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HoloFunk (New BF Mode...) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Boyfriend Mode? 3d
  • Addition Play as BF with his Girlfriend at his side in a separate download.
  • Addition (BFMODE - Changed the menu character assets to suit BF Mode)
As a sidepiece, BF Mode will not be updated as frequently as the main version of the modpack. HoloFunk's lore and plot was written with full intent on having former talent Mano Aloe and active talent Momosuzu Nene as the main characters, and so any cutscenes that get written for HoloFunk will be omitted from BF Mode. At least BF has new drip of his own, though.
Kade Engine Pre-Installation on Drive 6d Addition Version 3.6.0 (MythBuster Update) 1mo Addition3 Version 3.5.1 (Week 5 Patch) 1mo Addition Version 3.5.0 (BOTAN UPDATE) 1mo Addition4 Tweak Adjustment Overhaul

Get Funky With Your Favorite Hololive Girls!

Uh oh! It turned out goading that MEAN and EVIL ex-rockstar - who was also the patriarch of your clan's rivals - into a rap battle wasn't such a good idea after all, and you ended up on the verge of paying the price. The Grim Reaper's Apprentice is a rapper; the most surefire way to convince the Calliope Mori to let you live? The power of music...

Heck, even once you've earned your right to live, who's to say somebody else won't either try to challenge you to a friendly rap battle or actively get in the way of your quest to get your revenge from this "Daddy Dearest" guy? Looks like you got a long career ahead of you...

Remember to put in the image files AND the XML files for spritesheets to work properly! Also, look for the Hoshida Clan Discord if you want extra lore, occasional updates, and other cool stuff!
This is a fan mod. I am NOT affiliated with Hololive, much less Cover Corporation by extension.


Plus other bonus goodies? Pixel day week sprites... *shudders* Low Priority Align Aloe's sprites for Weeks 4 and 5 Low Priority WEEK 4 UPDATE - ????? ???? over Mommy Mearest 5% Tankman Update Compatibility Patch (PREPARE ASAP)
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  • Is that Nene超進化! Super Hyper Ultra Ultimate Deluxe Perfect Amazing Shining God 流派東方不敗 Master Freedom Justice Ginga Victory Prime Strong Cute Beautiful Wonderful Champion Galaxy Baby 最高 勇者王 天元突破 無限 無敵 無双 NENEMAXMAXMAXSTORONG NENECHI! on the speakers??  :O
    Bad luck, running into me
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  • now i have found my new fav mod is this mod 1000/10
    (\____/) i love how bf look like miku
    ( * ~ * )
    /   v  v \
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    (Reads note)
    Wait, you're telling me someone actually played FNF?
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  • Great updates you've all put into this, I'm waiting in anticipation to see more come from this mod. 

    Heads up however, I believe you've forgotten to change the campaign_menu_UI_characters image file for the BF only mode as it still shows Aloe and Nene rather than BF and GF when in the story mode menu screen. Not sure if that's been brought to your attention anywhere so I thought I'd say something myself. 
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    I do not know if you will see my comment but, in week 4 there may be Takanashi Kiara (vtuber from hololive) or vtuber Houshou Marine (also from hololive), I tell you because your mod is very good and great, I just tell you that as an idea xd
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    Let's go Finish our mod real quick

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  • I'm sorry, this mod is fucking amazing, but seeing "(Fool-proofed?)" makes me want to prove it is not fool-proofed as I'm the biggest fuckin fool I know.
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    Isn't Holonight that little cloaked dude with the needle?
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    Week 2 doesn't work, the background doesn't loadand it stops me working the game in the 2nd song
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    Ayo, how do I get the mod to work? When I replace the assets folder with the holofunk folder, it works, but when I press enter, it freezes and closes the application. Also, I don't to add more work for you, but could you add the mod pack with the game inside with it please? Thank you for your time with reading this!

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