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Sonic CD Restored - A Mod for Sonic CD (2011).

Restores Sega CD speedrun routes, features, and 500Kbps music

Disclaimer: I support Sonic Origins; pre ordered it at full price (because I have excess disposable income) and do not support using Sonic CD Restored as a method to discredit the efforts of Sega's own development team. Please support Sonic Origins if you are a fan of Classic Sonic games. The museum is more than worth the price they're asking.

Sonic CD Restored officially has its own page for full game and individual level speedruns:

Sonic CD Restored is a speedrun mod that restores lost Sega CD speerun routes and features back to the game as well as polishes the video/audio/gameplay by restoring fidelity, fixing bugs, and providing small quality of life improvements. These changes do not move away from the spirit of the original game, so there aren’t new gameplay features like Flight Cancel...however Time Travel Overhaul is incorporated with permission purely because it was the original game designers’ intent for No Loading Time Travel to be featured. This has also been tweaked and polished to be as closely representative of how Sega would have made it work themselves.

The Original Sonic SFX, diagonal spring animation, and jog animation have been Restored from Sonic The Hedgehog. The only reasons these weren't in the game were due to technical limitations of the time, and Sega's creative methods to get around hardware limitations. Have you ever wondered why Sonic's jump sounded so weird, or why there wasn't enough room for Sonic's roll SFX? Normally these sound effects use the Sega Genesis' PSG sound chip, the SN76489. Sonic CD uses the SMPS Z80 sound driver that runs on the Sega Genesis' co-processor; the Z80. The Z80 is limited in how much data it can access: it has 0x2000 bytes of RAM, and an 0x8000-byte window into the cartridge. Here's the problem: Sonic CD isn't on a cartridge, because of this the devs had to squeeze every sound effect into Z80 RAM at the same time...the same RAM that was already being used to store the sound driver's variables and code. To make room for the sound effects in Z80 RAM, the sound driver was stripped-down, removing the ability to use the SN76489. That's why the jump and skid sounds are so different: they were remade in FM for the Sega Genesis' synthesizer sound chip, the YM2612. Sonic CD is now free of these limitations, so I have Restored the sound effects that the developers would have used if they could have.

A bit of background about me:
I’m an OG Sonic speedrunner. I moved to Sonic CD from Sonic 2 in the mid 2000’s and the rush of speed I got from the Super Peel Out was unparalleled by anything I got to do in Sonic 2 or 3! I believe there is a genius level design quality to Sonic CD’s Zones. It is the fastest glitchless Sonic game to date, and with good reason. While Sonic CD is a game where the designers focused more on platforming and exploration, they also made great care to include a sub-30-second path through nearly every non-boss Act. Every single act has a streamlined and fluid path through. Yes, including Wacky Workbench. ;p
Even Sonic Mania WR holders have said of Sonic games, “Sonic CD feels the most satisfying to do right.” It’s basically the Sonic Unleashed of the classic Sonic games. Right down to its divisive nature. ;p
If you need any evidence of this genius, look no further than the start of Collision Chaos 2, where the chute is just slightly lowered on the right side but not the left in order to let Sonic jump over the dead end:
I love this game.

List of Changes
Separate Standalone & Steam Editions (differences specified in changelist)
Separate 16:9 & 4:3 Editions
Includes MegAmi’s “Always Start in Future/Past” mods, with added compatibility for all the changes included, also in separated 4:3 and 16:9 versions (depending on which version of Sonic CD Restored you download)
Includes updated Decomp Scripts folder which are dependencies for the Mod Load to avoid crashes

Extract the Zip into your Sonic CD Steam or Standalone folder, not the Mods folder! Overwrite any files you need to.

For the Standalone version I suggest you just extract the zip into its own Sonic CD Restored folder, run the game with the included executable.

Legacy.exe package available for people who can't run OpenGL. RSDKunpack.exe is included with the Legacy.exe package and unpacking your RSDK is required for use with the Legacy exe. (Thanks to Glitch)

Video Enhancements
-Restored lost visual fidelity via uncropped videos with finer detail and highlights (see comparison photos, ending videos thanks to Zmiize)
-Restored music from FLAC files, synced and tested for JP and US intro (and endings)
-Restored endings resolution so Little Planet is a proper circle
-Opening video ripped from 25th Anniversary DVD and remastered by Vemmy
-Volume normalized so the endings won’t explode your speakers anymore
-16:9 Edition videos are pillar-boxed Fullscreen videos
-Restored Lyrics in the JP Opening and Good Ending only (You have to earn those Ending lyrics! …but more to the point this gives us more content in game for the player to experience. Bad Ending = cool guitar riffs, Good Ending = uplifting lyrics)

Gameplay Enhancements
-Restored Sega CD Title Screen
-Restored Sega CD Camera
-Restored Sega CD Sonic character select icon
-Restored Sega CD Sega logo and jingle
-Restored Sega CD Sega logo animation (thanks to LeonX254)
-Restored Sega CD Titlescreen music timing
-Restored Sega CD Level Select code, entered at the title screen (thanks to LeonX254)
-Restored Sega CD Speed Shoes speed to the Super Peel Out (very fast); not fast enough to beat any speedrun records though
-Restored Sega CD Time Warp Stage Timer function (resets to 5:00.00 upon Time Warp)
-Restored Sega CD Time Warp loss timer.
-Restored Sega CD Warp Star Invincibility (can run on spikes and through stage obstacles)
-Restored Sega CD PCM02 "Yeah!" and PCM05 "All right!" sound files, which will now play at very specific times for Sonic. You can hear them in the Sound Test.
-Restored Sega CD floating platform Oscillation function; removes RNG from all Floating Platforms in Palmtree Panic and Wacky Workbench
-Restored Sega CD hitbox for the Robot Transporter
-Restored Sega CD PP1 ability to jump over the 2nd 3D Ramp
-Restored Sega CD PP3 Boss' lack of invincibility frames
-Restored Sega CD CC flipper hitbox and responsiveness
-Restored Sega CD CC1 Speedrun Route
-Restored Sega CD CC3 Speedrun Route for Sonic Only
-Restored Sega CD TT1 Speedrun Route (Thanks to SoN1c2001)
-Restored Sega CD behavior and hitbox to TT2's water projectiles
-Restored Sega CD TT3 Barrier position
-Restored Sega CD QQ1 AGF Speedrun Route
-Restored Sega CD WW Launcher functionality
-Restored Sega CD WW1 Moving Blocks patterns
-Restored Sega CD WW2 Speedrun Route
-Restored Sega CD WW3 Boss behavior (you can now hit him multiple times)
-Restored Sega CD SS1 Spike Ball hitbox
-Restored Sega CD SS1 Speedrun Route
-Restored Sega CD SS1 AGF Speedrun Route
-Restored Sega CD SS1 Future Speedrun Routes
-Restored Sega CD SS1 collision to the path switching roads
-Restored Sega CD SS2 TubeSwitch behavior; holding Up will now send you up the Tube along the speedrun route like in CD93
-Restored Sega CD MM1 Wheelie Spring position for the second Wheelie Spring
-Restored Sega CD MM3 One Way Door position; this lets Sonic stand in a spot that manipulates the Light Bulb Badniks into an intersecting pattern so Sonic can kill both of them at once (see MM3 screenshot)
-Restored Sega CD Special Stage Titlecard spacing
-Restored Sega CD Special Stage ability to recover 66% faster after taking damage while under the effects of Speed Shoes
-Restored Sega CD Special Stage UFO hitboxes
-Restored Sega CD Special Stage turn angle
-Restored Sega CD Special Stage UFO ring bonus multiplier so you can get 300 rings by destroying four pink UFOs in a row. This always grants an extra life in the Special Stage score screen
-Restored Sonic's vertical movement to his slow jog (Touched up by SoN1c2001)
-Restored Metal Sonic’s Red Eyes
-Restored Amy's shoe color from the instruction manual drawings/cutscenes
-Restored Sonic 1 spring bounce sprite for diagonal springs (Thanks to SoN1c2001)
-Restored VFX of Lost Rings fading away (Thanks to RDC)
-Restored TT1's background effects and transition (Thanks to LeonX254)
-Restored Original CD11 pause buffer delay (0.02 seconds instead of 0.3 seconds)
-Restored Original Sonic CD Time Warp SFX
-Restored Time Warp music fadeout
-Special Stages now have an in-game timer added to them
-ANI_DROPPING now plays whenever Sonic or Tails are falling while not in a jump animation (Credit to SoN1c2001)
-Time Travel Overhaul with Enhancements (Thanks to TheStoneBanana)
-Warp Star VFX updated to use original colored stars instead of yellow
-Time Warp now retains Shield/Speed Shoes/Invincibility in All Zones (in Time Travel Overhaul this only worked on Palmtree Panic)
-Time Warp will now freeze the Stage Timer while Player Control is frozen (allowing us to still achieve the same Time Attack scores in levels as old time travel)
-Warp.Timer count lowered from 132 to 131 to retain all current Time Warp speedrun routes (eg. Metallic Madness 1 Good Future route, which is now 2 spring bounces instead of 3 - must shift to the right instead of either direction, but you wind up where you would have if you shifted left, which is faster)
-Fixed a bug in Time Travel Overhaul where you couldn't touch other timewarp signs after initiating a warp
-Pausing now stops Time Warp SFX
-Time Zone Select Menu (Thanks to CheatFreak), requires the 7 Time Stones to work
-Disabled Goal Sign Boundaries (touching Goal Sign still lets you get rid of Past/Future sign)
-Dev Menu Enabled
-Dev Menu now respects OST selection
-Removed speedcap from CD Spindash mode
-Restarting a stage no longer costs a life (so you can practice speedrunning Future / Past stages easier)
-Finishing the game changes your save slot to a “Completed” save slot (Thanks to MegAmi)
-Ability to Restart Time Attack and Special Stages (Thanks to MegAmi)
-‘No Save’ Save Slot (Thanks to LeonX254)
-Enhanced Level Select (Thanks to LeonX524)
-Included Required Mod Loader Code to Disable Steam's Logo Screens (Steam Only - Thanks to LeonX524)
-Included Optional Mod Loader Code to Fix Speed Shoes with CD-Spindash (Steam Only - Thanks to Ultrared)
-Included Optional Mod Loader Code to let Tails use the Super Peel Out (Steam Only - Thanks to LeonX524)
-Changed all instances of “Zone” to “Act” (Thanks to Colou)
-Changed "Special Zone" to "Special Stage"
-Adjusted sprite position of “Got Through Act #” to center “Act” evenly
-Added a fourth white line to the Titlecard graphic, no more “Wait, Act 3 already?!”
-Corrected CC1 background issues when screen width > 400
-Fixed Stardust Speedway 3 Camera bugs when using CD-Spindash (Bug also affected Restored Sega CD Camera)
-Fixed Wacky Workbench 3 Good Future’s missing floorbounce SFX (Update: now fixed for all Sonic CD mods)
-Full Decomp Menus now included in Sonic CD Restored (Thanks to MegAmi)
-Fixed Decomp title screen graphic error (Thanks to LeonX254)
-Fixed Milliseconds Stage Timer bug in Standalone only (Update: broken in 1.1.2 Decomp, use included Sonic CD Restored.exe)
-Fixed Decomp Credits scrolling 1/5th faster than normal
-Fixed Decomp Titlescard Spacing when ScreenWidth=426 (Thanks to Asistacular)
-Replaced Blit logo with REMS logo
-Transparency effects restored to backgrounds and enemies via ReShade CRT de-dithering + sharpening shaders - Standalone version only.
-DA Garden now plays Past tracks and shows Past themed Little Planet (thanks to Peter4432)
-DA Garden left and right track switching swapped to move left and right correctly
-Tails replaces Sonic in Demo 4
-Amy replaces Sonic in Demo 5
-Amy now fully playable, complete with her own moveset
-Beating the game with Sonic unlocks Tails and Amy at the same time
-Replaced Desert Dazzle with Relic Ruins thanks to DarkVampireDee

Audio Enhancements
-Restored Original US Stardust Speedway Good Future Boss Music when using US OST option
-Restored Original SFX functionality to the Charge/Release SFX; Release SFX stops the Charge SFX when doing your Super Peel Out/Spindash. (Thanks to CheatFreak)
-Restored Original Sonic Roll SFX
-Restored Original Sonic Jump SFX (Thanks to Emaaa)
-Restored Original Sonic Charge SFX (Thanks to Emaaa)
-Restored Original Sonic Release SFX (Thanks to Emaaa)
-Restored Original Sonic Skidding SFX (Thanks to Emaaa)
-Restored Original Sega CD ScoreAdd SFX
-Restored Original Music to the See You Next Game sound test secret
-Restored CD Quality Past Tracks
-Restored CD Quality Beta Loops
-Restored Fidelity to all OST tracks (500kbps Ogg files mixed from FLAC files)
-Restored Fidelity to all SFX
-Enhanced Hybrid OST is the default OST option
-Purist OST option for an alternative Hybrid OST
-Tails’ flight SFX stop after entering a Special Ring
-Level Select Screen now has its own music
-Beating the game with Amy unlocks JP/US & Custom OST

I really did my best to get permission for everything included, I reached out to modders in REMS and if they weren’t there, then I reached out on Twitter or Email. If I missed anyone please leave a comment and I will ensure you are credited right away. I really don’t think I missed anyone because I took notes the entire time I was working on this, but I make mistakes, I am human, and I will make it right if I forgot or missed someone. 

Known Bugs

1. Steam version cannot adjust BGM/SFX volume, so the volume sliders are hidden in the Settings Mneu
2. Steam version doesn't always adhere to Custom OST options

Installation Instructions
4x3 means Game Resolution, not Video Resolution!

Patch Downloads are for people who already installed full versions in the past!

Full version downloads are the MediaFire links. (currently no patch downloads available)

1. Extract the zip file into your Sonic CD folder. Not the mods folder.
2. Run the Sonic CD Steam Mod Loader exe and select the Sonic CD Restored mod.

1. Extract the zip file into its own folder.
2. Follow Installation Instructions.txt

Scanline Filter Controls

Home = Menu
End = Disable
PgUp/PgDn = Cycle through filters

Recommended Add-on Mods

1. Omake Title Screen

2. 510 Prototype Sega Screen
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    For some reason, the screen for the Mac port is REALLY tiny and in the bottom left corner, and no, it's not in window mode, so i can't change the position of it
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    I would really prefer to have the original falling animation, the "i'm outta here" sprite looks too stupid for that
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    why do you have to play through the game twice just to get the original soundtracks :/ 
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    How do i change the Soundtrack to only the JP songs?
    I installed the standalone version of the mod and when i got to menu i can only choose the hybrid soundtrack and the arranged soundtrack, is this an issue or the standalone version of the mod is build this way?
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    The Hybrid music isn't working as I think it should. It's playing the Boss music in Arranged and Stardust speedway in Pureist. I'm using the Sonic Origins extraction.
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    Why is the standalone version moving at light speed? It's going really fast and I don't know what to do.
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    How do i access and play R2?

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    Where should i put the videos folder and make then work in-game?
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    issue: when i set the hardwareRenderer to true because a get a original data.rsdk from mobile and i join the game but, when i enter the menu nothing appears, only the background but, when i set the hardwareRenderer to false the menu works
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    Fun Fact: Sonic CD Restored works on the 3DS Decomp Port. You just gotta use dev menu to get to stages.
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