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Dr Division - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

Yellow and Purple

Welcome to division
A deathrun map created by me and my friends in under 72 hours
this was made for the 72hour Jam event 
and now its downloadable on gamebanana YIPPEEEE :)

This epic map features:

13 traps
0 50/50 DOORS
epic platforming 
2 mini games 
32 quares 

T̸̰̣̮̱̈́h̶̪̠̤̤̣̝̬̮̭̭͑͛̀̀̂̈́̈́͘ḛ̵̡̤͕̦̪̬͕̾̋͒ ̴̜͍̜̺̻̐͑́̽̈̾͠r̷̤̞̗̎̋͂͝ę̵̡͖͖̗͙͔͔̽̄͜ͅã̶͔͕̗̦͜ĺ̴̞̰͉̙̮̻̍̃͛ͅṁ̴̧̞̮̝͍͔̄͒̂͝

can you beat this map and make it to the end
find out next time on dragon ball z

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    Art style is neat. Keep up on the improvements and updates.
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    You say 72hour map jam event but you really mean 72 hour jam. The two are very different, and the term map jam should not be used to describe this jam u participated in for the jam u participated in isn't all about making maps in 72 hour it also feature just making tf2 stuff in 72 hour in general 
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    You say parkour but you really mean platforming. The two are very different, and the term parkour should not be used to describe platforming as it is gives a false representation of the activity and devalues actual parkour. There is a game mode that provides parkour-like gameplay, which is Parkour Fortress, and in that mode you can run up and along walls, perform long jumps, grind on rails, slide down zip lines, vault ledges, and perform break rolls. In platforming you can only hop over a gap.
    Do it right first time
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  • ahh.. dagoop... it's actually sh*t but tasty!

    legendary map.
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