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Sonder Rickstorm wants a Fight (Sonic OC(0.9.3)) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

A OC member of Sonic Franchise

Sonder Rickstorm is an action-loving OC who saw the crusade as a great challenge to overcome.

It is agile in the short term and its attacks are somewhat varied (light fighter with some heavy attacks plus two or three attacks that do not alter the weight of the enemy). Sonder brought some of his fighting secrets to the crusade and hid them in his way of fighting, can you discover them all?

-Normal attacks-

jab: a simple three-hit combo, an immobilizing jab followed by an attractor hook which ends with a more powerful third jab

up tilt: high rotary kick (something simple and fast)

side tilt: tractor hook followed by a low rotary kick

down tilt - leans on your hands and attacks with your feet

running attack: a spin is twisted and executed whose power depends on its speed

side smash: Unlike most of its attacks, Sonder's side smash is a slow, predictable but powerful punch capable of eradicating enemies with percentages starting at 50% (also breaks shields regardless of the remaining resistance)

down smash: a mega-high rotary kick with which a complete combo first raises the opponent above his head and then plants him against the ground, leaving him in front of sonder again, if he only hits with the second blow it becomes lethal from the 80% -100%, in other case it has to have very high levels of damage to eliminate the rivals, if it fits correctly you can perform a meteoric smash

up smash: rotary hook with good power in its first moments but loses strength in late attack areas

neutral air: Sonder performs a sustained spin in which it does very light damage and with a launch in random directions, this attack can be prolonged even on the ground but being there it becomes weaker and has a constant launch power (perfect for cleaning fields distracted)

Foward Air: A powerful two-foot ax kick that can land a huge meteoric strike if it hits the right spot

back air: a simple double kick back, fast but somewhat weak

up air: half moon or Chilean kick as it is normally known (the third blow has a meteoric effect)

down air: multi-hitting punching kick

-Special attacks-

neutral special (Triple flare): activates the igneous power of your suit to generate a three-part flare with low but constant damage, if you keep the attack for a while it loses horizontal range and its flames become more dispersed

side special (electric tack): concentrates its electrical power to perform a speed jump so fast that it is almost not visible until it stops (it is vulnerable during charging but is not affected by gravity when used in the air but not in a way consecutive)

up special (winged takeoff) - activate his air power to execute a flight that can save him from death or cause damage to his rivals

down special (Terradrill): uses his ground power to drill the surface and plant a mine (the drill itself damages and immobilizes anyone who dares to touch it, making him a victim of the mine) (maximum 3 mines at a time)

-Grab and throws-

grab: rotates while grabbing its victim

grabhit: hit with your free hand

fthrow: give his victim a few turns and then throw it

bthrow: tractor hook followed by a flurry of punches

uthrow - launch your victim into the air

dthrow: makes a spindash without releasing its victim taking it with him "on the go"

-Final Smash: Repowering-

Sonder performs a total activation of his elemental powers, achieving 100% of his power, in this state many of his attacks become more powerful, their duration is limited due to the level of consumption that this type of power contains.

-Changes in superform-

Appearance: his hair acquires the original color of his skin and the skin acquires a light blue color and his eyes become a lighter shade of light blue covering each area of ??his eyes, his body leaves a trail that changes color according to the special attack that you are using

Note: Most of the changes mentioned below reduce the duration of the repowering, at least unless otherwise noted.

Dair and sideB can be extended while powered

Nair gains more speed on the ground

Absorbs 33% of damage taken

Immutable to shock

bair, dair, nair, ssmash, dthrow, fthrow, bthrow, with more damage

uthrow with biggest bkb

Drill with damage to all enemies on the ground and impaler effect in the drill area

Fair with greater meteoric area

invincible while defending (does not consume the empowered form but has a reduced maximum duration)

Increased stats like speed, jump, multi-jumps, among others (they don't consume the empowered form)

voided loss of speed (do not consume the enhanced form)

Repowering changed to Overload (lethal but suicidal attack) (total consumption of the enhanced form)

Electro tack changed to Sonic Impact (longer, more visible and highly consumable version of the

Winged takeoff changed by Gale of Fate (multi-directional version of Sans sideB)

Triple flare changed to Megaflare (a line of fire of greater caliber)

-extra date-

  1. owns walljump
  2. can accumulate power on the smash meter during superform but its meter returns to 0 when it returns to normal

-Secretos- (Spoileado por si acaso)

decidi ir mencionando los secretos de los ataques de Sonder según los mencionen en los comentarios (al final del truco descubierto irá quien lo descubrió)
PD: lo de tres taunt no contará como secreto

Secreto 1: Nair puede usarse como spindash en tierra (AmateurDumbass35)

Secreto 2: (sin descubrir)
Aún quedan otros...

edit (22/6/2020)
I am surprised that Sonder, being an OC (and more with that of based on the Sonic franchise) has exceeded 420 downloads ... that is something that gives me great encouragement and I thank all those people who have played with that character
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