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Cirno MOD 1.0 (0.9.2) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Freezes the competition.

This mod adds Cirno from the Touhou franchise into the game, she's a fun and fast Ice Fairy who likes to prank on others in this mod she has 2 important variables to keep in mind, motivation will affect your damage and ice power when at 100% will allow you to perfect freeze anything and anyone on-screen using your downB, however her final smash is a joke one so consider perfect freeze her true final smash lmao. Also the dab is a secret taunt I wont tell how to do.
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  • how do i activate it?

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    3y 3y
    So I've tried the character out, very fun to play with. I'm not that familiar with Touhou, but I know enough about the character so I know that this is very faithful to the original character.

    I did see a few issues, though.
    • Neutral Special seems very spammable, you can just mash B until your ice power goes to 100% and then just hit down-B and freeze everyone. I suggest a cooldown so that Cirno can't fire too many ice shards too quickly.
    • The HUD seems a bit broken, I see that you used the HUD of the other Touhou characters on CMC but with straight up text, and this text is the one that goes all over the place.
    • What does the "Motivation" level do exactly? I know enough about the character to understand exactly why she would have such a meter, but this never goes below 300%.
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    Wow, incredible! Very cool! Congratulations! Is there a chance of Cirno in the next CMC Patch Build?
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