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Mod Menu - A Mod for Persona 3 FES.

Custom scripts for Persona 3 FES that replace the square button function in Tartarus, save points, and student with glasses with a fully featured trainer

1. Persona 3 FES Mod Menu

1.1. How to access in game

Just press square in any field or floor of tartarus.  Make sure to get 94A82AAA_GetFieldID.pnach and 94A82AAA_FieldScriptAnywhere.pnach from Tupelov's Patches and place them in your cheats folder in order for it to work anywhere. 

Mod menus for other Persona games were only called by the square button function.  However, I had to improvise since the square button function only worked inside Tartarus.  Other methods of accessing the menu includes:

  • Talking to the Student with Glasses in Classroom 2-F who normally let's you just Fast Travel around town.
  • Save points in Dormitory (including the Answer) and Tartarus Entrance

1.2. Features

  • Choose a Field, Event, BGM Track, Cutscene, Floor, or Facility to load.
  • Print and toggle flags
  • Save wherever you can access the Mod Menu.
  • Access the Fast Travel map.
  • More soon to come...
Note: Printing flags will go on the TTY log in PCSX2.

1.3. Issues

  • Set Item only works on items and not any other category
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with the pnach that enables the debug menu.  Don't fret though because the Mod Menu can do what the debug menu does plus more.  You can also enable flag 4065 instead through the Mod Menu.
  • Saving inside Tartarus with the Mod Menu then loading will place you in the first floor of the block rather than the floor you saved on.

1.4. Open Source

If you want to look into the code that made this work/add some more features yourself go ahead and check out the GitHub!
  • I have everything right but when i press square on the first floor of Tartarus or outside of it the ui flashes and noise happens but nothing happens but when inside the Tartarus square  does its normal uses please help me try to fix this
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  • Luminous Moonlight avatar
    Luminous Moonlight Joined 12mo ago
    115 points Ranked 97,999th
    It’s useful but I can’t seem to find a working file list to use with the mod. And adding items doesn’t seem to work.
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  • ObamaRouge avatar
    ObamaRouge Joined 2y ago
    349 points Ranked 62,220th
    can you make it so it actully says the party member name

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  • enzonahuy avatar
    enzonahuy Joined 1y ago
    416 points Ranked 58,268th
    Everything works apart from items. for example, when adding a sword weapon, it gets recognized but when i check for it in the iventory, it is not listed.
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  • cant i use this with a pnach file? the manual way i mean, cause the hostfs way does not work with me for some reason, i just get a black screen
    yes, cyclops is the best
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