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Super Hard Mode - A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


3.01 5mo
  • BugFix Turns out I forgot the Security Hall file for 99 lives. Whoops!
Level Pack 3 6mo Addition2 Amendment3 Overhaul4 BugFix2 Tweak5 Adjustment3 Improvement Feature 2.04 8mo BugFix2 2.03 8mo BugFix2 2.02 8mo BugFix

The Hard Mode of Hard Mode!

Has Hard Mode stopped being hard? Never fear, fellow SA2 enthusiast! This mod features the creation of brand new Super Hard levels replacing the originals. As a speedrunner, reverse-engineer of most of the game's objects, and degree-holder in game design, I assure you that these levels have been tailored to provide a fair but difficult challenge that requires mastery of the game's mechanics and knowledge of all of its quirks. And if that's still not interesting enough, I have also included a suggested extra challenge run for each one.

Development of Super Hard levels is ongoing; there is a text document in the mod's folder that contains the current list of stages with completed levels. This is also where you will find the extra challenges.

The mod also moves the original M5 layouts to M1, with the same changes as Fixed Forced Hard Mode to allow full completion of the game from a new save file.

If you're interested in a thoughtful critique of the Super Hard levels, I have created a feedback form here:

Your feedback will be used to refine the stages in future releases, to smooth out areas that people find too frustrating or too easy. Since there are plenty of stages left to make, there will be many opportunities to incorporate suggestions! I encourage you to fill out the form with each new release.