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Survival of the Wild - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


UPDATE 0.8.1 BCML Fixes 9mo
  • BugFix Fixed the shop bug when using BCML.
UPDATE: Version 0.8.1 10mo Adjustment Hero Mode fps dip fix 11mo Optimization Update v0.8 11mo Adjustment3 Hero Mode 0.7.5 release! 11mo Adjustment6 Suggestion

Survival of the Wild

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 (Version 0.8)


Due to the nature of the hunger system and how it works, it is a permanent
change to your save game file. Once installed, it will perma change the way stamina works for that save file. It is recommended to start a new save with v0.4 
or newer but is not mandatory.

Also, You MUST MUST MUST download the SotW Essential Mod packs
for v0.4 or newer to work correctly. Just extract them into the Cemu GraphicsPack folder like a graphics pack and then enable it in Cemu under the mods section.

Survival of the Wild is a complete overhaul to BOTW that adds and/or enhances the survival elements of the game. Great for players on a second playthrough looking for a challenge.

There are 2 seperate versions of the mod...

1) Normal Mode: The normal version of the mod with balanced gameplay for casual players.

2) Hero Mode: The hardcore version geared more towards survival game junkies with more difficult settings and mods. 

Current Features of the mod...

* Wearable Lantern

* Darker Nights & Brighter Lights (Graphical Overhaul, not a clarity preset)

* 5x weapon durability

* Tougher Trees and Ore

* Disabled Fast Travel 

* Higher Field of View 

* Adds Depth of Field

* Disabled sleeping at fires: (Hero Mode ONLY)

* Minimalistic UI. 

* New background music to match the darker atmosphere. 

* SOTW has it's own Clarity preset for Cemu, just download the latest graphics packs in the Cemu Graphics packs tab and it should be in Clarity by default.

* Hunger System. (see below for details)

* Survival style inventory management.

* Added new health potions to the game (Red Potion)

* A new boss enemy

* Light sources such as offhand torches, a lantern and a backpack with a lantern attached

* graphical improvements such as darker nights and shrines, god rays, depth of field,
   a higher field of view, more realistic looking atmosphere. (this is all done through game files not a clarity preset or any other artificial way)

* Harsher weather and climates, more windy, colder at night etc etc

* Pitch Black nights and shrines (Hero Mode ONLY)

* Much less overall food just laying around the over world. (Hero Mode ONLY)

* And more!!!

Please leave any found bugs or glitches in the comments section, it helps more than you know!

This project is intended for CEMU users only, it cannot be used on Wii-U.

After installing the mod, you may experience some wonky weather. Just sleep 3-4 in game days for the weather to "catch up"

0.5+ Hunger System:

* The yellow wheels are now the hunger meter, they are separate from stamina wheel now,   the stamina wheel is the same as vanilla BotW but the stamina consumption is about half of vanilla speed.

* the hunger wheel slowly depletes over time. every action you do... attacking, running, swimming, climbing, standing, walking etc etc adds to the depletion to a degree depending on the action itself (ex: running drains more than walking)

* every cooked meal in the game now adds to the hunger wheel. I have added different tiers of hunger to different food depending on rarity, quality and only hearty foods give hearts as well as hunger.

* extemely hot or cold weather without the proper armor or potions will drain your hunger wheel much faster while freezing or too hot. the speed at which it drains faster also depends on exactly how hot or cold you are. (extreme weather no longer does damage to link)

* Cooked food (in a cooking pot) only restores hunger (except hearty food) while roasted food (open fire) restores hearts only. Raw food does nothing when eaten. 

* this is based on a 2 hour day cycle, not vanilla day cycle. how fast the hunger wheel drains depends soley on what youre doing... if youre riding your horse or just standing there, then hunger will last for 3 literal in game days (roughly 72 hours), if youre on a killing spree and using special abilities like a maniac, it could drain in about 4-5 in game hours or quicker.

* when Link's hunger is completely depleted, he goes into a permanent tired state. (hunched over and catching his breath) in this state you cant run, climb, swim, paraglide... and you move much slower than usual. if you eat cooked food you will return to normal.

* Sleeping will drain hunger, depending on how long you sleep for. Inns have an option for a "bed and breakfast" for a little extra rupees. This option will restore full hunger as well as hearts.


This is basically a finished mod project btw, I may add some more features in the future but I consider v0.5+ 100% done with all of the main features of the project.

(Special thanks to "Zelda Reorchestrated" for their fantastic work on the Zelda music remakes!) and to all the modders and testers out there that helped me along the way.

Thank you!!!

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  • ScottKids avatar
    ScottKids Joined 13d ago
    13d 12d
    I absoloutely love this mod. I'm using it with the Linkle mod, works perfectly. Though, I can't find where the backpack with the lantern attached is.  Is it supposed to be on an outfit or bought from Bheedle like the regular stand-alone lanterns? Can someone help me with that?

    Eit: I found it! Tysm sorry for the pointless questions lol
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  • Doorsal avatar
    Doorsal Joined 1mo ago
    Hello, I love the mod and difficulty that offers but I was wondering if theres anyways to make shrines not as dark? I played in hero and normal and there both very dark! Thanks.
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  • I love the Mod!

    I just don't like the high FOV, I feel a low FOV adds a challenge to any survival game.

    Is there a way to change the FOV?

    Otherwise, great mod!
    There is hope in lands beyond.
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  • Evelyn avatar
    Evelyn Joined 2y ago
    when will we be getting the modular update? been waiting to download the pack due to this, especially for things like durability and the firebombs, itd be nice to have options for all this stuff, especially because i usually play with unbreakable durability, and love bomb impact launching around, i read in other replies that the fire bombs are a big part of the mod, so thats okay if we cant have the mod without it, but im certainly hopin to be able to change the durability thing, also is this pack compatible with relics of the past, im really wanting to combine these interesting challenges together
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  • This mods been pretty great but the more i play the more i realize how much of a waste it seems to be to have all these different foods that don't really add any extra stats, especially when the description for them is unchanged. Maybe there could be an in game way to unlock the stat effects for certain ingredients, maybe using salt or spices?

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  • MrCobras avatar
    MrCobras Joined 3mo ago
    I disabled this mod in BCML because i was tired of mechanics and wanted just to explore world. Only thing that i cant do is golden heart dishes. I can cook other ones and stamina works properly but i cant just do golden dishes help!
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  • I think you should let the player choose the options they wants, for me the nights are too dark and the ores are too tough, but i like all the rest but I have no way to separate them
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  • This is a brilliant mod and I can only imagine the labor that went into it. However I'm saddened that there's no modularity, because while I adore the core systems you created, I also revere the game's original art style and I don't want to sacrifice it in order to play the mod. If you ever find the time to make SotW more customizable then it'll be the best mod on the site, bar none. Phenomenal work either way. 
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  • My game always crashes when i try to go near kakariko with this and hyrule rebalance enabled if i turn rebalance off no crashes and i can go into kakariko save and reenable the mod no problem but its still very annoying
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  • Laquatuss avatar
    Laquatuss Joined 7mo ago
    What is the new boss?
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