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Sonic Adventure 2 Randomizer - A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


The Final Chapter 10mo
  • Improvement Everything
***Welcome to SA2: Rando Version 6.0.0!***

It’s been a long and wild ride but we are ready to close the curtains on this now massive project with one final update. This was planned to be the last major patch for this mod, and we are happy to say that this is the best version of randomizer that has ever been released. 

Huge changes to stages, progression, chao, and other features have been made to fully expand both the potential for chaos, and the roster of characters playable in each stage. Here are some of the major changes coming in this update. More details about each one can be found below.

**Note** It may be worth resetting your configuration if you have changed settings before, just as a precaution.

* **GamePlay Changes**

  *Mechless characters now playable in every stage

  *Super Sonic & Super Shadow now playable in every stage

  *Every character can now grind on rails 

  *More custom models for every character type

  *Expanded Twitch Chat integration with more features and compatibility with bits

  *Expanded boss pool

  *Expanded potential for chao evolution

  *All chao races are unlocked by default

  *Most stages now resemble their vanilla versions more accurately

  *Restored hunting stages with vanilla pieces (no more custom pieces or hints)

  *Adjustments to A-Rank requirements 

  *Supers have been tweaked to be affected by gravity better, still dont like loops though

  *Biolizard and King Boom Boo have been adjusted to be beatable by everyone

* **Object Interactions**

  *Every character can now break dynamite on contact

  *Wind now pushes mech characters higher

  *Warp paintings can now be activated on contact (no mystic melody required)

  *Mechless characters can now break boxes!

  *Supers read hint monitors on contact

  *Iron Gate doors now destroyed on attack

  *Iron Gate missile activated on contact

  *Hidden Base red things destroyed on attack

  *Breakable doors and other blockades get destroyed on attack


* **Bug Fixes**

  *Dig crash now (hopefully) fixed

  *Egg golem crashes have been fixed (hopefully)

  *Red tails behaves a lot better, he is sorry

  *Radical Highway corkscrew is now doable

  *You do not store damage if you have invincibility 

  *... honestly this can go on forever, it was close to a year since our last patch

    *just trust we have done our best 

      *we also might have made a few new ones that we don't know about yet... sorry

        * Join the Discord for help or to report bugs!

* **New Settings**

  *Leave cutscenes in place

    *Leaves the vanilla cutscenes in place

  *Custom Fortune Teller Names

    *Addes a txt file that will be used to generate chao names

  *All Races Unlocked

    *On by default unless you wanna grind them out as God intended.

  *(Chao) Randomized body parts

    *Make your chao look like a animal/monster/freak of nature

  *Disable Max Race Chao Stats

    *False by default. Turn on to give your opponents a fighting chance. 

  *Enemies Drop Animals

    *Makes enemies you kill drop animals instead of viles.

  *Evolution Progress Max

    *Controls how dramatic a chao changes once it evolves

  *Race/Karate difficulty

    *Choose how difficult you want your opponents to be

  *Disable random race/karate chao opponent

    *Will instead give you the vanilla opponents

  *Maximum/Minimum Track Segments

    *Choose how long you want route 101/280 to be

  *Dig on all surfaces

    *Hunters can now dig in concrete and many other surfaces

  *Instant Lock Ons

    *For mech characters, removes the delay for the lockon to move to another target

  *Cursed in-Game Cutscenes

    *In-game cutscenes were excluded because they looked like texture vomit with custom models. If you don’t mind the visual diaherra, you can now turn these back on

  *Supers have been added to the replace and disable pool.

  *Emerald Color settings

    *Customize what you want you emeralds to look like in hunting stages

  *Rave Egg Delay

    *Choose how fast you want the Rave Egg to change colors. This has been made slower by default.

* **Hunting Overhaul**

Previously, hunting stages were designed around custom pieces due to a large number of dig pieces in the vanilla game being unattainable. Hunting stages now have the majority of their original pieces, including dig pieces, which have been raised above ground or moved to be more obtainable for non-hunters. 

In addition, Death Chamber warp painters now work on contact; just touch the wall to warp! No more mystic melodies! Hunting M5’s are now available to the majority of characters. Hints have also been reverted back to their vanilla state. Hunting stages should feel a lot more replayable and feel more authentic to the vanilla experience.

Mad Space remains forever banned.

* **Hard Mode Missions Unlocked!**

Previously, all hard mode missions were locked by character type to guarantee that it was beatable. This is no longer needed, as hard mode variants are now in! Play hard mode missions as any character (few restrictions apply)!

Note: Some of these missions are BRUTAL as other characters. This is not a casual friendly mode. This will test your patience sometimes. Tread wisely. 

* **QoL Improvements**

  *Wind now carries Mechs as it would other characters. Players will now longer die immediately if you fall in Pumpkin Hill.

  *The glass tubes in Crazy Gadget now break on contact so you no longer have to warp to get from A to B.

  *Warp paintings now warp you on contact.

  *All characters can now grind! Not only is this fun as hell, but it makes rail-heavy stages much more enjoyable.

  *Chao now fully evolve either when you hatch them or soon after. Previously, you would have to load into a race or chao garden a second time.

  *On default settings, certain chao races are no longer impossible to beat.

  *Supers and Red Tails have had their top speed nerfed. This keeps them from falling through collisions at random intervals.

  *Doors should automatically open if enemy randomizer is enabled. This should prevent soflocking if an enemy spawns too far above or below their intended location. 

  *Back rings now spawn in M2’s

  *The auto scroller sections in Cosmic Wall have been made MUCH faster.

  *Credits for custom models now grouped by author

  *The 5th digit for chao stats now displays

  *Chao Stamina bar is now fully colored (use to not give a color if stminia passed a certain threshold). 

  *Yoshi’s color is displayed on his icon in the loading screen.

  *More walls can be climbed by hunters

  *Invincibility power up no longer damages you once the duration ends.

  *Your mother now calls you to congratulate you on completion of Last Story.

  *Reduces the amount water spawns on top of racing tracks

  *Rockets no longer damage mech/mechless characters

  *You are now a fish

  *Chao no longer softlock on trees

  *Chao stamina meter properly displays if over the game's natural cap

  *The demos in the main menu have been removed so that they dont crash

  *L/R/Y works to skip Hero/Dark credits... still not in Last Story tho. Sorry.

* **Twitch Chat Integration**

TCI has lately gotten a massive overhaul to it, to help encourage content creators to use the system. There have been about a dozen new commands added (see full list of command with explanations in /Twitch/listOfCommands.txt) to make gameplay more interactive. 

By popular demand, support for cheering bits was added, although only when using the cheer bits option. IE, cheer10. anon10, or any of the specialty bits will not work. 

I highly encourage you to check out the twitch files, and the documentation to set up and use this feature. Make sure to add your mods into the appropriate file so they can help you control points, and the game. Mods can even blacklist/whitelist people now! 

Make sure to tweak the currency rates and command costs to your liking and enjoy!!!!

* **Models** 

The roster of SA2 has expanded! Supers and mechless characters are now playable on the majority of stages and missions. If you ever wanted to get all 180 Emblems with Super Sonic, now is your chance. 

The extra models used within SA2 Rando have been made by the community and the full mods can be found at the links below. All credit goes to the original modelers.

  * Millow Doe

    * Pirate Rouge

    * Amy Classic Modern

    * Amitie Amy

    * Gum Amy

    * Eggman in Sonic

  * GBA64

    * Goose

    * Yoshi

    * Jet

    * Sir Lancelot

  * Shadowth117

    * Captain Falcon

    * Mario 64

    * Silver Sonic

    * E-102 Gamma

  * Lady Joanne

    * Movie Sonic

    * Silver

    * Infinite

  * Trinic

    * Mephiles

    * Heroes Rouge

  * Niment

    * Cream

    * Gemerl

  * EDK540

    * Riders Amy

  * Justin113D

    * Shade

  * Dexterity 

    * Riders Rouge (*Their version not online*)

  * BabyLuigiOnFire

    * Wario

  * LemmingsCanFly

    * Tribal Knuckles

  * Junior0428

    * Espio

  * ElectroNuke

    * Big Walker

* **Stage Design**

Nearly every stage in the game has been revisited to be more consistent with the vanilla variant. The more time passed, the more we felt that some of the stage edits went a little bit too far and confused many first-time players. For this reason, many of those special edits have been removed for the sake of consistency. Edits that are required for progression still exist, but many of the ones that were added for pure convenience are gone. Now there are many, MANY changes, so below are just the important ones.

  *City Escape

    *MM’s have been replaced by rockets for Mech/Hunter variants 

  *Radical Highway

    *MM’s have been replaced by rockets for Mech/Hunter variants 

  *Green Forest M5

    *Made the editing section more lenient for speed characters without a bounce bracelet

  *Green Forest M1

    *Added back vines for hunter variants

  *White Jungle

    *No more Bigs hiding in trees

  *Prison Lane

    *Elevators have been put back in

    *Many doors now require you to kill an enemy to open

  *Iron Gate

    *Characters can now break doors on contact

    *Ending missile now activates on contact

  *Crazy Gadget

    *Non-speed characters now have the options to ride a rail that takes them through the “light dash in space” section

    *A small light dash has been added to the vanilla variant in the acid room in the case of enemy randomizer making the homing attack chain impossible

    *Puzzle section made more consistent for non-speed characters

  *Metal harbor

    *Made the top of the rocket more obtainable with non-speed characters

  *Weapons Bed

    *Restored vanilla objects

  *Sand Ocean

    *Dynamite pillars have been added back.

  *Hidden Base

    *Restored vanilla objects

    *Added back breakable walls (can be destroyed by contact)

  *Dry Lagoon

    *All characters can now take the turtle 

    *Removed objects out of bounds to improve random M3

  *Pyramid cave 

    *All character types must now go to the right-side area before second tunnel to either grab the key or hit a hourglass

  *Death Chamber

    *Warp paintings activated on contact

  *Egg Quarters

    *M3 can now be completed the intentional way

  *Eternal Engine

    *Dynamite Doors can now be destroyed by non-mechs (this will kill you but its funny)

    *Goal ring moved to its original location for mech/hunter variants

  *Lost Colony

    *Restored Dynamite Doors and missing objects

    *Light dash is still in don’t worry :)

  *Cosmic Wall

    *Improved traversal options

    *Bomb items have been placed throughout to make points easier to acquire

    *Auto-scroller has been put back in but it is now very fast

  *Final Rush

    *More convenient M3 path for other characters

  *Final Chase

    *Restored vanilla objects

    *Spawn location is now vanilla for all character types

  *Sky Rail

    *Spawn location is now vanilla for all character types

  *Cannon’s Core Tails

    *Removed some doors to prevent softlocking

  *Cannon’s Core Knuckles

    *Restored vanilla objects

    *No More early goal ring

    *Players must now complete this section AS INTENDED. Objects have been put in to help players traverse.

    *Players can no longer drown.

    *Supers have been banned due to softlocking

  *Cannon’s Core Sonic

    *Made the beginning section easier for amy.

    *Added traversal options for other characters


    *Mech v Mech fights now possible. Certain boxes have been made unbreakable for player convenience. Camera sucks.

    *Biolizard is now playable with majority of characters

    *King Boom Boo is now playable with most characters

Update to v4.2.3 2y Improvement Updated to v3.5.1 2y
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  • Mechahon avatar
    Mechahon Joined 12mo ago
    177 points Ranked 75,112th
    Everytime I enter a stage (through both story mode and stage select), the characters don't randomize, only the voicelines, the cutscenes and the stages do. I only just get the respective characters for the stages, I don't get any randomized models either.
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    Working on my channel
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    Prahaha this is fucking amazing and fantastic mod of sonic adventure 2 good job you are amazing making that as cool mod.
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  • True Blue avatar
    True Blue Joined 4y ago
    It crashes right before the start of a level. I've tried several things, but nothing has helped at all
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  • Idiot In A Hat avatar
    Idiot In A Hat Joined 10mo ago
    216 points Ranked 69,476th
    for some reason, the game crashes when i enter a stage. i don't have the battle dlc, is that the problem?
    your local idiot avatar
    your local idiot
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  • Is there a way to disable to beep when the swearing voiceline comes up, i dont wish to remove random dialogue just this one line
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  • Maxens Wlfr avatar
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    I tried playing it with Mainmemory's Character Select Mod (they're compatible, aren't they ?) But whenever I try to take a "2p" character like Tikal or Metal Sonic the original loads (so kunckles or Shadow)

    Is there a way to have control over the character we chose ?
    Mods Enthusiastic
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  • I see that this mentions randomizing the chao. Is there some way to disable that in the mod?
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  • Game Toy Girl avatar
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    I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitchass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That’s right, he took his hedgehog fucking quilly dick out and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his dick was THIS BIG. And I said “that’s disgusting!” So I’m making a callout post on my twitter dot com. Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick, it’s the size of this walnut except WAY smaller. And guess what, here’s what my dong looks like: (blowing up noises) That’s right baby. All points, no quills, no pillows, look at that it looks like two balls and a bong. He fucked my wife so guess what, I’m gonna FUCK THE EARTH. THATS RIGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, MY SUPER LAZER PISS! Except I’m not gonna piss on the Earth, I’m gonna go higher. I’m pissing oN THE MOOOOOON!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, OBAMA?! I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT!!!

    You have 23 hours before the piss drrrrroplllllets hit the fucking Earth. Now get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too.

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    hi welcome to chili's
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    funniest sa2 mod ever and also one of the best!
    i do stuff ok
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  • GhostLordRetro avatar
    GhostLordRetro Joined 2y ago
    563 points Ranked 50,396th
    OK, how exactly do I get randomized characters? I seem to get the characters that are MEANT for that level.
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