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Lylah's Complete Music Overhaul - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

The most ambitious/comprehensive music mod to date!

VERSION UPDATE 1.6 - Cutscene & Minigame Update
DMCA Warning: As always since we're in the era of aggressive Copyright claims on everything, upload playthroughs using this mod at your own discretion. However, to this date every playthrough I've seen from big youtubers has been fine, and the only new song that triggers a full claim/block is the Noragami track I used that plays during the King's flashback at the end of the Great Plateau. It's not ideal, but you can skip that cutscene if you're cautious of these things.

I'm uploading this as it's been sitting on my computer since I made it with BCML 2.8, which yes is outdated now but should hopefully convert fine into the modern format. The things I changed exactly are outlined in the patch notes above, as well as showcased in the video below:

VERSION UPDATE 1.5 - Redone Guardian Themes

For those who didn't like the hip-hop esque remixes used for the Guardian Stalker, Decayed, and Scout themes, then this update is for you. I replaced the old themes with a completely custom track I made (first time using a proper DAW) using the 'Cornered' sample from Phoenix Wright, but still done in a way that's faithful to the original feeling of encountering a Guardian. Here's a video preview:

VERSION UPDATE 1.4 - Avatar: The Last Airbender Edition. If you're a fan of ATLA, you're going to love this update. I added cleaned up, re-equalised, and high quality tracks from the series to (hopefully) fitting locations. The video showing these can be found near the bottom of this page.

Are you looking to enhance your Breath of the Wild playthrough with a fresh new experience that lacks a certain... something? No? Well read this page anyway!

There are many mods that physically or visually reimagine your experience in the game, but your aural experience is equally important, to which there are only a handful of mods that deal with them, in which there are still glitches, gaps, and limitations. Well look no further than here! This is a complete music overhaul that is tailor-made and designed to thoroughly give your playthrough a very satisfying boost with music and sounds hand-chosen by me and cherry-picked to perfectly complement the areas and events they're in. Not only do existing areas have new life to them, but areas that were lacking in vanilla have now been enriched with sweet, perfect music juice.

This mod should be FULLY COMPATIBLE with things like Linkle, Crafting, and other cosmetic mods since I haven't altered any files in Bootup or TitleBG.

What's in store?

This music pack isn't held back by locked themes, glitches, and depth. As a perfectionist I ensured that every single track I implemented is the perfect volume, starts with no issues, is the highest quality I could find (no fuzzy/tinny music) and loops seamlessly you won't even notice. There are over 210 files I've gone over with a fine brush, and replaced them with music I found more interesting or tasteful. Of course, there's going to be some bias because these are ultimately tracks that were personally appealing to me, but hopefully my taste isn't too far off from yours and you can agree with me on a lot of tracks I've done.

I've taken it upon myself to also design all the promo including artwork and videos with this so everyone sees a polished, serious modding experience.
Inspired by many different areas of media and entertainment, my music pack includes tracks, covers, and remixes (in the appropriate style of BotW) from:
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Bleach
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Evangelion
  • Halo
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Magi
  • Noragami
  • Nujabes
  • Persona
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Pokemon
  • Previous Zelda Games (OoT, TP, SS)
  • Street Fighter
  • Undertale/Deltarune
  • Xenoblade
A ReadMe will have information on installing/uninstalling the mod, or just only specific tracks you want from this mod. Here are the tracks I've edited and where they've been used:

Battle Music:
Boss Fights:
Inside Dungeons:
Ambient Temperature Music:



UPDATE 07/03/2020: If you're a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender/Korra, you'll love this update. The video below shows the four cutscene mods in this update (it doesn't show the other tracks I added and changed listed above but rest assured, they're in this update).

UPDATE 06/11/2019: A showcase of the new cutscenes I added for the 4 champions after clearing each Divine Beast.

UPDATE 01/11/2019: Here is a demonstration of the new Kass tracks I've added to this update. These will be used in the biggest upcoming project to BotW arriving soon.

If there is anything I missed, do not hesitate to ask me directly. You can find me on the Zelda Modding Discord.
I sincerely hope you all enjoy this jam-packed mod, it means a lot to me!

Note: since there's so many files I didn't find it prudent to just include one waveform or demo file, all the music you can check out yourself with the videos and links above, and please check out my channel!

Please please please subscribe to my Youtube for more content and updates on my music modding business and remember to share this mod with others if you're impressed! It would mean the world.

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  • crys333 avatar
    crys333 Joined 1mo ago
    this music is fire
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  • lunk98 avatar
    lunk98 Joined 5mo ago
    Can you provide the moon armor set you used in the demonetized video? sorry if it is already available, maked a litle search but can't find it.
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  • Im trying to install this mod with a newer CEMU I know you said CEMU may patch out the ability to use this mod but I really would love to experience this mod with good performance.

    Does anyone know if this mod is possible to install on newer CEMU? I feel like i've tried everything.
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  • Daitan avatar
    Daitan Joined 3y ago
    161 points Ranked 93,266th
    Can someone tell me what's the song that plays when you're at a great fairy place ?
    I did not find it by searching in the list given in this page.
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  • Valioxel avatar
    Valioxel Joined 2y ago
    647 points Ranked 53,834th
    Love your mod been using it for a long time btw really out did your self Lylah XD especially when King Bosphoramus Reveals him self i Laugh a while but really suits him specially at night with a Thunderstorm. if there are future updates can wait for the next one like replacing the Shrines song from the inside or maybe replace the Piano in the Wild but im content with your Music Overhaul
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  • A lot of the music is amazing, no doubt. Butttt, some of the music cuts off the vanilla music seconds in and is jarring. And a some music is very compressed sounding, or was recorded from a speaker.
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  • miirkuz avatar
    miirkuz Joined 2y ago
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    Amazing job! And the donkey kong country 2 mine theme inside the ancient lab was such a nice surprise!
    Really love this mod.
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  • plow avatar
    plow Joined 2y ago
    250 points Ranked 77,557th
    Fantastic work, don't know if you added the loop points yourself when creating/getting the bfstms but gj getting seamless looping on all the tracks. I only did ssbb modding with music and had to do loop points in audacity when making brstms (another vgm format) so if that's anything near what you had to do, the effort is appreciated!

    Also love how a lot of the songs selected for cutscenes really change their mood in time with the cutscene but naturally so, not forced at all (like louder, more intense part when the cutscene gets more intense, gentler/softer when the cutscene is more calm or slow).

    Also PW:AA music is cracked af and your cornered remix for guardians makes me play 100% more suicidal x)
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  • GRIMS avatar
    GRIMS Joined 1y ago
    I see Nujabes, I download <3
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  • IIKyriousII avatar
    IIKyriousII Joined 5y ago
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    This is pretty insane. BotW has a great soundtrack but it's nice to mix it up. From what I see these aren't bad rips at all either, feels pretty natural. 
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