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D.I.C.E: Ultimate Roll the Dice [R.T.D.] - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

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? Description
  • D.I.C.E. is a full remake of the original Roll The Dice plugin. Due to the old one being poorly coded, making changes to it, a.k.a trying to add new items or modify existing ones is nearly impossible. With this remake, all of that is changed! Every item has its own automatically generated cvars and it can be easily disabled on any map you want or completely removed. Multilingual support is now available! The plugin also includes an API which can be used to add new items.

? Improvements in comparison with the original plugin
  • Your ideas were heard from the original plugin's thread! Here's why you should use this one instead:
  • Support for all mods!
  • Multilingual support.
  • Plugin API support.
  • New items.
  • The old items have been improved.
  • No unlimited item duration bug (I hope).
  • No "no rolling before round started" bug, a.k.a. deathmatch support.
  • No "rtd" spam in chat.
  • No annoying glow all of the time.
  • Using "retry" won't reset the timer.
  • Ability to make the plugin available for players with a certain flag only (VIP/admin).
  • Ability to make the plugin require money in order to roll the dice.
  • Ability to add a round start delay.
  • Much better and more efficient code.
  • ... and much more!

? Items
  • Some of the items are the same as the ones from the original plugin, but new ones are also included, while others are improved. Here's a full list with the items made so far (the short names in brackets are used for disabling items/creating cvars).
  • Blue = all mods
  • Green = cstrike only
  • [ Instant Health (instanthealth) ] Gives you a random health amount from X to Y (changeable by cvars).
  • [ Godmode (godmode) ] Makes you immortal for X seconds.
  • [ Full Equipment (fullequip) ] Gives M4A1 for CT or AK47 for T + deagle + all grenades + defuse kit for CT.
  • [ Scorpions (scorpions) ] Just like the chickens/headcrabs in the old one, this time you throw scorpions for X seconds.
  • [ Demon Possession (demons) ] The player is possessed by demons, losing health and being slapped every second for X seconds. Creepy sounds are also included.
  • [ Moonwalk (moonwalk) ] The user gets low gravity so he can jump higher for X seconds.
  • [ Hardwalk (hardwalk) ] High gravity that makes you unable to jump for X seconds. Falling or crouching under the effect will probably kill you.
  • [ Bankrupt (bankrupt) ] You lose all of your money.
  • [ Win Money (money) ] Gives a random amount of money.
  • [ Old Man (oldman) ] Low speed for X seconds.
  • [ Jet Plane (jetplane) ] High speed and low gravity for X seconds.
  • [ Bomber (bomber) ] Gives the player X HE grenades.
  • [ Lightning (lightning) ] Strikes the player with lightning X to Y times, applying a screen fade effect, as well as slapping the user, dealing Z damage.
  • [ Disco (disco) ] The player is forced to use only a knife on this one. It starts playing "Gangnam Style" and applies disco effects around him (random flashing color circles). Teammates in a X radius are being healed with +Y health per second, as well as the user himself, while enemies in the same radius are being forced to use only a knife.
  • [ Madness (madness) ] The player receives a Mac10 with unlimited ammo, a red glow and a red aura around him. He also gets 500 HP and has no knockback. The enemies he shoots get slapped.
  • [ Shadow (shadow) ] Makes the player completely invisible and gives him a speed boost + silent footsteps. His health is set on 1 while under the effect. After the effect is over, he gets back his old health amount.
  • [ Noclip (noclip) ] The player can go through walls (noclip). If he gets stuck when the effect is over, he gets teleported back to the original position where he got the effect.
  • [ Bury (bury) ] The player is burried in the ground for X seconds.
  • [ Mole (mole) ] Teleports the player to the enemy base, lowering his health down to 25 and giving him Dual Elites to battle with.
  • [ Wild Ride (wildride) ] Pushes the player up on the ceiling, making him fall with a strong force after X seconds. Unlike in the original plugin, this time he can actually survive if he falls in water, grabs onto a ladder, etc.
  • [ Random Weapon (randomwep) ] The player receives a random weapon with a random amount of backpack ammunition.
  • [ Camera Distortion (camera) ] Applies a random camera effect for X seconds (third person, top-down, up-left).
  • [ Disarm (disarm) ] Completely strips the user's weapons, including his knife.
  • [ Blood Toxins (toxins) ] Makes the player's blood poisoned, giving him a 1 out of X chance to die while under the effect. Every second he gets a random screen fade effect and blood scatters around him.
  • [ Zeus Mode (zeus) ] Player gets noclip, godmode and high speed for X seconds. If he gets stuck after noclip is over, he gets teleported back to his previous spot.

? Configuration File
  • The plugin configuration file (configs/DICE.ini) allows the user to change the main settings. Please note that you can apply different settings for each map by adding [map_name_here] which will make the plugin read the lines below that one only if it matches the current map name. Use #all_maps for global settings. You can also use [prefix_*].
  • [ DICE_ENABLED = 1 ] Use 0 to disable the plugin.
  • [ CHAT_PREFIX = !g< !tD.I.C.E. !g> ] The chat prefix.
  • [ SAY_COMMANDS = rtd, rollthedice, dice, kocka ] Chat commands for rolling the dice.
  • [ CONSOLE_COMMANDS = rtd, kocka ] Console commands for rolling the dice.
  • [ DISABLED_ITEMS = #none ] Add the item short names in this line in order to disable them. Separate each item with a comma.
  • [ ROLL_INTERVAL = 180 ] How often players can roll the dice (in seconds).
  • [ ROUND_START_DELAY = 0 ] How many seconds after the round start can players roll the dice.
  • [ DICE_TEAM = 0 ] If you want the dice to be available for a specific team only. Use 1 for T and 2 for CT (and 3 for SPEC if you really want to).
  • [ DICE_FLAG = 0 ] If you want the dice to be available for players with a specific flag only. Put the flag instead of "0".
  • [ DICE_COST = 0 ] (cstrike only) With this you can make the dice to require a certain amount of money for it to be rolled.
  • [ DICE_COOLDOWN = 3 ] Cooldown in seconds after the last rolled item has ended.
  • [ DICE_LEAVE_SOUND = DICE/come_again.wav ] This is the sound that will play when a player leaves while under the effect of an delayed item. Use #none to disable it.
  • [ DICE_LOG = 0 ] If enabled, there will be log messages when players roll the dice saying which item they got.
  • [ GLOW_ENABLED = 1 ] Whether the automatic glow for every item should be enabled.
  • [ GLOW_ALPHA = 40 ] Automatic glow brightness.
  • [ GLOW_DURATION = 3 ] How many seconds after an instant item has ended the automatic glow will be removed. Use "0" for never.
  • [ HUD_X = -1.0 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_Y = 0.2 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_EFFECTS = 2 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_FXTIME = 0.1 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_HOLDTIME = 5.0 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_FADEINTIME = 0.01 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ HUD_FADEOUTTIME = 0.1 ] HUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_ENABLED = 1 ] Enable DHUD messages?
  • [ DHUD_X = -1.0 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_Y = 0.85 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_EFFECTS = 2 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_FXTIME = 0.1 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_HOLDTIME = 5.0 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_FADEINTIME = 0.01 ] DHUD message settings.
  • [ DHUD_FADEOUTTIME = 0.1 ] DHUD message settings.

? Automatically Generated Cvars
  • For delayed items, cvars which control the minimum and maximum duration of an item are automatically generated: dice_<itemname>_min and dice_<itemname>_max. Custom cvars added with the plugin API are generated as dice_<itemname>_<cvarname>. If you want to change them from this file while the server is running, you'll have to use the command dice_reload after you made the changes, otherwise they will go back after the map changes. Here's a full list of the default item cvars:

    PHP Code:
    dice_instanthealth_min "25"
    dice_instanthealth_max "255"
    dice_godmode_min "5"
    dice_godmode_max "15"
    dice_scorpions_min "8"
    dice_scorpions_max "20"
    dice_scorpions_freq "0.3"
    dice_demons_min "5"
    dice_demons_max "15"
    dice_demons_damage_min "1"
    dice_demons_damage_max "5"
    dice_demons_freq "0.8"
    dice_moonwalk_min "5"
    dice_moonwalk_max "15"
    dice_moonwalk_gravity "0.3"
    dice_hardwalk_min "5"
    dice_hardwalk_max "15"
    dice_hardwalk_gravity "30.0"
    dice_oldman_min "7"
    dice_oldman_max "12"
    dice_oldman_speed "65.0"
    dice_jetplane_min "7"
    dice_jetplane_max "12"
    dice_jetplane_speed "1000.0"
    dice_jetplane_gravity "0.4"
    dice_lightning_min "1"
    dice_lightning_max "3"
    dice_lightning_damage_min "20"
    dice_lightning_damage_max "30"
    dice_lightning_freq "0.8"
    dice_lightning_size "100"
    dice_lightning_fade "1"
    dice_lightning_slap "1"
    dice_disco_min "9"
    dice_disco_max "20"
    dice_disco_radius "150.0"
    dice_disco_heal "4"
    dice_shadow_min "5"
    dice_shadow_max "15"
    dice_shadow_health "1"
    dice_shadow_speed "360.0"
    dice_noclip_min "5"
    dice_noclip_max "15"
    dice_bury_min "5"
    dice_bury_max "12"
    dice_bury_depth "30"
    dice_wildride_min "5"
    dice_wildride_max "10"
    dice_camera_min "10"
    dice_camera_max "20"
    dice_toxins_min "7"
    dice_toxins_max "15"
    dice_toxins_chance "10"
    dice_money_min "1000"
    dice_money_max "16000"
    dice_bomber_min "10"
    dice_bomber_max "25"
    dice_madness_min "8"
    dice_madness_max "22"
    dice_madness_health "500"
    dice_mole_health "25"
    dice_randomwep_min "10"
    dice_randomwep_max "255"
    dice_zeus_min "7"
    dice_zeus_max "15" 

? Video Preview
  • Please note that this video is made before releasing the final version of the plugin, so some items may be missing or differ from the current ones.

? Translations
  • English: by me (OciXCrom)
  • Macedonian: by me (OciXCrom)
  • Slovakian: by Belo95135
  • German: by Godofwar
  • Dutch: by Napoleon_be
  • Brazil Portuguese: by addons_zz
  • Spanish: by Shattered Heart Lynx
  • Hungarian: by RaZ_HU

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