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Salty's Sunday Night - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Termisus 7mo
  • Removal Removed the big tv head thing.
  • Addition Replaced with better tv head
Sprites made by the lovely pixelart man, Keoiki!

Menu Backgrounds! 8mo Addition Ava's Debut! 8mo Addition Hotfix 8mo Improvement 1.5 HOTFIX 8mo Addition

Now with better pixels!


[The download is all the way the bottom, the zip/rar contains the executable and assets!]
We went open source

Gamebanana being awesome again? 
Download the mod from here instead!

       In an old arcade cabinet stored away in Daddy Dearest's Basement, a group of poor souls become active during Sunday nights. 'Salty', the last soul to be trapped finally regains his memories and now embarks on a journey to find a way out of the machine...
       Opheebop, the caretaker of the machine, is willing to free everyone, but she can only do so if she gets his hands on a soul...will it be Salty's?

      Heya! The name's Tsu! I wanted to try my hand at modding since it looked like so much fun! This project took at least 2 months (with tons of modder's block) and I hope it will meet everyone's standards! This labor of love is dedicated to a great game! 

      This mod showcases entirely new graphics and songs (with charts!) I'm not very good at coding though, so it can't be as cool as the mods with cutscenes and stuff, haha. 

      You can listen to the OST on SoundCloud, or on Youtube! [Song titles are also there!]

     Once again, I hope you all enjoy this mod! I'll be looking forward to adding more weeks as the base game releases them! This has been the creator, Tsu, and I hope you all are ready to get "Salty on a Sunday Night!"

Yes, the characters have names! Here they are listed below!
                   GF - Itsumi - ["Haha, my bad."]

                   BF - Salty - ["You're bad, kid."]

                Dad - Dad.exe - ["MY BABY GIRL! NO!"]

Skid n' Pump - The Ghost n' Girl, Hunter and Ava - ["Sweet n' Sour!"]

        Monster - Opheebop - ["May I purchase your soul?"]

                Pico - The Brother, Connor - ["Shielding my sister from weirdos!"]

              Mom - Mom.exe - ["Anything for you, dear~"]

 Dad n' Mom - The Manager - ["You fool...I AM THE MANAGER."]

           Senpai - Glitch - ["1 C4N'T F33L MY F4C3."]
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