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BOTW Link Moveset - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


BOTW Link Moveset v3.0 9mo
  • Addition New parry animation and effects
  • Addition Stasis
This update introduces Stasis as a rune usable by L/R taunt as mentioned below.
Also includes a new parry animation with effects similar to BOTW parry animation.

As always my code is updated for those who want to view it.
BOTW Link Moveset v2.5 1y Adjustment Overhaul Addition BOTW Link Moveset v2.0 1y Addition2 Overhaul BOTW Link Moveset v1.5 1y Optimization

A true BOTW Link Moveset

Presenting you, BOTW Link Bullet time + Elemental Arrows in Smash. Our favourite character from Zelda series is finally getting some of his abilities from BOTW, not just a nair machine anymore (I love nairs tho). Have the experience of destroying everyone just like in BOTW and showing off some awesome Link combos. 


1. To switch your arrow kind each taunt key represent one kind of elemental arrow. 

    L-Taunt = Fire arrow 
    D-Taunt = Ice arrow 
    R-Taunt = Shock arrow 
    U-Taunt = Bomb arrow 
To revert to normal arrows, press the same taunt button to which corresponding arrow was active. For example if Ice arrow then press D-taunt again to revert to normal arrow (same with others). Note that you only need to press the taunt button and not do the taunt itself for this, thus u can do it anytime even in air. With v3.0 you can do it change in elemental arrow choice only and only during charging arrow.

2. While you are in the air, press neutral B to activate your champion's ability aka Bullet time. You have a total of 3.5 seconds = 210 frames for doing so. The mechanic is easy, do not spend all 210 frames and you can use remaining frames anytime. Spend all at once and wait for 3.5 secs = 210 frames to do it again. To make it easy, a vortex around link will appear when less than 60 frames = 1 second is left which is your cue. You can recharge it by staying on ground. A recovery effect will surround link to tell if you are recharging. Once done, unleash bullet time again. To cancel Bullet time anytime you can press jump, attack or do any special as well. 
Pro-tip:- Use fast-fall. 

3. Taunts are cancellable and ancient arrows insta-kill. Alongside that you can now parry to reflect projectiles.

4. Mipha's grace is now a feature. When KO screen comes, Link's all momentum will be gone and he will heal based on his damage %. The more it is, the more you heal. It is indicated by revolving fairies and a faint Mipha's voice.

5. Parry has a new animation and sound (changes nothing as such). If you didn't knew you can reflect projectiles by parrying.

6. Stasis as usable rune is now out. You can freeze nearby enemies (only fighters) with stasis rune for 5 seconds but you cannot deal damage more than 20% at a stroke. It has a cooldown time of 30 seconds. A word of caution of to not play against Rosalina, there is a very weird glitch and it is being looked upon for time being. As long as You don't use stasis on Rosalina it will be fine. Use L/R Taunt to unleash this new rune.

Installation is easy as always, just extract the provided zip onto root of SD card, let the files be overwritten if asked and enjoy the the mod. The dependencies to be used will be listed in installation instructions. Do note a major overhaul was done so kindly remove any previous installs of this mod and use current one only.

I have a discord as well now. Join me for more content and support me in my project giving ideas or whatever you feel like.

Here is link to my src code:-
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