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Warc2 Multiplayer/CustomMap Patches w/Enhancements - A Mod for Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

Hello, Danny here. You may have seen me posting other Warcraft 2 mods around.
I have made this little mod thread to post different  patches with audio/visual enhancements intended to be USED FOR MULTIPLAYER/LAN OR CUSTOM MAPS IN SINGLE PLAYER.

Several of these features can be seen and were added up across Insane Edition / DEC / DAIFE. So the main purpose of those patches are to bring up more fresh features to play War2 on multiplayer if you want to play a different game experience aside from the classic one without any new features.

Till now I have only two built up war2 multiplayer patches where the first is war2_multiplayerpatch_v6.9 that can be found in DAIFE up to v6.9 mod thread. Second is available on the Insane Edition mod thread. The first one have less features than the second one.

Pack 1 contains the next tilesets:
Glacier - replacing winter tileset
Beach - replacing wasteland tileset
Jungle - replacing forest tileset
Dark forest - replacing Orc Swamp (Draenor)

Pack 2:
SnowStorm (alpha version, still functional) - replacing winter tileset
Beach - replacing wasteland tileset
Rainy Valley v1 - replacing forest tileset
Night forest - replacing Orc Swamp (Draenor) tileset

Pack 3:

SnowStorm v1 - replaces winter tileset and it's the final completed version from version 1.0 at least
Beach - replaces wasteland tileset
Rainy Valley Enhanced - better version rather than the beta or v1.0 version present in pack 2 & replaces forest tileset
Night forest - comes from Weapons of our Warfare mod and replaces Orc Swamp (Draenor) tileset.

Pack 4:

SnowStorm v1 - replacing Winter tileset. Fully functional with portrait icons
Desert (from Weapons of our Warfare mod) - replacing wasteland tileset
War1 forest v1.0 - made by me and replaces forest tileset
Hell - replacing Orc Swamp (Draenor) tileset. New critter and proper portrait icons.

Pack 5:

SnowStorm v1 - replacing Winter tileset. Fully functional with portrait icons
Regular desert - replacing wasteland tileset. This is not the same as Desert from Weapons of our Warfare mod since here there're no Cacti replacing normal trees on the tileset.
War1 forest v2.0 - made by me and replaces forest tileset. This version fixes a bit the water animations around the coasts.
Beetsland (or Wetland as it is known in some forum mod threads out there) - replacing Orc Swamp (Draenor) tileset. Works with proper portrait icons, oil patch and gold mine colors.

Pack 6 (September 24th,2022):

- SnowStorm v1 tileset, replacing winter-iceland one. Portrait icons fixed up a bit further. This version still is the best one from SnowStorm tileset.

- WooW desert (Weapons of our warfare) tileset. I think I added this up in a previous pack. No changes here since then.

- Warcraft 1 forest v3 tileset. Enhanced version that IS NOT BASED from war1 forest v1 tileset. This is done from scratch with some warcraft 1 forest tileset sheet. This tileset is the most accurate version I could ever do that is related to the warcraft 1 original forest tileset. Icons adapted to it as well.

- Warcraft 1 Swamp v1 tileset. Replaces Orc swamp (Draenor) base tileset. This is my last completed tileset for war1 Swamp tileset in order to adapt it for Warcraft 2. This tileset contains all the stuff from that tileset, either walls, dry mud, trees, swamp water, fillers, etc. Only thing that may be remaining here is to fix a bit further the coast water animations. Icons adapted to the tileset as well.

*Update September 24th, 2022*
After some tests, I have came to the conclusion that you may get Game crash by using the "Kills counter" Plugin that comes in most, if not all the packages. This specific plugin was intended to allow a new feature for war2 units to have a Kills counter. Unfortunately, after some tests I got game crashes. So better off use both plugins to just play Custom maps in single player... If you're playing LAN or multiplayer with a person you may know, you have to share both plugins to have a high chance they will work properly...  Remember that in order to make the plugins work, just place them in Plugins folder from your war2 main folder.

You can still play multiplayer with random or known people that DONT have these plugins, but you wont benefit from the fixes that SaveLoadFix & Kills counter plugin offer.
How to install & play:
1) My mods (including these patches) work with the War2 client provided by the russian community in Warcraft 2 Combat Edition. Just proceed to install and keep selected Lambchops build from the installer (set by default). This is the version that allows this massive modding upon the game.

2) the war2patch.mpq is the main mod file so just place it within your main war2 folder (make backup if necessary from the previous war2patch present in there if necessary).

3) The plugins available in the 2nd package are just to deliver some enhancements and fixes for the game that were tested up previously on DAIFE or Insane Edition mods in the past. Just place them in Plugins folder and should be ready to be used.
Save-load-fix plugin fixes several bugs that occur since the earliest warcraft 2 DOS version released in 1995. This will prevent happening several issues with the computer(s) oponnent(s) once you re-load a saved files against computer, either on Custom maps or multiplayer. Preferable that if you with other people play against computer in multiplayer/LAN, then all have the same Save-load plugin on plugins folder to avoid game crash (I haven't tested this plugin on multiplayer).
The other plugin called Kill assists will provide you a sort of fully functional plugin that allows Kills counter for the units in-game, just like Starcraft. It's not that accurate but still gives a nice feature if you like to see how many targets a unit have killed or assisted in battle.
*Update September 24th, 2022*
Avoid using both plugins on multiplayer/LAN unless, the other player(s) have these same plugins set up on their war2/Plugins folder. If this ever happens, there may be a good chance that you may NOT get game crash, since I tested them up with random people on multiplayer and it caused crash.

4) Like I said above, the mods are pretty much intended for Multiplayer or LAN, even though you can perfectly use them for CUSTOM MAPS.

If I feel like it to make more variants for custom maps/multiplayer so then I could keep uploading other multiplayer patches... If you're interested on more of these, just let me know in comments or where I usually test the war2 mods or play around. Feel free to join my little channel/war2 community !

If you would like to thank me for the work in modding war2 on 2022, then I would really appreciate your money support in my paypal address:

Have fun

** Update July 24th, 2022**
Pack 3 now: Contains SnowStorm v1 completed with proper portrait icons and tree colors, that replaces Winter tileset as default. 
Rainy Valley Enhanced is available here as well that has a more bright rain colors and replaces forest tileset by default.

** Update July 25th, 2022**

Warning: the patch alongside with Plugins may cause problems or game crash within Multiplayer. I haven't used them in every possible situation, so you're warned.

This means that I haven't checked properly the plugins alongside some specific war2patch enhanced features within multiplayer and specially with other players in every possible situation, so there may be a rare case where you could get a game crash. If that happens, please first try just removing the new plugins from Plugins folder. The warning is added up to main game screen too.

From my own tests, most probable issue you may encounter is if you RELOAD a multiplayer/LAN game against computer. So if for example you contain this save-Load fix plugin and the other person doesn't, you may get crash so to avoid it then just all players place this plugin in Plugins folder.

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