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TF2C - The New-Old Weapons Pack! - A Mod for Team Fortress 2 Classic


V2.1.5 - The Biggest Minor-Update Patch Yet! 4mo
  • Feature Added 17 New Weapons - with a plus-two freebie!
  • Feature Gave a few old weapons some new, updated models to help them stand out from Stock
  • Improvement MAT: Re-did and adjusted textures for a lot of weapons, and fixed the issue with Backpack Icons when viewing the weps from the Main Menu!
  • Improvement MDL: Added basic LoD models to most weapons and items - hopefully to improve performance!
  • Improvement MDL: Fixed most ejection ports for weapons that had them to use a fully dark texture, and to also have the shells visible if applicable!
  • Improvement MDL: Added cosmetics to several weapons, to better signpost the weapons' presence when not active
  • Improvement ANIM: Fixed the VM animation speed for Heavy's allclass melees, so they aren't as sluggish as before!
  • Improvement ANIM: Tweaked the VM animations for the throwables to take up less screen space when charging
  • Improvement SND: Re-added some Voice Responses for a few of the Live TF2 weapons (like the Sandman and Eyelander), and added new responses to a bunch of other weapons
  • Improvement SND: Made draw-sound behavior consistent across all weapons (They don't play in world view anymore for any weapon)
  • Improvement SND: Fixed the Tactical Retreat not playing its unique uncloak sounds
  • Improvement SND: Adjusted the "callout" lines for the throwables to support lip-sync, and made them Caption-compatable
  • Tweak Adjusted most item descriptions to incorporate something resembling New-Lines, to separate stats from Flavor Text
  • Tweak Changed the names of the Blutstahler, Detonator, and Sydney Sharpshooter to "The Aderlasser", "The Firecannon", and "The Sydney Spikeshooter" respectively
  • Adjustment REBALANCED almost all of the existing weapons with community feedback from playtests
Full Rebalance Log

-Buffed the Righteous Bison: Increased Dmg (65 DMG), increased base projectile speed by 20%
-Buffed the Dragon's Fury: Increased splash radius by 25%, increased DMG by 10%
-Buffed the Detonator / Firecannon: Buffed DMG by 10%, increased height gained from jumps, returned ammo capacity to 16, and increased projectile speed by 75%
-Buffed the Quickiebomb Launcher: Increased fire rate and reload speed, and increased ammo capacity.
-Buffed the Warsaw Fact: Removed Dmg and Ammo Penalty, Increased Bleed Time to 4s, Extended range slightly, and increased move-speed by 20% while weapon is active (Demoman Speed)
-Buffed the Russian Repeater: Decreased accuracy by 20%, and added one more pellet per shot (114 DMG at point blank)
-Buffed the Dalokohs Bar: Maxhealth boosted to +75 while active weapon
-Buffed the Blutstahler / Aderlasser: Lowered Dmg Penalty to -15% (10 DMG), extended bleed to last about 3.5s on hit
-Buffed the Speedy Recovery: Removed the Dmg Vulnerability, and increased movement speed to 25% (Scout Speed)
-Buffed the Marksman's Marker: Adjusted the dmg per shot (30 base, 90 on headshot), increased fire rate by 5%, and increased Marked for Death duration by 1s (to 3.5s, 3 targets marked at a time)
-Buffed the Trust Fund: Removed the DMG Penalty, Increased Swing Speed back to default Umbrella speed, and lowered heal cooldown to 10s (from 15s)

-Nerfed the Disciplinary Action: Raised the time to switch to the weapon, to slightly remedy quickly switching to and from the weapon for Boosts.
-Nerfed the Heavy Machine Gun: Lowered Dmg Penalty to -50% (26 DMG), reduced incoming healing from Medics by 35%
-Nerfed the Covert Operator: Lowered reserve ammo by 50% (12 in reserve)
-Nerfed the Eternal Reward: You are marked for death while the weapon is equipped, and do not start at full health after successfully transforming.

-Adjusted the Cow Mangler 5000: Crits vs. burning players and still lights people on fire. HEAVILY reduced fire rate and base damage (45 DMG)
-Adjusted the Spitfire: Still lights people on fire. Does 6 per tick. Clip Size of 4, Reserve of 16, only shoots 5 pellets at a time (down from 9 with the stock shotgun)
-Adjusted the Ol' Brimstone: Reduced the amount of self-damage on explosions taken by 50%, but also reduced blast radius by -20%
-Adjusted the Eyelander: Added a 1s critboost when it kills, buffed the move speed to 120% and replaced the health penalty with a 20% damage vulnerability
-Adjusted the AA Cannon: Limited the range of the rockets, reduced self-damage taken and increased height gained from explosions
-Adjusted the Sydney Sleeper: Changed it to hitscan, extended max tranq time to 7s, and removed a few obsolete attributes.
-Adjusted the Sydney Spikeshooter / Sharpshooter: Replaced DMG Bonus with Bleed on Hit (3.5s per), raised fire-rate by 5%, and added a -40% clip size penalty
-Adjusted the Enforcer: Buffed DMG by 5%, and added the resist-piercing attribute from Live. However, lowered fire rate by 15% (to -35%)
-Adjusted the Backup Plan: Your boost now marks enemies for death, but you cannot target teammates to give them mini-crits
V2.0.0 - New Guns! New Fixes! New Immersion! 8mo Feature Improvement9 Tweak BugFix2 Adjustment8 Removal V1.77 Very Minor Bugfixpatchtweak! 1y Feature Optimization BugFix V1.75 - Some new Weapons, Fixes, & Icons! 1y Feature2 Addition2 Tweak5 BugFix2 Improvement V1.5.1 TF2C Update Mini-Patch! 1y Optimization2 Addition BugFix3

The Latest & Greatest Unofficial Items_Game-based Expansion Pack!

(This pack was made for fun, mostly! Balance might be odd, if present at all, and weapons might behave differently, but nothing should be too powerful!)

Additionally! Most of these assets are not mine - they are either Valve's or Community-made!

Hello! Again! I return from the grave (not really) to present to you, another mod that too way too long to make! (yes, really)

Jokes aside, this is... a bit of a doozy, honestly. What is it? It's a mod that takes advantage of TF2C's built-in items_game.txt modification system to add - catch 'dis - New Weapons. Well, new relative to TF2C, at least! The roster of weapons is a huge slew of weapons from live (normal) TF2, as well as a few new or reprised ideas or creations.

Using a huge slew of weapon designs and assets from live TF2, as well as a few community-made weapon models and sounds, I've added about 87-or so unique weapons. Many, or most of them at least, are distinct from other weapons you'll see in TF2C in some way or another - be it animations, or stats, or how the weapon functions.

However! A fair few of these weapons are also experimental in nature - and may not work as intended, or even at all, and serve more or less as pretty proof-of-concepts!
That aside, I hope you'll have fun with this mod!

Also. For the aspiring items_game.txt modders out there, I've added an extra resource - a basic beginner's guide to the process. If you wish, feel free to check it out!

It'll detail the basics on how to add your own weapon, with one simple example weapon for you to look at and experiment with. Best wishes!

Since it's far too lengthy of a list for me to update so frequently, here's a Pastebin containing all the weapon credits in excruciating detail! Please feel free to read it over - I'm mostly confident I didn't leave anyone out!
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    it would be awesome if you gave the auto shotgun back to engineer, like maybe make him not be able to make sentries as a downside, or something.
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    hello sir you should add red tape recorder and atomizer and makeshift mutilator in next version can you add them please?

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    Heyo! Me again! I have a few questions about making my own weapons.

    I finally know a little more about models and stuff, but I am still really confused about the sounds...

    You can't just tell the item_game.txt what wav files to use, and when I change the sound values it has no sound.

    Also, is there a way to make the weapons work on other maps than itemtest_4team.

    Hope you get back!

    Also, your weapons are getting even better!
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  • heya there, i was wondering why i can't find the server for this. is it down, completely removed, or something else?
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  • Can You Add More Weapons The Next Update? Please... Here My Wishlist:

    Scout: Backup Plan For Scout Conventional By Svdl, Atomizer

    Soldier: Buff Banner. Blockheads Bowie

    Pyro: Pyrowerfer

    Demoman: Handcannon (HandHeld Howitzer By Svdl), Scottish Resistence, Chargin Targe, Ullapool Caber.

    Heavy: Natascha, Sewing Machine By Svdl 50. Cal MG, Heavy Revolver By Astute

    Engineer: Frontiner Justice, Wrangler, Gunslinger.

    Medic: Super Syringe Gun, 

    Sniper ViewFinder By Svdl

    Spy Ambassador, Welrod
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  • any idea why the server wont let me connect? is it down at the moment or something?
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    Pussy Obtainer
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    2mo 2mo
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  • Hey! I have a question, can you customize the "Conscientious Objector"? If it does how to do it?
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  • They cut the balls off the panic attack.
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    What's a Mantra.
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    How does some of the classes have cosmetics?
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    a idiot with a dream
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