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HELLBEATS (HMX UPDATE) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Minor Source Code Changes + 2 Flas 2mo
  • Addition Added Flas for gf and pico
  • Adjustment Changed some minor coding
Did a few changes to the source code which wasn't the same as the demo which is pretty dumb of me but that's been fixed! 

I also decided to put Gf fla and pico fla as well so you guys can freely mess around with them.  Why is there only two? 

Well Our main artist TWO_Muffins didn't make everyone else in adobe animate other than just pico and gf.  We will get them to have a fla eventually!
Update 1.3.1 3mo BugFix Overhaul Adjustment (HMX UPDATE DEMO) 3mo Overhaul2 Addition4 Improvement Update 1.2.2 (just 3 changes LOL) 7mo Removal Addition Overhaul Update 1.2.1 (WEEK 6) 8mo Overhaul2 Adjustment Addition3 Improvement Feature

The True Beats from HELL have arrive...



Hellbeats used to be a poorly made mod that became pretty infamous for it but now it has improved into a freshly new mod with actual fun.  Its basically fnf but demons and angels...  also this is only currently a demo with only weeks 1-3 but we will start eventually make updates for the mod.

Btw here's the ost If you liked the songs lel


Boyfriend, originally an Angel who could do no harm to anyone, who did everything to keep his moral compass on the right path.  However, when taking a visit to the nightmare fueled realm known as Hell, he let his lust slip in, madly falling in love with a demon woman.  He'd do anything for her, even making constant trips to the place down under.  Eventually, he stopped returning to his own realm, leaving the other angels and saints filled with suspicion, word even spread around to other demons, causing all sorts of trouble.  In this story, demons and angels WILL try to get in the way of their love.

The Angels will do anything to bring you back, even if that means abandoning some of their morals.


Also yeah I have a hellbeats discord server If you want to join and chat with others including me!

The two remixes in the old version of week 6 were NOT made by me...  they were made by these guys down below! - Roses remix made by Stardust Tunes - Thorns remix made by Mr. Guy
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    16d 16d
    Hellbeats HMX story line in a nutshell
    (warning boyfriend doesn't speak English in the dialogue he only speaks beeps in the dialogue)
    hi I am boyfriend and I am in love with a demon woman
    week 1
    daddy dearest: is a angel trying to Date my daughter not a chance go back to heaven
    boyfriend: no
    daddy dearest: now
    boyfriend: no
    daddy dearest: you asked for this
    song 1 bopeebo
    song 2 fresh dialogue
    daddy dearest: not bad for a angel how about a other one
    bf :Ok
    song 2 fresh
    2000 years later
    yeah Im not gonna do dad battle dialogue shit
    week 2
    skid and pump: is that a angel kill it
    boyfriend: why is it me I don't wanna die
    girlfriend: I swear to god if you kill my boyfriend I will break your bones
    song 1 I guess
    500 years later
    song 2 dialogue
    skid and pump: you will instantly  regret coming to hell now die
    girlfriend: can you stop trying to kill my boyfriend
    song 3 nah bullshit
    week 3
    pico: please go back to heaven
    boyfriend: no
    pico: please
    boyfriend: No
    Pico: fine rap battle
    song 1 
    30 years later
    song 2 dialogue
    pico: fine I will drag you back to heaven my self
    girlfriend: if you take my boyfriend back to heaven I will break your legs
    song 2
    10 years later
    song 3 dialogue
    Pico: if you don't go back to heaven Im gonna drag you my self
    boyfriend: can you stop
    Pico: fine one last song
    5 minutes later
    Pico: I will let you're boyfriend go
    girlfriend: really
    Pico: yes
    boyfriend: come on let's go

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    Week 4 isn't unlocking - I figured it was because I played Week 3 on normal but nah, it's just not working. I don't know what to do so if anyone knows please tell me
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    im gonna be honest, the original version sucked. I was gonna use it as an example of what not do to for your mod, but upon coming back to see it today, I'm very impressed and kind of embarrassed for holding such a negative opinion of it. Nice to see things change for the better this much.
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  • Were is the the fla. files of gf and Pico? I can't find them.
    Let it rain!!
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  • Wow, I'm so amazed by how good this is! I went into the new update reminding myself of the old version that we don't want to remember, and it really shocked me, everything was great! Except for one thing, I feel like the notes on weeks 1 and 2 (specially the down note) is a bit hard to see, so that might be something to look into. Other than that, incredible stuff, great songs! For those who can't play the mod yourselves I made a video you can check out!

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    will there be a kade release of the old hellbeats tho..?
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    Pretty good update, but I still love the og style
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  • It's Finally Fair this time Thank You!
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