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PMEX: Remix 0.65b [August] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

[UPDATED August 9th]

What is Remix?
Remix is a spinoff of PMEX: ALM5252's Custom Build

Remix is a modbuild; a modbuild originally conceptualized by Neroven and further expanded on by ALM5252, Kuusotare, TroyAnthony and many others. And what was PMEX you ask? PMEX was a typical big build of custom characters and stages, yielding all the unexpected places and fights you never would have imagined happening in Smash, brought to life by the fans. 

This build compiles many of the fun characters and quality mods you've seen before and puts them together in one roster, carrying over all of the Legacy XP characters, and creations from highly dedicated and talented modders like the Fighting Alloy Team by KingJigglypuff. VelvetKitsune's various backports of fighters created post Brawl (like Corrin)  and more...! Maybe. 

They're all retuned and balanced to better fit a Project M environment, and whether built from the ground-up or not; we've fine tuned the entire cast to a degree of quality often sought for in their experience, and with each update we're dedicated to reach even closer to that mark.

We have a lot to show with a vast array of custom fun movesets and new characters from us! Duke it out with Chrom who plays with speed and aggression like the menace he is in Ultimate, the original Mother boy Ninten and his slingshot! The mysterious Masked Man, and more Pikmin buds. 
Remix even has some surprising newcomers like Yu Narukami from Persona 4 and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8. 

In the evercoming future Remix is looking to continually improve on itself, adding more polish and content with each update, and we hope you're looking forward to it.

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What's New?
The next Remix! Here are some of the updates from the previous version!

A new fighter! Ninten from the Mother franchise, and the very first Mother MAN. He can pester everyone with his slingshot, and show off his sick boomerang tricks!

A man of pure evil emerges again, finally remembering what made up what he even was with all new erratic martial arts and power! Black Shadow!

Yu and Squall cleaned up their act a little fighting a bit less sloppy looking! (What I'm saying is they got some better animations, credit to hyo for his amazing work on Yu's! animations and textures)

Chrom's Soaring Slash technique finally works again! Try to follow your opponent for best results! His big dummy forward smash and back air are a bit weaker on the other hand of things...

Dr. Mario is faster. Don't ask him why. He also got bigger pills!

Blood Falcon comes in like a beast, literally! Why don't you just look at his wild entry! He's been amped up with a hecka powerful forward smash, and boosted back air and forward air.

Masked Man just kinda received fixes. The poor cyborg was malfunctioning and his arm looked weird on up tilt, and he stabbed weird on down tilt.

Solid Snake also felt like being faster.

Waluigi can throw balls faster! Fun.

Corrin and Cloud felt like being more worthy competitors, so they honed their skills a bit!

Obligatory Zone
We are not endorsed or affiliated with Nintendo. "Super Smash Bros." and similar trademarks are copyright Nintendo Co., Ltd. This is simply non-profit, free-to-play modifications of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We do not condone piracy and are not associated with Nintendo, SEGA, Konami or any other parties involved in or referenced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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  • HruMan avatar
    HruMan Joined 2y ago
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    Brilliant! Just one small thing. When I go to the codes menu sometimes the game crashes.
    Other than that it's perfect!
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  • Dustin91 avatar
    Dustin91 Joined 1y ago
    I'm having trouble with loading this with my nintendo Wii.  I guess I just don't understand it.  I have loaded the update to a Wii SD card but the Wii can't see the information .  Are there any instructions available.  Just to verify I am using Smash Bros Brawl disk as the main game.  Thanks
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  • Daniel13789 avatar
    Daniel13789 Joined 5y ago
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    This is incredible! I have a question though, if possible, how would I go about reverting the ledge mechanics back to how they were in Brawl? My friends and I prefer the vanilla way.
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  • Hello! I've been having quite a bit of trouble trying to install this mod to my pm. I'm playing on wii if that makes a difference with this. if you could help me find a tutorial of some kind or point me to someone who could explain how to install the mod, that'd be greatly appreciated! thanks so much!
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    What's changed from the July build?
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