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Girly Animation Pack - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Version 7.3 14d
  • Addition  
New option: 

  • Weapon poses styled after Genshin Impact, used with permission of the mod author (thanks you very much!) as both mods are incompatible together.
  • Please note: absolutely all credit for the owners of the original mod Genshin Pose Pack. Don't forget to visit and like their work.
  • Default weapon poses (labeled as SAFEST in case you get crashes) are still available as an option as well.

Other changes:

  • Weapon poses (any option) now use the default face instead of the battle one.
  • Vanilla like selfies have been reordered to better match the controller stick position, and a new hand on the hip pose has been added replacing the default old one.

Switch version:


This version was not planned, but I decided to make it after getting permission to add the Genshin poses. Let me say again then... this will be the last update for a while unless a catastrophic bug in this version!! ;) Reworking the entire mod, learning how to edit animations and (almost) solving all the issues with them, finally fixing the ear bouncing thing... have been a big (spare) time consuming. Please enjoy the game and...

Version 7.2 25d Addition Bouncing ears fix 27d Suggestion Version 7.1 1mo Improvement Version 7 2mo Addition

Girly Animation Pack

1. Introduction & acknowledgements
2. How to install
3. Questions & Answers
4. Compatibility with other mods
5. Notes & other mods

6. DIY mod integration
7. Disclaimer


This mod brings a big overhaul over the player most common animations: idles, walk, run, talk, some defence and attack stances… I created it after properly learning how to replace and work with existing game animations, and the result is this mod, that changes or alters in some way more than 50 different animations and settings, in order to be all of them more girly, as seen on most of the female NPC in the game.

Version 7 "Anniversary Edition" finally adds almost 40 new animations taken from the game and edited to better match the whole mod: idles while drawing/holding/hidding weapons, paraglider and squat moves and recovering from exhaustion animations. It also adds new styles of walking, running, talking and selfie poses. Please read section 2. How to install for more details.

     : Before v7       : After v7

I developed it mainly for use with Linkle mod, but as long as it's loaded in the last place on BCML (meaning it will be the last mod CEMU will load in memory) it should work over any other player replacement mod, or even over the default Link! That's why this time Linkle mod is not a requirement at all.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable help of Amiibolad (one of the key authors of Zelda's Ballad mod who kindly shared his knowledge), the collaboration of Sockpoppet (who added and hand-picked some of the animations, tested a lot of beta versions, and brought some great ideas), and the great job of t3nk3y porting and testing the whole mod on Switch. Also, without Linkle mod I would never ended learning and modding the game, so it was responsible for putting everything in motion. 

To all of them, thanks!
To all of you, thanks for the comments, feedback & support!

You can support my works by buying me a coffee :)




Just install the BNP using BCML. Do not update your existing Girly Animation Pack, as the options screen will not be presented (that's an issue currently open in the BCML developer page) so please uninstall it first, and then install the new version and select the options of your choice.

Please note: There are options labeled as SAFER or SAFEST:
  • Selecting the SAFER option: You will get new edited animations, they may have small glitches sometimes, but they will work no matter the circumstances. Use this option if you are experiencing random CEMU crashes while loading the game, the savegame or equipping some armors. It's not an ideal solution, but that's the better I can do, for now.
  • Selecting the SAFEST option: No new animations at all will be used. Use this option in case you better like the default animations, or in case you are experiencing random CEMU crashes.

  • Also you can download the latest version in ZIP format (ready to convert to BNP) or older versions (packed in a single zipped file) if for any reason you still want to stick to them.


What about the Genshin Pose Pack weapon selfies? People have been asking if both mods could be installed together, but it's not possible because BCML is unable to successfully merge both mods. After asking the authors of the Genshin mod for permission to add their weapon selfies here, I got green light to do it. Please note on version 7.3 I successfully added all the animations but I needed to make a minor change in the one with the spear (one arm was moving like crazy and I needed make it static) and in the one with sword and a shield (the shield was moving crazy too, so again static). I'm not sure why it's happening but totally my fault for sure (I will put back the original ones as soon as I can figure out the problem). In any case, all credit to the Genshin Pose Pack authors Moonling and Sofiaharley, and my most sincere thanks you for letting me to add their work here. Please don't forget to visit and like their mod page!


What about the bouncing ears bug? Seems using some headgear (like the Hylian Hood with Zelda's Ballad) may provoke the ears to start bouncing for some users. A mod has been developed to avoid this issue. You can get it here.

What about the Anniversary Edition? Version 7 is a big step ahead, as now I can edit some of the game animations (some are tricky, other refuses to work), adding almost 40 edited animations and a whole set of new options, all packed in a single easy-customisable BNP. Version 7.1 allows you to use the new sneak/crouch animation or the default one; also it identifies as "SAFE" the default animations in case you are experiencing random CEMU crashes (meaning the game is rejecting the new animations under certain circumstances as a side effect on the edits I made - so if you are getting them, for now please install the mod using the SAFE options). Version 7.2 adds the default animations as "SAFEST" and a new option named "SAFER" with the edited animations made in a different way that prevents the crashes (but they may play with glitches sometimes, so it's a workaround until I find a better general solution).


What about the talk style? After receiving some feedback of people using this mod over Zelda’s Ballad, we found the talking animation was played with the hand by the face instead of over the chest (as it happens using this mod over Linkle mod). This cannot be solved, so that style is now named Shy Talk and we added an alternate set of talking animations as Confident Talk, with a more confident pose also suitable for any mod. Version 7 also adds a new one: happy talk style, where the attitude is somehow happy while talking.

What about the selfies? At a certain point of the development with Sockpoppet we ended having so many nice selfie animations, we decided to create two versions of the mod. Vanilla Style uses a set of selfies similar to the default ones, and Varied Style features a nice set of resting/sitting poses. The rest, is the same. Version 7 adds too a new set: somehow happy or childish idles, taken from certain queen.

What about the faster running? The mod gives a slower run compared with the vanilla game. This is done in purpose, as the running animation was played so fast it was almost comical. But some people have been asking to be able to run at the default speed so I added it.

What about the defense animations? On version 1 we used some girly defense stances without noticing the shield placement was slightly to the left. This does not affect the game as it thinks the shield is always looking front, but it is not coherent as you will expect some laser beams to be reflected according the placement of the shield. Since version 2 we went back to the default animations (they still looks girly thanks to the leg placement), so it's not a loss at all... But since version 6.4 you can bring back them all as a bonus option:


What about the walking on low waters and lifting objects? Version 6 introduces a new set of cute animations while walking or running on low waters. Replacing them has been a hard task, but it was imperative as all this time the game was using some default animations mixed with girly replacements that looked very awful on some situations. As an extra complication, while doing this change I discovered the game is using the same animations when lifting objects, so extra care was needed to get the best results for these two situations. The only side effect is walking while lifting objects is slightly slower than usual, but it's easily solved just pressing a little harder the controller stick.

What about the smile? The default Link smile was deleted and we used the default face instead, because it looked awfully ugly on female replacements like Linkle. On version 3 we finally have added a new smile: it’s very subtle on the lips and it will match every player mod you may have (even on Link!). In the latest versions you can select again the default face instead of the new smile.

What about the idles? There was an issue until version 4 that kept the three idles on the game from working. It has been solved on version 5 and now the new idles play smoothly every half minute or so. But when the game plays them?
  1. Cute Relax. Played during the day or the night.
  2. Sleepy Head. Played only during the night.
  3. Embarrassed. Played while not wearing clothes on the top.

What about the default running? Version 7 includes this as an option. If selected, it will use the default running animation instead of the girly one, as a demand from several people asking for it. Please note this change is not perfect as the girly running animation is one of the core pieces of the mod: there is an odd movement while walking fast but still not running as a result of the game engine mixing the girly walking with the default Link running. You can avoid it by simply pushing a little harder your controller stick. Sadly, the odd transition can not be solved so I offer this change as a kindly effort to please all the people and thank them for the support my mod is receiving.


Version 7.x has been made using BCML 3.7.2 that further enhances compatibility specially on animation mods like this one, that changes a lot of properties inside the files contained by TitleBG.pack and adds a lot of new animation pools to the game. This is a small list of compatibility with oher mods. It's pretty outdated as was made during the very old version 3, but I'm keeping it as a reference:

  • Compatible with any mod without custom animations (Linkle mod, armor mods, etc).
  • Compatible with Second Wind mod.
  • Compatible with Zelda's Ballad if you install the version 'with Link animations', and then my mod loaded after it/with higher priority. Some users using the new animations on version 7, reported getting CEMU crashes equipping at least one armor in Zelda's Ballad. If that's your case, for now please install Girly Animation Pack using the options labeled as "SAFE" or avoid using the affected armor if possible. 
  • Compatible with Summer Time (Resurrection) 2.0 and other mods changing the base Linkle body.
  • Not compatible with Genshin Pose Pack, but I got permission and it's included as an option in the version 7.3 of the mod.
  • Not compatible with Din's Fire. (untested on version 4+) They added some animation but also included a full copy of the file TitleBG.pack containing all the "first level" files instead of only the modified ones. They also are not telling BCML which ones of these files are the modified ones, so BCML is simply replacing all of them. This is dangerous because not everyone has the same TitleBG.pack (your game may have or may not DLCs, etc), it may collide with any other mod or simply crash the game. My advice is not to use it and I will not provide any patch.
  • Unknown compatibility with Linkle 3.0 - That mod is still not released but we have a lot of clues in some mods in form of videos, screenshots, etc. Hopefully the developers will think on all the people using current Linkle mod as a base for their mods, keeping her alive for all these years, and release a Linkle 3.0 as much compatible as possible with Linkle 2.0 in order to keep working hundreds of mods and developments posted in Gamebanana.


This mod replaces my previous Linkle Girly Walk & Poses mod, it was my first attempt to use the run girly animation for the default walking and it has some limitations but works fine and for anyone who likes it, I will keep it online as a legacy (meaning it will not receive any further update unless some bug need to be corrected). If you are already using it, please uninstall it prior to install this.

  • Makeup, earrings or glasses for Linkle -- here.
  • Just the haircut and the glasses for Linkle -- here.
  • The dress Linkle is wearing in most of the shots -- here.
  • The haircut from some of the shots -- herehere or here.
  • And the Clear Camera UI mod to take clean shots -- here


In the downloads section you will find a ZIP file containing a PDF with instructions on how to integrate my mod in your own mod, in case you want to unify packages, maximice compatibility, etc.  It's a bit outdated, but also it's not a step-by-step guide where you can blindly follow the instructions to the end, as you must have knowledge on modding the game to fully understand it or else you will end breaking things, but I tried to explain everything as clearly as possible. Please be aware of that as I'm not taking any responsibility. For a general animation replacement tutorial, you may look here.


I created this mod mainly with Linkle Mod on mind but ready to work over (almost) any other mod. And as I'm not related in any way to any modding team, my mod may work or may not on them. I will try to solve bugs and improve the mod as much as I can, but always as a standalone mod. If you end doing suggestion to them (and always is nice to get feedback from people), please be polite and respect their opinion and their decisions. Thanks you so much!
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  • SetoKC avatar
    SetoKC Joined 14d ago
    5d 5d
    Hi, I noticed a little bug in myself. i play Zelda's ballad. when Zelda gets up from the duck position or sneaking, her entire leg rotates. And in the shallow water she twitches constantly while standing. Thanks for the otherwise great mod. Keep it up!
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  • Hi, thanks for your mod ! The work is great, I've been using it for a long time and I'm not disappointed.
    A small remark however, I noticed a small bug when my character (in this case Zelda with the mod Zelda's Ballad) is crouching and moving. Indeed, his movement jerks every 2-3 seconds (only when he is crouching, not otherwise).

    I have a long list of mods on my game but after doing a lot of testing, I realized that the problem only came from the Girly Animation Pack (version 7.3). Since I didn't have this problem with older versions of the mod, I reinstalled version 6.7 to see if the problem persisted. It turns out that no jerking problem occurs. So I think that the new version has some settings that must create this malfunction.

    I hope I could help some of you if the problem is solved!

    It's not a big bug at all, it's more of a detail, but I thought it was useful to share it. Maybe it could cause some others.

    Thanks again for the work done !

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  • Fancy Link avatar
    Fancy Link Joined 2y ago
    398 points Ranked 55,666th
    Thank you so much for the Pose update! ❤️
    • Thanks x 1
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  • Cruptile avatar
    Cruptile Joined 24d ago
    Is this compatible with real hardware or just CEMU?
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  • Carl9000 avatar
    Carl9000 Joined 4y ago
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    7 medals 1 rare
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    Update for the switch version?
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  • Fancy Link avatar
    Fancy Link Joined 2y ago
    398 points Ranked 55,666th
    29d 29d
    Just want to say I love this mod so much! I've been using it with Zelda's ballad for a long time now. I wanted to know if there is any way you can add this Genshin Weapon Pose pack mod to the weapon poses. I tried doing it myself but I feel like a cave man trying to get it to work lol.
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  • OrionKaelin avatar
    OrionKaelin Joined 2y ago
    304 points Ranked 60,923rd
    1mo 1mo
    v7.1 seems to have introduced an ear wiggle when wearing certain headgear upgraded to certain levels, most notably they Hylian Hood.
    Have had this issue before with various other mods and can occur on the hooded or non hood versions and also the Gerudo Veil.
    EDIT: Also happens in v7.0
    Does not happen when GI is uninstalled, but seems it could be related to the non-hood version more than others as the ears lie flat when GI is uninstalled.
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  • OrionKaelin avatar
    OrionKaelin Joined 2y ago
    304 points Ranked 60,923rd
    More examples of the new stuff would be great, especially with side by side comparisons.
    Particularly the Walk and Talk styles which dont have clear images relating to how you've recently restructured the mod with the modular BNP since its not style A or B now.
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  • found a (probably already known) bug: running up/down on a steep gradient (but not steep enough to climb) while having a one handed weapon ready can cause her arms to move in a weird way. It only happens with Girly run, and not happening with Default run in case my report is unclear :p

    all in all, great mod, and thank you for creating this!
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  • Dunderstein avatar
    Dunderstein Joined 1mo ago
    Great mod! I love your work, I just had to let you know about a bug I found. 

    When I first speak with the great fairy in Kakariko Village the game will crash after she pops out of the flower. This happens during the first meeting, after you give her 100 rupees and she pops out and just as her next dialogue box would pop up. I was able to narrow it down to just this mod causing it, and I am using the shy girlie talk animation.

    Hope that helps you and anyone else having this problem and keep up the great work!
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