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LIGHTNING (Beta 5/7/21) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Beta Version 5/7/21 1mo
  • BugFix Found LOTS of problems that broke the function of the game, fixed all of them
Lots of things I didn't check over in Cross Cancel and Up B actions that were breaking the function of the game. I don't know why it took me a week to figure it out lol.
LIGHTNING (early beta) 2mo Suggestion Addition3 Adjustment4 Tweak

Speed. Movement. Momentum. Combos. CANCELS. All in one.

***DISCLAIMER*** This mod will be updated constantly until it's done so if you're playing with someone online Make sure you have the same version. It will always be labeled.

This Mod sees to make Ultimate move super fast and bring ACTUAL combos and chains. A bunch of new mechanics are here that make the game super heavy on new playstyles, as well as expanding on old ones. Mechanics include:


No Landing Lag 
Cancel in Neutral (with forward dash, jump, shield)
Longer Distance Airdodges (For longer wavedashes and farther movement overall)
Slightly Higher Buffer Window (for better combo mashes)
Detector Hitboxes (some characters get added hitboxes to enhance certain moves as a consistent approach option/combo starter):

   *Fox Side B
   *Falco Side B
   *Pit Side B
   *Dark Pit Side B
   *Shiek Up B
   *Zelda Up B
   *Mewtwo Up B
   *Palutena Up B

UP B AIRDORDES (SOME CHARACTERS, really only ones with initially fast up bs)


   *Zero Suit Samus


Free Fall Airdodge Return (can do any move but up special. Cannot up special again when you land or get hit, as normal)


Block Strings (basically the ability to block string due to cancel on hit. Altered 
Properties to shield support block strings, ex:

   * More base shieldstun
   * Shield depletes in size a bit less, and has double the lifespan
   * Shield regenerates fully after shield break
   * Easier Shield Tilt

Counter Shield Pressure (Mechanics to support breaking out of block strings)

   * Wider parry Window
   * Parry frame 1 out of hit stun
   * More invincibility frames after parry
   * Cancel out of parry
Shield drop frame 1
A little bit more shield pushback
Cannot grab shield within 60 frames of hitting it


Cancel On Hit (except up bs because that’s clearly broken, still need to fix so it only cancels after hitlag)

"Jab Cancel" (cancel jab with jump, grab, dash, eliminates broken ass jab spams on shield)

"Grab Combos" (Throws are cancellable if they have a hitbox, so you can start/end combos and secure KOs. Nearby moves are the safest, but nothing is truly true. Keep in mind that grabs are NOT cancelable, so it's risk-reward with how fast-paced this mod is.)

Up Special cancels (into other specific moves, enhances character combos and movement)

   *Zero Suit Samus to down special   
   *Bowser to up smash/up air
   *Cloud is anything 
   *Sephiroth soft up special (Blade Dash)


*For aesthetic purposes only, base hitlag is increased and animation passthrough is increased to create a SlowMo Hitlag effect

*Neon Blue KO Lightning
*Change the color of damage/HP output (white/light blue/purple)


"Counter Cancels" (act out of counter when hit, before the attack. There are options. It’s possible to shield counter, so if the opponent does then I suggest starting a block string of any kind OR going in for a grab. It’s pretty rock-paper-scissors.)

"Up Special cancels" (into other specific moves, enhances character combos and movement)**NOT FINISHED, so far only Cloud, Roy, and Zero Suit Samus cancel into airdodge**

“Lightning Cancel” (pressing down taunt will speed up all attacks by 1.1 for 30 seconds and slightly reduce knockback multiplier, but it can be done only once a stock) **NOT FINISHED needs a little more to it to be on par with FighterZ spark**

“Crimson Cancel” (upon 50%, press up taunt to slow your opponent for 2 seconds, can only be done once a stock)

Cross Cancel” (upon 150%, if in idle/fall animation for the first 30 frames, if attacked you will instantly perform an “Ultra Instinct Dodge” and be able to counter-attack, as long as the move you choose is plus obviously)**will probably change from idle to a command soon**

This isn't the end for the mechanics, there will probably be two more big ones (once I think of them)


THIS MOD WORKS ONLINE WITH FRIENDS! If two people are playing with the same copy, it will indeed work in Battle Arenas! (Latest version: 4-29-21)

I'm putting a beta out now cuz I need help seeing broken moves and weird situations, but so far, it's extremely playable. See the video for an idea of how to go about playstyles and movement. (**loudness and cursing warning**)

The discord is up!! Here's the link
You can share videos, talk about the mod in general, and matchmake with others!
Keep in mind I'm not a coder like that so don't ask me any code questions.


Make CPUS Perform Special Mechanics Fix Cross Cancel (sometimes you'll get hit but still slide) GUI Overhaul (we'll add stuff overtime) Low Priority Add more properties and effects to Lightning Cancel (probably a lingering aura/flash) Every Character has an Up Special Cancel