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CTGP-7 - A Mod for Mario Kart 7

Custom Tracks Grand Prix - 7

CTGP-7 is a modpack for MK7 which includes several custom tracks, texture hacks, music hacks and adds extra features such as speedometer, speed modifier, backwards camera, etc  (and Red Yoshi :3). It can be easily installed and can update itself without a PC. To run the mod, you need CFW which uses Nanquitas' Luma3DS plugin loader. (There are 3dsx and cia installation options).

Don't have CFW? Check out CTGP-7 Citric Lite!



  • Scrolling cup system: Allows having more than 32 tracks at the same time.
  • Custom Track List:
    • Bell Cup: Concord Town || N64 Mario Raceway || Galvarny Falls || GBA Sky Garden
    • Acorn Cup: Autumn Forest || GBA Riverside Park || SNES Mario Circuit 1 || GBA Bowser Castle 3
    • Cloud Cup: Evergreen Crossing || N64 Moo Moo Farm || Archipelago Avenue || N64 Frappe Snowland
    • Boo Cup: Banshee Boardwalk 2 || Elemental Cave || SNES Ghost Valley 2 || DS Cheep Cheep Beach
    • Spring Cup: DS Tick Tock Clock || Melody Sanctum || DS Desert Hills || Castle Of Time
    • Egg Cup: DS Yoshi Falls || N64 Choco Mountain || DS Shroom Ridge || CTR Crash Cove
    • Bullet Cup: CTR Cortex Castle || DS Dokan Course || SNES Choco Island 2 || Star Slope
    • Blooper Cup: Sandcastle Park || DS Mario Circuit || GCN Luigi Circuit || Volcano Beach Ruins
    • Feather Cup: GCN Yoshi Circuit || GBA Peach Circuit || Metro Madness || GBA Luigi Circuit
    • Fireball Cup: SMO RC Challenge || GBA Bowser Castle 4 || SNES Donut Plains 1 || Secret Slide
    • Bob-omb Cup: DS Wario Stadium || Ermii Circuit || GCN Baby Park || Revo Circuit
    • Cherry Cup: SNES Mario Circuit 3 || Big Blue || GBA Shy Guy Beach || Bingo Party
    • Coin Cup: Doge Desert || N64 Banshee Boardwalk || GCN Mario Circuit || Miku's Birthday Spectacular
    • Rainbow Cup: N64 Rainbow Road || GBA Rainbow Road || Space Road || Rainbow Road DX
  • Custom Tracks Worldwide: Play custom tracks online with other CTGP-7 users.
  • Countdown Mode: New online gamemode with special rules. (Explained here)
  • Singleplayer VS Mode: Configure the race settings as you prefer.
  • MyStuff folder:
    • Custom Character Manager: Indivudually enable custom character packs.
    • Custom Karts: Custom kart pieces replacing existing ones.
    • Custom Music: Configure your own custom music with frontrunning beats.
    • Language Packs: Choose you prefered language, and even make new full game translations.
    • Tutorials explaining how to use the MyStuff folder will be posted in the custom MK7 wiki.
  • Default Custom Characters:
    • R.O.B: Bzzt! Bzzt!
    • Sonic: Why does he even need a kart?
    • Waluigi: Wah!
    • Red Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi!, Red Yoshi! :3
    • Gold Mario: Heavily recomended, it's worth it.
    • Blue Toad: Insert Toad noises.
    • Mr. L: Is it you brother?
    • Baby Mario: Doesn't actually cry.
    • Baby Luigi: Mammaaaaaa!!!!
    • Birdo: Yoshi's new opponent.
    • Chain Chomp: Our favorite metal buddy!
    • Colored Shy Guys: Colorful shyness. (Black, Blue, Green, Cyan, Pink, White, Yellow).
  • Default Custom Karts: (Gold Mantis Kart, Bandicoot Team Kart, Silver Arrow Kart, Arcade Kart, Blue Big Tires, DS Monster Tires , Fire Swooper Glider)
  • Speed Modifier: Play at any cc value betwen 1 and 9999 (200cc, 527cc, etc).
  • Speedometer: Graphical or numerical speedometer, both km/h and mph.
  • Backwards Camera: Press X to look backwards.
  • LED Item Warning: The LED will glow when a blue shell or lighting is used.
  • VS/Battle Round Modifier: Change the amount of rounds in VS and Battle modes.
  • Improved Item Roulette: Show the proper item probabilities in the spinning item roulette.
  • Custom Cummunities: Play in communities with custom settings.
  • Alphabetical Track Order: Set alphabetical track order online.
  • Delete track ghosts: Did you make a ghost that you cannot beat? Reset it here.
  • CTGP-7 App:
    • Auto Updates: Update directly from the 3DS when an update is released.
    • Compatible NTR Stream: Start a compatible NTR CFW build for screen recording.
    • Launch Base Game Choice: Choose which installed MK7 copy to use as a base.
  • Multi Language Support: The following languages are supported: English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Catalan, Hungarian.
  • Increased security: Anti cheat and other anti hack features for both CTWW and normal worldwides.
  • Course Intro Rotation Animation: A small camera rotation animation has been added when the course starts.
  • Course Debug Slot: Test your own custom tracks. (More info)

If you want to follow the latest updates and announcements about this mod consider joining the CTGP-7 Discord Server!


Download either the cia or 3dsx from the Files section below. You will find more details in the Installation Instructions pdf which can be found in the Alternate File Sources section.
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  • If i undestood the instructions correctly, this installs just like any other CIA/3DSX file, right?

    Will this override my vanilla MK7 game? I'd like to try this but i don't wanna tamper with my game tbh
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  • tntboom5656 avatar
    tntboom5656 Joined 2mo ago
    I'd like to report a bug. I did in issues, but I'm not sure if I should do it here too? So here's the gist of it. MK7 save not recognized by CTGP-7. I can't upload images yet, but here's a link Just download that JPG and you'll be able to see what's going on. Keep in mind, I have a save file, and extra data.
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  • I tried updating CTGP-7 to version 1.1.22, but it keeps failing on the 34th file and says “The requested url returned error: 404 not found.” I’ve tried robooting the system several times, but it keeps failing, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.
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  • RiceRun avatar
    RiceRun Joined 3mo ago
    Will there eventually be extra modes like in the wii version? Like item rain, online time trial, or even the tracks from it ported over?
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  • Hello, i wanted to add some feedback for the Led items warning function.
    I would like you guys can remove the alert from the blooper item, as more than useful is a bit annoying. 
    Also (if possible) it would be great if this alert will alert you every time someone gets the lightning item before they use it.

    Thanks for reading me 
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  • hello! I have an question ¿what I must to do after install the mod?
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  • CTGP1234 avatar
    CTGP1234 Joined 7mo ago
    6mo 6mo
    My questions are: Is anti-cheat also in Communitys? / What does the "Community-Code-Generator" do? / Why can't i use cheats in single player mode? / How do i restore a accidentally deleted custom track?
    Working on a Mod.
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  • Monjgurt avatar
    Monjgurt Joined 2y ago
    802 points Ranked 44,038th
    8 medals 1 rare
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    This mod is awesome 
    But I have one question
    Is there a way to edit the save file so you can unlock all characters cups etc. Instantly?
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  • meowmeoe111 avatar
    meowmeoe111 Joined 8mo ago
    Do you think a gamemode like MK8 Renegade Roundup would be possible?  It's my favorite battle mode.
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  • Can you please send me with Waluigi as the only modified character? Thanks if you can.
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