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V.S. Berzerk [Full Week] (SOURCE CODE) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 0.6 4mo
  • Addition NEW SONG! (Wrath: comes after Berserk)
Version 0.5 5mo Adjustment4 Improvement Version 0.4.1 5mo BugFix Version 0.4 5mo Improvement Tweak Addition Version 0.3.5 6mo Improvement

Berzerk Week

You just got done beating a weird Spirit in a rap battle and you're about to get outta there. But, in your path lies a glitchy matrix. Since you have nothing better to do, you step in. BOOM. Now you're in the 4th dimension, the home of Berzerk.

Thanks for checking out V.S Berzerk!
This mod adds a new week with 4 unique songs, each harder than the last.
Get ready for broken fingers, because Berzerk won't go down without a fight!

I've spent about a month on this and I'm finally releasing it to the public!

I plan on adding more things in the future such as: Dialogue cutscenes.

Thanks for playing?


  • You may make any videos or whatever that have to do with this mod. I won't bother. Just don't pass it off as your own. That's plagiarism. 
  • Updates will MOSTLY only occur on weekdays.
  • You need a computer with Windows OS to run this.
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  • Maidab12 avatar
    Maidab12 Joined 5mo ago
    1mo 1mo
    Man this mod in my opinion is pretty cool, but it has a bit of stuff that makes it kinda bad and lausy,

    the only thing that needs to improve are

    - The Dialogue: This mod really needs a improvement with dialogue because right now the dialogue is pretty much just a ripoff of whitty dialogue,

    - Sprites: Sprites are very basic, and i really dont mind that, you dont need a super complex character disign to make it stand out, but it really needs something that makes it look unique, (like dunno maybe 3D effects in the 2D sprites or A 3D model it would look cool though its ok if you leave it like that,

    - Background: The Background is very simple, if you are able to do so, i would recommend to make the background animated, just so it dosent feel so empty and bland,

    - Improve Chart: The chart so far is very good but i feel like it could do better,

    - Tweaks to some music: the music is great vexed and berzerk my fovorites in my opinion, but i think that the instrumentals and bf vocals and berzerk vocals for wrath and error should be tweaked because i feel like they sound kinda meh, (and especially some people dont like vexed instrumental so i reccomend changing it)

    And EXTRA thing that you problably dont know how to do but if you do i would reccomend to add:

    1. New mechanics 

    perhaps make the note inputs be 2 notes white and 2 notes black if you get any note that is the opposite color in one of the 2 sides and press a white arrow in the black side you lose health. i feel like that could be a pretty neat idea

    And now consider that i know that you cant do a lot of this stuff but i think that if you got the people that knew how to do this kind of things, i would reccomend it,
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  • Premy avatar
    Premy Joined 4mo ago


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  • This did surprise me. I wasn't too sure about this mod but like a few other mods I've been testing today, this one's been a total blast! It did feel extremely slow at first but once I cranked up the scroll speed to something I'd usually play at, the songs and the charting really started to show. This is definitely one of those mods you can just have fun playing and not give a darn about the details. It's just plain, simple fun. Really amazing job!
    Foot avatar
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  • this mod is truly amazing. i dont got anything else to say. its just so amazing. the music is fire, and just like AMAZING EVERYTHING!
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  • Hi! So, I really enjoy your mod, and I feel it has lots of potential. But, there are quite a few errors that need to be addressed.

    In Berserk, it feels under-charted in some parts and over-charted in others. It also has a few random notes, notes without vocals or vocals without notes.

    In Wrath, the charting is very off and needs either re-adjustment, or a complete redo. The notes will finish before the song.

    In ERROR, I only have some suggestions. I feel like maybe the scroll speed should be increased a bit, to make it a bit more challenging. I also feel that it could have more notes.

    If you need me to address any concerns or confusions in this comment, I’d be happy to! :] P.S: My favorite is Vexed <3
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  • yoo, what a beautiful mod, man!
    been playing for 2 months already, the music is AMAZING, really love it
    the new song is also a banger one

    Also, have a question: what do you think about adding your mod to the Funky Friday (roblox fnf)?
    I'm not their moderator, but a fan of your mod who wants to see it there!
    bruh moment
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  • Keldron avatar
    Keldron Joined 5mo ago
    Heya, I played this mod in one of my videos:
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  • TheCat? avatar
    TheCat? Joined 7mo ago
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    pls add a drive link
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  • HollowLucario19 avatar
    HollowLucario19 Joined 6mo ago
    4mo 4mo
    So I played new update and the charting is a bit off beat on the first three songs. I love the new song included Wrath. I can't wait until the other song gets included.

    So far 8/10
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