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Samus Overhaul (True Palette Update) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Dread it, run from it, B spamming still arrives

My actions do not reflect the opinions of the official Crusade, CMC, or CMC+ dev team. However, I do find them to be completely justified, and invite interested parties to cry harder.

This mod completely replaces Samus. You won't want Jank Samus back anyways.

Item Points: Yes
Final Smash: Yes

Prominent features:
-Almost all of Samus's sprites and effects are completely overhauled
-Overall, Samus is faster and heavier, to make her feel "cooler."
-Samus now has 4 jumps. Each jump is half the height of the old 2 jumps, so her vertical recovery is the same as always. This was done to represent the Space Jump from her series of origin.
-Samus's Crawl animation now actually animates. It also rotates depending on the direction Samus is moving in.
-Samus's forward and backward dodge animations are now the Sensemove from Other M
-Samus now has additional voice clips from Card Sagas Wars to give her more personality in combat
-Samus's Speed Booster now automatically kicks in if she runs for a set amount of time; this only speeds her up slightly and isn't very practical, but it's a fun reference!
-Jab is now a punch-kick combo
-F-Tilt is what F-Smash used to be, but with an explosion tacked on
-U-Tilt is now the Melee Counter from Samus Returns, complete with a few frames of invincibility at the start
-D-Smash is functionally the same, but uses two explosive shots instead of a sweeping kick
-F-Smash is now a rapid-fire volley of short-range shots, ending with a large explosion
-U-Air is the same as always, only with a cannon shot at the end for the finisher
-N-Air is now the Screw Attack, to make it closer to the source material in functionality and give Samus a powerful burst option
-U-Throw, F-Throw, and B-Throw now use the Ice Beam, stunning the opponent for longer to allow for more follow-ups
-N-Spec now fires a volley of three shots when completely uncharged. The three shots collectively deal more damage than the next few stages of charged shots, but 70% of those stages are still more powerful
-U-Spec is now the Shinespark Jump. Holding Special will charge the attack; the longer the charge, the further Samus will leap upwards. In the Air, Samus can also steer left and right while charging, assisting in horizontal recovery. The attack's knockback is fixed and doesn't scale with charge, but the damage does increase; this move isn't a very good kill move as a result, but it's a great recovery.

Samus hasn't received very many updates ever since her Brawl incarnation. Outside of Project M's Ice Beam (which was very cool), Samus has received next to no real updates besides balancing tweak and some fire at the end of F-Smash. Almost nobody has ever done anything interesting with Samus in a Smash-styled game. Hopefully, that just changed now. I hope you enjoy playing as the first new Samus in over a decade!

The Dread Update

-Gave the airdodge a makeover; now it resembles the Flash Shift from Metroid Dread

-Added two new abilities using the Charge Shot! Hold down Special while holding a full Charged Shot to activate them!

--Storm Missile: A new ability from Metroid Dread, Samus fires a barrage of missiles at opponents which quickly home in on them. Activate it by holding Special while using the Forward Special, Missile (not the Smash/Super Missile variation).

--Power Bomb: A classic ability from many games in the series, Samus drops a larger bomb that detonates after a set amount of time; this bomb doesn't automatically explode on contact, but it's extremely powerful, acting as a large Smash Attack against unprepared opponents. Activate it by holding Special while using the Down Special, Morph Ball Bomb.

-Gave a graphical overhaul to Samus's Final Smash, making it a reference to the epic finale of Metroid Dread! While its existence is technically a spoiler, without context it won't actually mean much to you until you actually see it in Dread for yourself. Regardless, avoid using this if you don't want to get spoiled.

Special Note
This mod, controversially, uses sprites from a certain other free Smash-related fan game that likes to call in a special mafia whenever a different free fan game also uses their sprites. I understand that they want their original assets to be kept to their game, but these sprites have existed for EIGHT years; if there was a statute of limitations for using free fan game sprites for free mods for a different free fan game, I feel like five would be the most reasonable. I will continue to use the sprites from that game that I have on hand, because they're good-quality sprites and nobody is making money off of these mods. That being said, I hope everyone else enjoys playing as a brand-new version of Samus that isn't just Brawl Samus again! Maybe even the devs for that mysterious unnamed fan game will get an idea and update their own Samus.

Additional Note
I would prefer it if I could directly credit the artist behind Samus's sprites, as I do in fact value the efforts of spriters. However, the credits of the nonspecific fan game clump all of the spriters into one huge mass of names, so I can only put them down as a collective team.
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