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Fun Sized Whitty Mod (Ballistic Ver.) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'

this mod is still work on progress so there are a few files from BF that haven't been edited yet.

this mod works best with Vs Whitty Mod (with only one custom song file from lo-fight [audio was taken to sock.clip]) and the Carol v2 Mod! 

please note that i haven't edited the whitty audio files.

how to add this mod :

1. Open the ZIP File

2. Click Extract 

3. select your assets folder and click select

4. if none of these work there is a probability you might've made a mistake.

files only need to replace :

Assets folder:









Data folder :




music folder :



OC/Character belongs to : Sock.clip to instagram

Sprites made by : BombasticHype on Youtube/@ProtoHypeXD on twitter

helpers : Tayo Fox (for editing the idle sprite)

testers : PincerProd on youtube.

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  • Can you make a corrupt version?
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  • Where is the Bonus week?

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    eating bananas
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    how do you do this

    give banana plz
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    guys i can't do pls help :(
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    I really like your mod, so I want to specify one thing: will you add ballistic Whitty at other weeks? It kinda sucks when I see standart bf at MILF or something
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  • Heyy do you pretend on doing the mini whitty is voice on overhead and ballistic? because when i saw it i thought it was super cool that you managed to even put a different voice in the character, i'm not charging you or anything just curious. Take your time

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  • itscuz avatar
    itscuz Joined 9mo ago
    Ok i fixed it, plus BombasticHype... I have an idea for you. Maybe for this mod you can add whitty that replaces girlfriend for fun and make sure it doesn't get into whitty week. Just whitty standing back there watching little whitty brightens my heart.
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    His zippers when left note: Igth I'mma head out
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    That one guy
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  • Hey! hope you see this but I fixed all the problems people where running into! 

    1.for the special icon on the dialog go to the whitty folder on the mini-whitty mod then take that single image and copy or cut and then go to the assets folder-> bonus week -> images -> paste/replace

    2. in the mini whitty stuff go to data then take those files and paste it in the Assets > Data part of the folder  

    3. for audio get both files from the folder labeled "music" then grab those go to assets again then to lo-fight then replace the files there with the ones you just grabbed (rename them to what the original files where named)
    (this makes the voice work)

    4. Go to the mini-whitty folder and grab all those files go to assets then shared and paste all those in.

    BG. (Optional) if you want the special Background for this mod as the BG put the "menu" png files in the assets > images folder (the BG stuff can found in the images of the mini-whitty mod- any questions or if you cant figure it out DM me on discord DuskHarbinger#8909)
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    Robotic Press
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    Lads In Hats
    I made a corruption version of your mod! here's a vid!
    I would really love to see an official one
    Imagine using a Mantra oh wait
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