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VS. Noke (Full Week) V1.3 - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


1.3 1mo
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1.3 1mo Removal version 1.3.1 1mo Improvement 1.3.1 2mo Tweak Version 1.3 2mo Addition4 Improvement2 Optimization

Rap battle against an adventurer

You and your gf went on a cave exploration for an emerald, but Noke beats you to it, how will you hold up against this mysterious thief?
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  • i love this mod so much
    i hate the fact it is SO UNDERATED THO!
    the gem notes are awesome!
    i hate black gems but at same time love them for how cool they are!
    noke is a cool character! (also is he british?)
    Noke hollow is a cool concept!
    beta noke was.....a thing......that exists.....
    the BG is so cool as well!
    and don't even get me started on the music OMG!
    11/10 mod!
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  • BlakeyCakey avatar
    BlakeyCakey Joined 12d ago
    This is probably one of the most underrated mods I've seen, and is one of my favorites. I can't really say that there's anything bad about it.

    The music is very good. Charting can be difficult, but remains fun at the same time. Noke's vocals are unique and sound nice. The extra modes add some replayability, which I wish other mods would do.

    For some constructive criticism, I'll say that the art style isn't like Friday Night Funkin's. It's not bad, I quite like it. Some people might be turned away because of it, though.

    I wish there was an ending, because I'm a little interested in the lore. But a lot of mods don't have endings, so I can't really complain.

    Solid 10/10. Had a lot of fun with this mod.
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    Levka4 Joined 3mo ago
    Beta cringe is not a cringe at all! I liked the sound of this song even more than every one else in this mod.
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  • Wish this mod didn't have broken note offset
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  • TheNova avatar
    TheNova Joined 3mo ago
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    Cool mod, but the 2nd song should have an original instrumental instead of using the test song
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  • probably really unpopular but this is one of my favorite mods ever lol

    disconnected transition where he connects and disconnects is amazing imo

    top tier songs too, good job
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    Friday Night Funkin' Mod Maker
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    Nice mod. I'm still confused as to why Nokes design looks so different in the artwork compared to gameplay. They look almost like different characters!
    A guy who makes crap mods
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  • Great mod! One of my favorites.
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  • how do you make the gem notes in the editor
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