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Moon Slayer Set - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

A new original weapon set custom made for Zelda

UPDATE 07/03/2020: Here it is, the highly anticipated bow that many were waiting for, the most unique weapon (and only standalone bow) ever to be custom made for Zelda: the Midnight Sun. This is the first weapon to use custom shader/texture SRT params and animations to create something truly spectacular, as you shall see in this very cinematic video below (please watch it was very fun to make). Yes, it's a multishot light bow with a special animation :)

And I also made a new Lynel in the same colour scheme to hold these weapons. Hope you like him.

UPDATE 19/12/19: For Christmas I give to you all the highly requested SHIELD that will pair with this sword - Altair's Embrace. A new video showcasing this can be found below.

Linkles and Gentlelinks, I present to you my loving ode to the Zelda Universe: a completely original, brand new set of weapons added to Breath of the Wild as fully realised, unique actors that you can collect and french kiss your gameplay experience with. The Moon Slayer, Altair's Embrace, and Midnight Sun.

The Moon Slayer is very special, as it is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking sword that houses special properties of the Master Sword previously thought to have been impossible. A long lost sister to the Sword that seals the darkness, this weapon once belonged to an ancient hero (Link) who was outcast to the desert by the Royal Family for seeking wisdom instead of courage. As a travelling monk, he was ostracised from the Master Sword, his birthright, and thus a celestial spirit wept for him and from there, forged the Moon Slayer out of her own tears and sorrow. An eagle adorns the hilt, symbolising the protection granted upon him by his flying companion.

The enemies of this blade were the corrupt royalty themselves, who sought to misuse the power of the Triforce, and just when they were about to attain their power utilising the moon, the sword pierced their hearts, and it now forever drips with the golden essence of the beings who thought they could banish the hero.

Here is the original cinematic video that first showed the Moon Slayer, it's a bit outdated but the newest version can be found at the top of the page.

Moon Slayer features:

- Unbreakable (necessary to work with Master Sword hardcode)
- Golden sword beams
- Undroppable
- Custom black and gold sword trail
- Special effects when hitting malice
- Can kill Beast Ganon

Altair's Embrace features:

- Unbreakable
- Almost no shield surf friction (which means it's faster)
- Undroppable
- Light hologram spirit magic

Midnight Sun features:

-Uses Light Arrows
-Light hologram spirit magic but even more magic
-Can kill Beast Ganon

To make this mod further compatible with other popular choices, I have also prepared another version that tones down the power and health of the Lynel so that you can use it without feeling guilty or overpowered with mods such as Hyrule Rebalance. I would also like to shoutout Huebi who is doing just this, producing a very popular Let's Play series featuring many mods, and I partly made the rebalanced version so that the playthrough isn't affected too badly, as well as others facing the issue of obsolete weapons in Hyrule Rebalance.

One issue that I'm working on is the fact that I have to make both sets unbreakable, because making the Moon Slayer breakable introduces a few glitches with the Master Sword, which is a side effect of making the Moon Slayer able to shoot sword beams upon throw. It's a hacky workaround, but it's the best solution for the moment.

  • Moon Slayer: 60+40 Attack Power
  • Midnight Sun: 50x5 Attack Power, Faster rate of fire
  • Lynel: 9001 HP

  • Moon Slayer: 40 Attack Power
  • Midnight Sun: 25x 5 Attack Power, Slower rate of fire
  • Lynel: 4000 HP

To obtain these weapons after installing, you must defeat the Custom Black and Gold Lynel atop Laparoh Mesa in the Gerudo Highlands. It's a one-time spawn, no resetting after Blood Moons.

I'm aware that to remove this sword from your inventory, you have to use a save editor or uninstall the mod. A side effect of making the Gold Beams is that the Master Sword shoots out gold beams now too (it's out of my control - hardcode, sorry). It looks pretty anyway!

This is also part of the Second Wind project, and other aspects around it are currently in development.

For some reason, weather mods conflict with certain mods, including this one. If you're crashing on loading a save, try disabling weather presets/mods.

IMPORTANT: If you already have an old version of the Moon Slayer, to update to the newest one, you must first take these steps in order:
1) UNINSTALL the old version
2) Load up your game, and SAVE
3) Exit your game
4) Install the new version
5) Defeat the new Lynel on Laparoh Mesa

Enjoy your moon slaying!