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Metroid Soundtrack Pack (Update) - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


V. 4.0 2y
  • Addition Added new tracks for cutscenes, environment music and more!
  • Overhaul Some tracks fits better with the game!
  • Adjustment Adjusted loops for some tracks!
Video showcase updated 2y Adjustment Extra tracks replacement 2y Addition Volume fix 2y Optimization
Edit: This new update brings the changes I hope are the last. for next mods Im focusing on armors and other mod categorys.

This pack contains background music (BGM) composed by Nintendo and fans from Metroid saga which videos are linked in the track names, so if you are fan I hope you enjoy the references. This includes many tracks that is not even in the video due to the lenght. Even so, all the soundtrack of the game itself has'nt been replaced, but I dont think these should be, so I'll list all of them next for give you an idea of what to expect:


Get Item (Basic): Item fanfare [NES] OST *new

Get Item (Standard): Item fanfare [NES/Other M] OST *new

Get Item (Deluxe): Item fanfare [Prime series] OST

Get Item (Heart): Item fanfare [Zero Mission] OST

Get Item (HighGrade): Item fanfare [Prime series] OST

Puzzle solved: Puzzle solved [Prime series] OST

Sheika slate upgrade: Unknown item [Zero Mission] OST *new

Teletransportation: Appearance fanfare [Zero Mission] OST

Game start (loading screen): Title [Super/ Fusion/ Other M] *new

All enemies defeated: Prologue [Other M] OST


Exiting Resurrection Shrine: Title [NES/Zero Mission/Other M]

Dragons in the sky: Skytown [Corruption]

Riding horse (day): Brinstar [Nes/Zero mission]

Riding horse (night): Brinstar depths [Nes/Zero  Mission] *fixed

Blood Moon (rising): SA-X approaches [Fusion] OST *fixed

Lord of the Mountain: Desolated chozo ruins [Zero Mission] OST *new

Entering Hyrule & Unlock tower map: Appearance Fanfare (Mix) *fixed

Bow test: Prologue/Sector SRX [Fusion] *new

Race minigame: Vs Serris/ Yakuza [Fusion/ AM2R] OST *new

Golf & Hunting minigame: Facing a huge reaction [Fusion] OST

Parasail minigame: Multiplayer [Echoes] *new

Bowling minigame: Phendrana drifts [Prime]

Naydra (grudged): Leviathan Seed [Corruption] OST *new

All Zelda’s memories collected: Crateria surface [Super] *new

Champion's Ballad ending: Title [Prime Trilogy] *new


Environment music (during day): Title [Corruption] *new

Environment music (during night): Rebuilt Tourian [Super] *new

Shrine Entrance (outside): Facing a huge reaction [Fusion] 

Shrines (Inside): Item room [NES/Zero Mission] *new

Blessing shrines: Staff Credits [Other M] OST 

Sheika towers: Skytown [Corruption] *fixed

Stable: Menu [Prime] *fixed

Stable(with Kass): Title [NES/Super/Fusion/Other M] 

Kakariko Village: Norfair [NES/Zero Mission] *new

Hateno Village: Main Theme [Return of Samus] *fixed

Zora Region: Surface of SR388 [Return of Samus]

Rito Village: Tallon IV Overworld [Prime]

Gerudo City: Secrets of the Chozo [Return of Samus]

Goron City: VS Parasite Queen [Prime]

Korok Forest: Last Mission [Fusion] *new

Tarrey Town (starting) & (Rito): Brinstar depths [NES/Zero Mission]

Tarrey Town (Goron) & (Gerudo):  Lower Brinstar [Super]

Tarrey Town (Zora) & (built): Brinstar [NES/Zero Mission]

Lurelin Village: Brinstar Green overgrowth [Super] *new

Hateno laboratory: Sector 4 AQA [Fusion]

Akkala laboratory: Torvus Bog [Echoes]

Temple of time: Crashed Space Pirate Frigate [Prime]

Ruins: Chozo Temple [Prime] *fixed

Kara Kara Bazaar: Bryyo Cliffside [Corruption] & Luminoth Story [Echoes]

Great Fairy  & Malanya fountains: Brinstar Red Soil [Super]

Observation Post: Luminoth [Echoes]

Cottages in Hebra: Sector 5 ARC [Fusion] *new 

Flight training zone: Phendrana drifts [Prime] *new

Kass spots: Brinstar [NES/Zero Mission] *new

Mazes & Lost Forest: Norfair [Super] *new

Eldin's lava zone: Pyrosphere Industrial [Other M (Mix)] OST 

Death Mountain: Magmoor Caverns [Prime/ Samus Returns] OST

Gerudo Desert: Maridia Sands [Super (Mix)]

Cold areas: Phendrana Drifts [Prime] OST

Castle Town: Underwater Depths [Fusion] *fixed

Castle (outside): Crisis Mission [Fusion]

Castle (inside): Tourian [NES/Zero Mission]

Yiga Clan Hideout: Ancient Chozo ruins [Samus Returns] OST

Monster Shop & Demon statue: Norfair Depths [NES/ Zero Mission]

Entering Ruta & Naboris: Crateria surface [Super]

Entering Medoh: Sector 5 ARC [Fusion] *new

Entering Rudania: Wrecked Ship (off) [Super]

Inside Vah Ruta: Lower Maridia [Super]

Inside Vah Naboris: Lower Brinstar [Samus Returns ] OST

Inside Vah Medoh: Lower Maridia [Super]

Inside Vah Rudania: Brinstar depths [NES/Zero Mission] *new

Inside 5th dungeon (DLC): Prologue [Super] *new


Battle theme: Vs Space Pirates [Super/Zero Mission] *new

Vs Miniguardian and Battle tutorial: Vs Arachnus [Samus Returns] OST

Vs Lynel/ Yiga members: Vs Ridley [Other M] OST *new

Vs Fixed Guardian: Vs Desbrachian [Other M] OST

Vs Guardian (stalker, flyer, turret): Escape [Other M] & Game over fanfare [Super] OST *new

Vs Hinox: VS Quadraxis [Echoes]

Vs Thalus: VS Rundas [Corruption] OST

Vs Molduga: VS Sylux [Hunters]

Vs Kohgga: VS Gohr [Corruption] OST *new

Vs Naboris: Vs Nightmare/ Goyagma [Other M] OST *new

Vs Rudania: Norfair depths [Super] *new

Vs Ruta: Vs King kihunter [Other M] OST *new

Vs Medoh: Vs Omega Pirate [Prime] *new

Vs Thunderblight Ganon: Vs Omega Ridley [Corruption] OST

Vs Fireblight Ganon: Vs Kraid/Crocomire/Phantoom [Super] *new

Vs Waterblight Ganon: Title [Federation Force] OST *fixed

Vs Windblight Ganon: Vs Zetta Metroid [Samus Returns] OST  *fixed

Vs Ganon Calamity: Vs Nightmare [Fusion] *fixed

Vs Beast Ganon (phase 1 &3) (phase 2): Escape [Super/Zero Mission/Echoes] *new

Vs Monk Maz Koshia  Phase 1 (DLC): Vs Dark Samus [Corruption] OST *new

Vs Monk Maz Koshia  Phase 2 (DLC): Vs Emperor Ing [Echoes] OST *new

Vs Monk Maz Koshia  Phase 3 (DLC): Vs Hive Mecha [Prime] OST *fixed

Vs Monk Maz Koshia  Phase 4 (DLC): Vs Metroid prime (core) [Prime] OST *new


Blood Moon cutscenes: Spore Spawn [Super/Zero Mission] *fixed

Vs Kohgga (cutscenes): Vs Gandrayda[Corruption] 

First tower cutscene: Crissis Mission [Fusion] *new

King Roham cutscene: Prologue/Sector SRX [Fusion] *new

Vah Naboris cutscenes: Luminoth [Echoes] *new

Ganon Blights rising cutscenes: VS Queen Metroid/Phantoon [Other M] OST *new

Ganon Calamity rising cutscene: Rebuilt Tourian [Super] *new

Staff Roll credits: Ending [NES/ Return of Samus/ Fusion/ Prime/ Corruption/ Super] *fixed

Staff Roll credits (DLC): Lower Maridia [Super]

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    I'm really liking this mod so far it's awesome! Especially when i use some of the other outfit mods so that almost any armor set I want can fit the Samus model (with some occasional hiccups due to different model sizes but thats no big deal.)

    I have been experiencing an audio issue though. Whenever I pick up a new item or an item out of a chest I seem to be getting some sort of distortion on the sound effect. I believe this to be a conflict from another mod, since I used to have a similar issue when I would load a save file in at the title menu but managed to patch that out. Video evidence here:

    I'm about to test with just the samus mod installed to see if that will fix the issue, however I was wondering if you could help me isolate that sound effect perhaps and if possible just remove it from the mod? I don't know how easy that will be while it's all packaged.

    EDIT: Just tested with only this mod installed and still getting that gear-like sound before the beeps. Is it intended?
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    For information on the fieldBattle tracks, please take a look here and here

    To properly replace fieldBattle you just need to replace all easy1 and middle2 tracks according to the timing in the audacity file in the second link.
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  • I'm looking for a mod that only modifies the music of simple battles, as I think the original is very bad. But all the mods I find alter a lot of soundtracks. Would it be possible to make a mod like that?
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  • Definitely using this in combination with my other music mods. I just love it that u changed the standard battle music for enemies like bokoblins cus i havent seen any other music mod do that. Good shit
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