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Heroes Conversion - A Mod for Sonic Adventure DX.

A mod that ports various Sonic Heroes content to SADX.

Note: this mod was made in my early modding days and contains bugs, a new version is currently being made.


This mod aims at porting various Sonic Heroes content into Sonic Adventure DX. This stable release ports Seaside Hill, Sea Gate, Ocean Palace, Road Rock, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant, Casino Park, Bingo Highway,Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion and Egg Fleet with their objects and a few sounds. This mod will only receive update when a level/content is fully done. Note that the casino levels might play very bad, just skip them really.

This mod also adds some enemies: Egg Pawns (variants are ported but unused atm), Falcons and E-2000s.

As of characters, Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Espio, Tails, Rouge, Cream, and Charmy have been ported. The models and animations are directly ripped from Sonic Heroes PC, with their original weight and structure. Thank Shadowth117 for that, he did the conversion scripts. You need to enable them manually in the configuration form for the moment. If you want Lantern Engine to work on these new characters, please use this version of it, courtesy of SonicFreak94.

Thanks to CorvidDude, igorseabra, MainMemory, PkR, Sewer56lol, Shadowth117, SonicFreak94, ItsEasyActuallyDarkspines147 and everyone else involved in reverse-engineering both games!

This mod makes use of SonicFreak94's sadx-dc-lighting for lighting accuracy and better vertex alpha transparency. You can play fine without it, but some places might look off. It relies on it for some lighting effects in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion.

You can also download alternative mods I've made with friends. Just load them after the latest version of Heroes Mod. The night version of Seaside Hill was made by Sewer56lol and all the music edits by Darkspines147.

It is compatible with mostly everything as long as you run it afterwards.

Speedrun informations

For timing speedruns, please use the default settings of the mod, and follow the rules of nomal sadx runs. If you want to speedrun rings or enemies, here is a table of how many you can get. Please note that to get the maximum amount of rings, you would need to get 40 rings from all the random item boxes.


Here is a playlist of some showcasing videos: youtube.
You can also check my twitter for sneak peeks and updates: twitter.

How to install

  1. If you have the 2004 PC version, go ahead and download MainMemory's Mod Loader; if you have the Steam version, please use PkR's installer to convert it.
  2. (recommended) Install sadx-dc-lighting (shaders, effects and better transparency) and sadx-fixed-edition (useful fixes)
  3. Install the mod. To use the 1-click installer, launch the Mod Loader, go in the "Options" tab and click on "Install URL Handler".
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