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New Moon Balance Patch - A Mod for Persona 3 FES.

There's no better way to play Persona 3

1. If you want to use an old save, read this first


If you use New Game or New Game+ you do not have to use the Party Skill Editor.

Alternatively, you can use New Moon Lite™. Lite contains all of the changes from New Moon, except the new party skills, so it is compatible with virtually every save if you aren't comfortable with the above workaround.

2. What is this?

2.1. Summary

The New Moon Balance Patch is an incredibly in-depth, massive overhaul of nearly every active skill, the entire party, and a handful of bosses in Persona 3 FES.

Despite this, New Moon manages to stay faithful to the original Persona 3 experience, carefully altering a variety of different aspects toward similar, yet absolutely superior, gameplay.

The in-depth patchnotes since 3.0 are here (patchnotes).

The 4.0 patchnotes and skill stats: (patchnotes) (spreadsheet)

Complete patchnotes coming soon I just wanna release the damn mod holy hell


  • Rebalanced HP cost and SP costs
  • Generally higher accuracy rates, with some exceptions
  • Higher critical rates for the majority of physical skills
  • Shock/ Freeze rates altered, under 100% for severe, higher for other versions
  • Higher instant kill and status effect rates, now in line with current SMT games
  • Greatly reduced SP cost of certain extremely pricey moves, like Break skills and Megido
  • Cost of certain Fusion Spells reduced to increase their usefulness
  • Physical skills increased in power gradually
  • Buffs/ Debuffs cost slightly more, and can be recast
  • Tetrakarn/Makarakarn cost less, but are now single target
  • Specific physical skills have a minute chance to inflict status effects
  • Almighty skills have a knockdown chance (lower than critical hit rates)


  • Severe multi-target elemental skills, such as Ice Age and Wild Thunder
  • Multi-effect buff and debuff skills, such as Heat Riser and Debilitate
  • Unused passives Magic Skill Up and Phys Skill Up
  • Improved single target instant kill skills
  • Improved status effect moves
  • An almighty physical skill


  • Aigis can now use Fusion Spells, learnable normally by the relevant Personas
  • Vorpal Blade and Weary Thrust have been powered up
  • Aigis has a custom fusion spell animation and optional cut-in (see the "extras" download)
  • The secret boss (only fightable via Mod Menu currently) now functions properly
  • Abaddon has a normal skill progression, like other Personas


  • All Party Members have revised skill progressions, custom skills, and improved leveling
  • Evolved Personas now have an additional resistance
  • Party AI has been altered so that the AI will use any custom skills given to them
  • Healing AI is more likely to use multi-target healing
  • Conserve SP much more likely to use physical skills
  • Power Charge is now usable during Full Assault

2.6. BOSSES:

  • Ultimately, bosses stay consistent to their original vision, with improved AI and tweaks to their movesets relative to universal changes
  • Some notoriously easy fights (Spring of Life girl and her pals) have been redesigned from the ground up


  • Skills now display their damage, accuracy, critical hit, and status effect rates
  • Various skills now have more detailed descriptions
  • Various equipment and weapons clarify which passives they bestow
  • Custom skills utilize animations from Persona 4


  • The Vorpal Blade/ Weary Thrust glitch no longer creates a dummy skill
  • Certain bosses will no longer use Mind Charge/ Tetrakarn when already active (will be backported to other bosses in the future)


New Moon is constantly being worked on. Find an oversight? Is there something you want to see? Leave a message, a comment, a DM, hell even fax me. New Moon is the definitive experience for the Persona 3 enthusiast, and I intend to have it live up to that.

Many more alterations and tweaks are still in store, but fear now, your save data will always be usable from one update to another (you may just have to run the Party Skill Editor every now and then), and if you ever want to stop using the mod you can continue off from where you left.

As of 3.1, I am on vacation, but if you find any issues let me know. Bugfixes take top priority.

4. Previous mods/ videos I made that influenced this

 The Modern Skill Rebalance( v1, v1.1, v1.2) and Faithful Party Rebalance (FPR) mods served as a stepping stone for this project. Check out those vids if you want to see how far we've come.

5. Other mods I recommend in conjunction with New Moon

The following mods were not created by me, but I highly recommend using them with NM:

Shop Everywhere at Night by Tekka

The Answer Healing Clocks by Tekka

The Answer Compendium by Tekka