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Better Miles - A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2.

It's time for the SA1 Gameplay renaissance!

Note: Please Read CAREFULLY all the instructions before commenting here, this is REALLY important.

1. Welcome to Better Miles

This is a mod for the PC version of Sonic Adventure 2. It restores SA1 Tails gameplay as much as possible, but also add some new features. What SA1 Gameplay or what features you may ask? Let's see that. Btw, if you want an even bigger SA1 Experience, you can now use the SA1 Tails skin that I made.


  •     First of all, his physics has been improved, he is faster with most of his actions.
  •     The Spin Jump has been restored and most important part: he can DAMAGE the enemies with it.
  •     The Rolling from SA1 has been fully ported, if you have enough speed, press the action button and Miles will start rolling.
  •     The Spin Attack from SA1 has also been fully ported. Hold the action button and spin to destroy all your enemies.
  •     Now here's the one you've been waiting for... That's right the FLIGHT. It has been improved to make it as close as possible to his SA1 version. Miles can now gain altitude and get tired just like in SA1 (optional.) You may or may not know, but in SA1, it was also possible to fall faster if you were holding the action button, well this has been added here too.
  •   The victory pose from SA1 has been fully ported, big thanks to the x-hax community for their help with that. The camera will also face Miles during the result screen just like with regular character. (Currently not compatible with Charsel, but will in a future update.)
  • There is an option to remove the mech and another one to play Miles (almost) everywhere.
  • The mod edits some objects in game so you can complete EVERY Tails stages as mechless.
  • Aditionally, the A ranks have been nerfed so you can get them without the mech.
  • Most of the speed character actions have been added (Read below for more information.)
  • Using vine
  • Using bar
  • Grinding
  • Rolling (not somersault but same role)
  • Grabbing the rockets (including the missile in Metal Harbor)
  • Using board
  • Bounce
  • Light Dash
  • Swimming

Please note that you can turn off most of the features, so if you don't like those, then feel free to disable them.

3. Mod Compatibility

This is important: In order to get the best experience:

First of all, note that this mod improves Tails physics and this can create conflict with every mod which edits Character Physics. Therefore, if you crash on startup, feel free to turn off your physics mods, or disable the "custom physics" option in the mod, this is up to your preference.

As of today, this mod should works fine with Character Select Plus, but make sure Better Miles is loaded after this one, in fact, it should be at the bottom of your mod list.

If you wish to play Miles everywhere, there is an option in the mod for that , so give it a shot.

Finally: If you play with a skin mod for Tails, they all should work in theory fine, but if you play with a mod which edits Tails Animations (like Cream) you may have to turn off the "custom animation" option to avoid any issue.

Don't forget to load this mod last and you're ready to go!

4. Installation:

Note: All my mods require the lastest SA2 Mod Loader version and the vc++ dependencies (x86 version from the different years.) to work.

  1.     Make sure you have the latest version of SA2 Mod Loader downloaded and installed from this link.
  2.     Download the latest version of Better Miles and place the entire folder in the mods folder.
  3.     If all the above steps have been done properly, you should be able to run SA2 Mod Manager and select the mod in the list.
  4.     To configure options for Better Miles, select the mod in the Mod Manager and click on 'Configure...' to see all the options.
  5.     Click on Save and play!