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[OFFICIAL] V.S Battle Cat - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


FULL RELEASE!! (Ver 1.0) 6mo
  • Improvement Improved the voice track of Attack!!
  • Improvement Improved the voice track of Future Funk
  • Improvement Improved the voice track of Cosmic Chorus
  • Tweak Recharted Attack (All Difficulties)
  • Tweak Recharted Future Funk (Hard)
  • Tweak Recharted Cosmic Chorus (Hard)
  • Addition Added custom title screen
  • Addition Added custom menu background (Art by NinjaKitty)
  • Adjustment The Freeplay menu now only has the 3 levels from the mod
  • Removal The "Donate" button has been removed
  • Adjustment Week :3 is now the only playable week
  • Addition Gottem (Secret)
  • Removal No more sussy (Secret)
  • Tweak Week name changed to "Funky Cat"
  • BugFix Fixed a bug where Cosmic Chorus' name didn't appear in the Story Mode menu
  • BugFix Fixed a bug where Attack!! would have an empty chart (Normal)
Sheesh.. How long ago was the last update? Wait.. A MONTH AGO?! I should've released this update earlier!

Ok everyone, get ready for this.. This update is the FULL RELEASE of the Battle Cats mod!! This update marks version 1.0 of the mod, bringing it out of the Beta phase!

It's HUMONGOUS, and it's way bigger than the last update! Let's go through what this update has in store for us.

This update completely overhauls every chart, making them more fun, challenging, etc. Let's see what each level's rechart has.

  • Attack!!'s rechart changes the notes around, making the patterns more fun, with the max score now being 83,300.
  • Future Funk's rechart adds more notes and better note placement, now at a max score of 97,150.
  • Cosmic Chorus is now quite the challenge, being buffed all around but with more synced notes. It now has a high max score of 119,000.

With new charts comes new Voices Tracks! Speaking of which, every single voice track has been DELETED.. And replaced with a better one. These new Voice Tracks have nice-sounding voices, they're well synced with the music, And best of all, they don't sound like crap.

The UI of the mod has been improved a lot, so there's a couple things I want to mention.

A custom background for the menu has been added! It honesly looks great, and really fits the mod. Custom BG made by NinjaKitty. (Mod artist)

The title screen has beed tweaked, and the logo now has the words "VS Battle Cat" next to it.

The mod's UI has also been improved, thanks to features such as..

  • The Freeplay menu now only has the 3 levels from the mod
  • The "Donate" button has been removed
  • Week :3 is now the only playable week

Other things of note include:

Gottem (Secret)
No more sussy (Secret)
Week name changed to "Funky Cat"
Fixed a bug where Cosmic Chorus' name didn't appear in the Story Mode menu
Fixed a bug where Attack!! would have an empty chart (Normal)

And that's all there is to it! From a personal project to a fine mod for the public to enjoy, this mod has been really fun to make!
There are some additional things I want to add to the mod, but for now, this is it. Updates will be back eventually tho! Bye for now!!

Oh, and if you wanna see what I'm up to, check out my YouTube channel.
COLOSSAL Update! (Ver 0.7) 7mo Addition3 Improvement2 Removal Tweak Adjustment2 BugFix Bug Killin' (Ver 0.6) 8mo Addition2 Tweak Optimization BugFix3 Fun Little Additions (Ver 0.5) 8mo Improvement Addition3 Adjustment BugFix Tweak Handy Tweaks (Ver 0.4) 8mo Addition2 Improvement Optimization Suggestion BugFix

Go up against a Battle Cat in funky fashion!

Fight that Funky Cat!

In this mod, you go up against a brand new opponent: a Battle Cat! (from The Battle Cats) Even if all they do in the game is to be a meatshield for stronger units, this particular one is a fine singer! Can you defeat it in an epic rap battle?

This mod has been in development for some time now, and It's still getting updated! Stick around to see new updates come out over time.

The Story

You and your girlfriend were hanging out in the park together. Out of nowhere, an odd-looking cat appeared, immediately asking you to follow him. You were pretty confused and you didn't trust it, but Girlfriend wanted to follow it out of curiosity. Reluctantly, you decide to follow the cat.

It takes you to a simple plain filled with grass. But then, out of nowhere it suddenly pulls out a mic and challenges you to a rap battle! It heard about you defeating Daddy Dearest in a music battle, so it wanted to see how good you really are at rapping. Time to get funky!

This mod includes:

  • 3 completely custom songs
  • 9 new charts to play
  • A new character to go up against
  • And much more!

HUGE thanks to everyone who supported the mod! I'm grateful to every single one of you.

Meet the Developers

Coder, Visuals, Charts, Vocals, Remixes - WallKitty
"Stuck on No Return Flights since 2020"

Artist - Ninja Kitty
"ok. :p"

It's highly recommended to download this mod using the MediaFire download. Thanks to the FNF modding craze, Gamebanana tends to take alot of time when downloading mods.


(It takes 15 seconds, it ain't that hard)

The Battle Cats and all official media related to it is owned by PONOS.
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