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Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses (Kade Engine Port) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Beta 13d
  • Addition Added Tutorial Remix.
  • Addition Added ALT difficulty. (This is mostly known as alternative than any other alt meanings.)
  • Addition Added dialogues.
  • Addition Added MacOS and Linux builds.
  • Adjustment Adjusted scroll speeds for all the songs for a big challenge.
  • Feature Ruv's singing now makes the camera (even the HUD) shake just like in the original mod.
  • Feature Updated Kade Engine to 1.5
More additions are listed in the README.
Alpha 3 1mo BugFix Addition3 Alpha 2 2mo Addition2 Adjustment Feature Alpha 1 2mo Feature Addition Overhaul
After a couple of weeks since the original Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses Full Week has dropped out to the public  and the little issues Sarv Engine has, now Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses has been ported to Kade Engine and you know what that means.

First of all, before you download the mod all hyped up, there's one thing you have to remember. Sarvente's Week has been mildly recharted as well as for the original game songs.

Second, before you give away an issue about the chartings, be patient since it's only charted in hard. (Well, easy and normal have a copy-pasted hard though...)

Third, support and thank Dokki.doodlez & Mike Geno for their work and bring this amazing mod to the community.

Fourth, well... it actually hasn't been this long since I put this port in obsolete and put it back to development so yeah, the mod's back in development and Casanova will be a 5th song in Sarvente's Week instead of a new week.


ALT charts are only playable in Story Mode till Tuxsuper updates that part of the code.

The portraits are in the middle instead of at the sides.

Dialogues text are slightly offset, will fix this in the next update.

Week 1 to Week 6 ALT charts are just a copy-paste of the hard difficulty, will rechart them in the next update.


Add cutscenes.
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  • and heres the why i even downloaded this:
    1:i can ghost tape
    2:i have bonus features
    3: note bug are freaking fixed!!!!
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    Best Fnf Challenger
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  • You can literally mod HELLBEATS into the Kade Engine by normal means there was no need for this... (file daddy)
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    update to 1.5.2 pls
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  • I've literally downloaded more than 10 different Kade Engine ports of Mid-Fight Masses and none of them look just like the mod.

    There's always something off with the sprites, backgrounds, or even no background animations with the pentagrams or character outlines or shaking motions, there's always no cutscenes in the story mode, and the charts are always super nerfed to the point they are too easy and sometimes Alt mode is never there.

    I just want a Kade Engine port that looks and plays exactly like the real Mid-Fight Masses mod except with the new input that allows me to ghost tap the keys.
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    I love this port.
    It makes the charts for MFM readable and playable, without detracting some of the difficulty from the original, and due to it being ported over to Kade Engine, the Sarvente Engine's flaws have been removed!

    I now default to the port when wanting to play MFM, as it's just a better experience than what the original team behind MFM had made.
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    is sans REAL?
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    There is a KBHGames port with Kade Engine.
    I don't know if it is actually endorsed/allowed by the makers of this mod, so proceed with caution.
    By Kade Engine it has new input, play it to find out what they have done.
    Plus, that stupid Arrow bug that was in the original version is vanquished in KBH's version.
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  • Note Spammers: I can finally beat zavodila
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    Cassanova on Alt is broken ;-;

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  • The mods still good, but the charting still needs a little work. It doesn't really flow with the song and the mass amount of double notes kinda kills it for me.
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