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FNF - vs. NEON (Full Week) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Replaces Week 6 with an AdventNEON crossover.

Hey! I'm CryoGX and I've been solo-developing a videogame for a while now. ("AdventNEON" or "Advent NEON", take your pick) Seeing this game come around, I figured I'd make a mod that crosses the two over!

If you enjoy this, definitely check out my game as well! In both cases I made the new art, music, animations, sounds etc. The only exception to this is the wallpaper on the main menu, drawn by @SIR_AMITY!

This mod extends Kade Engine (1.3.1) by KadeDeveloper with some QoL tweaks. Mostly to iron out the kinks left by only replacing the assets/charts. I do not recommend you use this mod with other versions of Kade Engine as these tweaks may be lost. (As such, this version of the engine will NOT check for updates anymore.)  This means you can enable Kade Engine options such as DFJK inputs and Etterna hit detection! Make sure to check out the Options Menu if these features interest you!

Week 6 is COMPLTELY replaced:
-Featuring 3 rearranged soundtracks from my game, AdventNEON!
-New sounds and music for the misc. stuff like pausing and dialogue! 
-Unique dialogue and level backdrops!
-Neon replaces Senpai and Spirit.
-Bf/gf-pixel have been updated with 2 new spritesheets each.
-And more!

Hope you enjoy this mod, as well as check out its source material!

(The weeks and soundtracks may have scores already set on your first time opening. These are my personal high scores from testing the final versions of those tracks! See if you can beat them!)

*A disclaimer on the difficulties: Crazy and Hard's charts are about the same. Crazy's main difference is its increased scroll speed. Unlike other difficulties, it's entirely intended to gut-check you based on how well you can play the same track on Hard. 

If you're wondering what the heck I was thinking here: it's that FNF is insanely forgiving with the fact that you aren't punished for spamming/mispressing buttons. There's no Lunatic mode in FNF (officially), but I wanted Crazy to be absolutely brutal, without resorting to filler notes. So I highly recommend playing this week on Normal or Hard before tackling it on the new Crazy mode. As its name suggest, you are Crazy for trying it. (You do not unlock anything for beating the week on the hardest difficulties.)