals and activating them with dash attack is the key to build your fortress as kyoko. And occasionally with the enemy conveniently activating them for you.

Her upb is just a glorified third jump that grants you 1 of super_armor on usage(doesnt stack), allowing you to tank 1 of any hit whatsoever.

If you read it up to here, thank you for downloading and have fun. More 100% Orange Juice reps will come on the future.