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The Weeg Mod v3.0 - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


V3.0 2mo
  • Overhaul Added Weeks C and D, as well as overhauled pretty much EVERYTHING
i legit forgot all we did whoops
V2.0 Quickfix 6mo Removal Adjustment Addition V2.0 6mo Addition4 Adjustment Overhaul BugFix V2.0 PRERELEASE DEMO 2 7mo Addition5 BugFix Improvement V2.0 PRERELEASE DEMO 1 7mo Overhaul Addition7 Adjustment2 Removal BugFix

Now with 200% more robo girls!


The Weeg Mod™* aims to not only add in a bunch of custom weeks in the future, but overall quality of life additions including, but not limited to:

*Note: Not actually trademarked.


Thought Pico Mode wasn't enough? Now every character is playable... EVERYWHERE! Including an unlockable character or two... or even seven oooOOOOoooo


Wanted to listen to your favorite songs directly from the game itself? This feature in the options menu is for you! You'll soon know these songs inside and out!


Tired of that swag Psycho Soldier remix? Why not switch it up! In the Sound Test, you can set the instrumental of MOST songs as the menu music of your mod! We even included 50+ remixes of songs new and old as specially designed menu tracks!


Ported straight over from the Persona Dancing games, whenever you complete a song, your ranking is scored. Earning enough King Crazies or higher might net you something cool...


Wanted to play one of your favorite songs with all of the additions from the Weeg Mod? Well now you can! Have fun with that!

All of this is side content to the main attraction: NEW WEEKS

WEEK A: Grand Central Symphony

While out just trying to get a cup of coffee with your girl, you happen to stumble across an acquaintance who happens to be waiting for a train... a few hours early. You've got time to kill, why not sing a few songs with her? Who knows, maybe someone else will join in if you do well enough?

WEEK B: Athena on Stage

Whoops, you tried showing up to your sister's concert but showed up WAY too early. Bad habit? Oh well, it seems like that pink haired idol there doesn't mind you joining in. 

WEEK C: funkin.exe


WEEK D: Call me Zuki!

After setting up the new jukebox in her cafe, a robot girl by the name of Kazuki is looking for the right way to test it. Luckily, it just so happens just who she needs walks right through the door...

CREDITS - Listed to the Right

Is there gonna be stuff after Week D? Yeah.
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