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Splatterhouse Trilogy - A Mod for Beats of Rage.

Splatterhouse trilogy is a fan made beat'em up game, based on original Splatterhouse trilogy released by Namco back in 90s. And just because Namco don't want to release a sequel to the original trilogy, fans decided to do it by themsefls. And as result, we have this beat'em up trilogy, based on original games by Namco.

The story in these games takes place after the events of first 3 original games. Rick's family, who is a protagonist of these games, was killed by the forces of darkness that he fought against in original games. And so now, he got back his devil mask, that gave him strength, and he returned to the same old Dr.West mansion, where events of original games happened, to avenge his family and take down forces of darkness again. 

Gameplay here, like you might guessed, is a simple beat'em up. You running around different locations, beating up, no not the bad guys, but monsters and fighting against bosses in the end of each level. But, unlike original Splatterhouse games, here you can play as different version of Rick. You got original Rick in hokey mask, Skull Rick in skull mask, Rick from the third game AND, Rick in ultimate form, when he transforms in to this Hulk-like version of himself. Only now, you don't need to transform Rick in to that form. You can just select it as a playable character and play. And yes, every version of Rick has different moves and abilities.

And so, as you understand, here we have 3 games: Splatterhouse: Deception of the Mask, Splatterhouse: Journey Through Hell and Splatterhouse: Back to Light. All of them plays exactly the same, but they have different story, different locations and enemies, including bosses. But the gameplay is exactly the same for all 3 of them.

These games is cool and all, but they have one problem that most of the OpenBor games has. And it is their difficulty. You see, sometimes enemy AI will just spam you to death, with their attacks, and other times, they will not even let you to get up and fight back. But, there is a cheat options for that, if the game becomes anoying for you. So yeah, this is another good OpenBor games in to your collection, if you need them.

How to install:

  1. Download the pack of games.
  2. Unpack it anywhere you want.
  3. Launch exe file to open a select menu.
  4. Choose the game you gonna play and press PLAY button to... well, play.

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