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NieR:Automata Modpack [switch port] - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch).

Glory to Mankind

Hi everyone, here is a switch port ofLady Lunanova's really cool NieR:Automata Modpack, someone asked for it on my port request post, and I thought it looked cool so I decided to do it, though there are somethings I wasn't able to do yet, here are the missings part that I still no convert (working on it):
-pod glider
-title screen
so for now the bnp that contains the total modpack will contain everything except those two, but right when I success to convert them, I'll add them in the complete bnp, and also as individuals, so not to keep you waiting, here is, as usual, the original mod's caption: 

Oh boy this is a big one...

SO, this pack includes every weapon from NieR:Automata (Bar the Combat Bracers), Background Music, Text Edits, Title Screen Theme, Emil, Pods as the Glider and 2B herself!

2B Costume requires the Linkle Mod

-The 2B Costume replaces the Dark Link Tunic.
-Emil replaces Kilton as the special shopkeeper.
-Pods replace the Paraglider.

Weapon Replacements:
Royal Broadsword            - Virtuous Contract
Windcleaver                       - Virtuous Treaty
Royal Halberd                    - Virtuous Dignity
Royal Guard's Sword        - Cruel Oath
Royal Guard's Claymore  - Cruel Blood Oath
Royal Guard's Spear         - Cruel Arrogance
Savage Lynel Crusher       - Beastlord
Savage Lynel Sword          - Beastbane
Savage Lynel Spear           - Beastcurse
Rusty Broadsword            - Machine Sword
Rusty Claymore                 - Machine Axe
Rusty Halbred                    - Machine Spear
Mighty Lynel Sword          - Phoenix Dagger
Mighty Lynel Crusher       - Phoenix Sword
Mighty Lynel Spear           - Pheonix Lance
Traveler's Sword               - Type-3 Sword
Traveler's Claymore         - Type-3 Blade
Traveler's Spear                - Type-3 Lance
Thunderblade                   - Type-4O Sword
Great Thunderblade        - Type-4O Blade
Thunderspear                   - Type-4O Lance
Knight's Broadsword       - YoRHa-Issue Blade
Knight's Claymore            - Iron Will
Knight's Halberd               - Spear of the Usurper
Demon Carver                  - Dragoon Lance
Boko Club                          - Iron Pipe
Tree Branch                      - Cypress Stick
Feathered Edge                - Ancient Overlord
Eightfold Blade                 - Faith
Sword                                 - Engine Blade

Music Replacements:
Hateno Village                 -Peaceful Sleep
Korok Forest                    -Pascal
Lost Woods/Maze           -Copied City (Quiet)
Kara Kara Bazaar            -Memories of Dust (Quiet)
Gerudo Town                  -Memories of Dust (Medium)
Hyrule Castle Town        -City Ruins [Shade] (Quiet)
Hyrule Castle                   -A Beautiful Song (Calm)
Calamity Ganon              -A Beautiful Song
Beast Ganon                   -Grandma [Destruction]
Staff Roll                          -Weight of the World (Ending E)
Shiekah Tower               -The Tower (Dynamic)
Fixed Guardian Battle   -Bipolar Nightmare (Calm)
Guardian Battle              -Bipolar Nightmare
Molduga Battle               -Emil [Despair]
Kilton's Shop                   -Emil's Shop

  • very very nice ! thx !!!
    can you make one handed biggoron's sword ?
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    Hi ! The weapons and emil textures are not good : there still the original game textures, for example virtuous contract is yellow and purple. But 2b costume work well and musics too. sorry for my bad english.
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