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NieR:Automata Modpack - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

Glory to Mankind

Oh boy this is a big one...

SO, this pack includes every weapon from NieR:Automata (Bar the Combat Bracers), Background Music, Text Edits, Title Screen Theme, Emil, Pods as the Glider and 2B herself!

2B Costume requires the Linkle Mod

-The 2B Costume replaces the Dark Link Tunic.
-Emil replaces Kilton as the special shopkeeper.
-Pods replace the Paraglider.

Weapon Replacements:
Royal Broadsword            - Virtuous Contract
Windcleaver                       - Virtuous Treaty
Royal Halberd                    - Virtuous Dignity
Royal Guard's Sword        - Cruel Oath
Royal Guard's Claymore  - Cruel Blood Oath
Royal Guard's Spear         - Cruel Arrogance
Savage Lynel Crusher       - Beastlord
Savage Lynel Sword          - Beastbane
Savage Lynel Spear           - Beastcurse
Rusty Broadsword            - Machine Sword
Rusty Claymore                 - Machine Axe
Rusty Halbred                    - Machine Spear
Mighty Lynel Sword          - Phoenix Dagger
Mighty Lynel Crusher       - Phoenix Sword
Mighty Lynel Spear           - Pheonix Lance
Traveler's Sword               - Type-3 Sword
Traveler's Claymore         - Type-3 Blade
Traveler's Spear                - Type-3 Lance
Thunderblade                   - Type-4O Sword
Great Thunderblade        - Type-4O Blade
Thunderspear                   - Type-4O Lance
Knight's Broadsword       - YoRHa-Issue Blade
Knight's Claymore            - Iron Will
Knight's Halberd               - Spear of the Usurper
Demon Carver                  - Dragoon Lance
Boko Club                          - Iron Pipe
Tree Branch                      - Cypress Stick
Feathered Edge                - Ancient Overlord
Eightfold Blade                 - Faith
Sword                                 - Engine Blade

Music Replacements:
Hateno Village                 -Peaceful Sleep
Korok Forest                    -Pascal
Lost Woods/Maze           -Copied City (Quiet)
Kara Kara Bazaar            -Memories of Dust (Quiet)
Gerudo Town                  -Memories of Dust (Medium)
Hyrule Castle Town        -City Ruins [Shade] (Quiet)
Hyrule Castle                   -A Beautiful Song (Calm)
Calamity Ganon              -A Beautiful Song
Beast Ganon                   -Grandma [Destruction]
Staff Roll                          -Weight of the World (Ending E)
Shiekah Tower               -The Tower (Dynamic)
Fixed Guardian Battle   -Bipolar Nightmare (Calm)
Guardian Battle              -Bipolar Nightmare
Molduga Battle               -Emil [Despair]
Kilton's Shop                   -Emil's Shop
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  • EmperorPHNX avatar
    EmperorPHNX Joined 3mo ago
    210 points Ranked 75,996th
    Thanks for mod, its cool mod but im not sure you know what ''Standalone'' means. Your ''Standalone'' mod versions still replace vanilla game items and even change their stats and it means they are replacers not ''Standalone'' items.
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  • hanzhole avatar
    hanzhole Joined 6mo ago
    does this have a switch version?
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  • there is no version with the destroyed suit?
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  • haru oku avatar
    haru oku Joined 2y ago
    149 points Ranked 87,705th
    Ples make a .rar version of this some people still use the wii u version 
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  • ZHDarkstar avatar
    ZHDarkstar Joined 1y ago
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    Any chance of a 2P version?
    I drink and I play games!
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  • Killy728 avatar
    Killy728 Joined 3y ago
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    • 2 years a member Medal icon
    Just a heads up,

    The current edition of the Linkle Mod has a Dark Link Tunic, so in order to get 2B's attire, you'll need to delete these files from the Linkle mod once it is in BCML:

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  • play_destiny avatar
    play_destiny Joined 2y ago
    2y 2y
    i have the linkle mod and installed this successfully via BCML.  however the game still loads with linkle mod. any idea?

    edit: i guess i have to obtain the dark tunic first
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  • Could you make this mod in a .rar version (I have some problems with BCML and my computer) ? 
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  • Metal-Mario-Fan avatar
    Metal-Mario-Fan Joined 3y ago
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    Good ass mod
    A nintendo player avatar
    A nintendo player
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  • Very Great Mod, but I have some problems using it. The 2B costume works fine and there are no problem. Instead, when I use the Weapon pack, enemies disappear from map and some stuff like sheikan activator completely miss from map. In the end when I select a weapon from this mod, the game crash to desktop. Other one has this problems?
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