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High Refresh Rate - A Mod for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+.

This mod allows the game to run at a higher frame rate, alongside replacing the framerate limiter with the more precise one. The game's vsync and framerate cap can be configured in the config.toml file located within the mod directory.

  • Vsync: Enabled
  • Framerate Cap:¬†Unlocked
  • Affect Menus: No
  • Multithreaded: Enabled
  • New Frame Limiter: Enabled

NOTE: Do not use if you're using Special K, as it does it's own management of the game's framerate.
  • jiut avatar
    jiut Joined 4mo ago
    It seems that my diva can run at over 100hz perfectly in fullscreen since I first installed it right after the game's launch.
    If there were not an update notification today, I may not notice the limit in fullscreen mode.

    Is this as expected?
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  • Linxgos avatar
    Linxgos Joined 2y ago
    10 points Ranked 112,757th
    2mo 2mo
    Hi First off let me say that I love the fact that this mod exists it makes playing the game so much more enjoyable.

    Unfortunately I recently got a new laptop and can not get vsync to work properly. When enabled vsync causes horrible screen tearing and note de-sync. I have tried turning off the new frame limiter to no avail, turning off multi-threading to no avail and turning off both to no avail. I also confirmed that I had the game selected as "High performance" In windows graphics panel and set to "High-performance Nvidia processor" in the Nvidia control panel. I also tried running the game without the mod enabled, screen tearing is still present but to a lesser extent.

    The mod worked great on my old laptop so I'm hoping that this issue can be fixed soon

    Laptop specs:

    Intel core i7-11800H

    Nvidia RTX 3060

    144hz Refresh rate

    16GB Memory

    Edit: My new laptop has a 144hz refresh rate so that's what probably causing it.
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  • Hi, 

    I'm currently using your latest mod for v1.02 and I'm having a very weird issue, the mod seems to work well on the menu with over 70-100fps (vsync off/framerate 144) but in-game it cap around 40-47,50fps and can't go any higher. Wonder if it has something to do with other new mods I just install (English Lyrics and BRS mods, all latest) since the old high framerate mod used to work back then. 

    Thanks for the mods.
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  • Jozerwaat avatar
    Jozerwaat Joined 3mo ago
    3mo 3mo
    Posting my issue here since my message is too large for the issue tab

    I don't have high refresh rate in the menus

    It works ingame and it gives me a very stable 165fps but in the menus it stays at 60, even in the pause menu the fps goes back to 60

    I have already tried changing the config file and setting the "menu" variable to true and the newlimiter to false but that didn't help

    Disabling vsync and setting the framerate to 165 also doesn't work

    Even if I did set the framerate to 200 with vsync off it would stay 165 ingame so it seems like changing the variable params doesn't change anything.

    Although If I set the "enabled" to false in the top of the file it does disable the file

    Thanks for the great mod 
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  • DarkForest avatar
    DarkForest Joined 12mo ago
    4mo 4mo
    Thank you for this [insert praying hand emoji]
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