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TF2 Bot Overhaul - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A Mod that can make offline play so much more fun!

This Mod Features...

Bot Tweaks

  • Bots act more like real players when noticing spies.
  • Bots switch classes to keep others from being overused.
  • Bots prefer to go for health packs more often.
  • Bots search farther for ammo.
  • Medic bots move around more often and try to stick close to their patient.
  • Sniper bots look for better spots more close to the action.
  • Sniper bots aim more realistically.
  • Engineer bots build in more reliable spots.
  • And various other changes.

Many Supported Gamemodes

  • Attack / Defend
  • Capture The Flag
  • Control Points
  • King Of The Hill
  • Medieval Mode
  • Payload
  • Payload Race
  • Player Destruction
  • Robot Destruction
  • Special Delivery
  • Training

Unlockable Weapons / Cosmetics For Bots

  • Bots spawn with random weapons that they support.
  • Certain weapons such as the sandvich are not supported.
  • Bots also spawn with random cosmetics.

Almost Full Support For Dedicated Servers

  • You might experience some issues if the mod isn't installed correctly.
  • TF MISSIONS are designed for single player only and won't work correctly.
  • Refer to the read me for details.

Community Maps

  • There are optional Bot Overhaul nav meshes for several community made maps.
  • Check the readme for more info on how to play those workshop maps.


  • A single player mission mode!
  • For each mission you're given a simple objective to complete as a specific class. If you die or fail to complete this objective, you lose.
  • If you complete said objective, you can unlock more missions! There might even be a few other secrets to discover as well such as collectable Bonus Ducks!

How To Install

Click here to join our steam group!

Click here to join our discord group!

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOT CRISIS BOTS INVADING CASUAL!!! These are MVM bots which are entirely different.

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD BOTH PARTS! THEY ARE SPLIT INTO SEPARATE LINKS! Modboy might work with Part 1 but definitely doesn't work for Part 2. Follow the tutorial for the best way to install this mod. IF YOU HAVE ANY CUSTOM HUD ISSUES THEN LOOK AT THE README FILE!

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  • Newground Banana avatar
    Newground Banana Joined 12mo ago
    296 points Ranked 65,995th
    when i play Russians heist and go out of spawn npcs spawn then my game crashes
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  • I have a problem with the mod, whenever I load the second mission and go to the payload, I crash. and then i have to start everything all over again. Please help 
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  • so i did the installation correctly but the bots dont have any weapon or cosmetic its just stock weapon and the bot can't chat
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  • Really great! Unfortunately it messes with my custom Hud (FlawHud) I installed.
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  • Draglorr avatar
    Draglorr Joined 1mo ago
    26d 24d
    This a freaking AMAZING MOD! Makes offline play so much fun!

    Really the only two gripes i have is that engineers still don't work on CTF and singleplayer MVM is so broken that it is nearly unplayable. red bots on your team will spam-fill up the ENTIRE TEAM no matter what you do or how many you kick, they won;t go away and it is exceptionally hard to join. Which sucks. ANd then the MVM blu bots dont even spawn most of the time and are glitchy.

     Please fix that and then this will be perfect!
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  • shadioh avatar
    shadioh Joined 1y ago
    181 points Ranked 80,395th
    Loved it! The missions were really fun. Hope to see more!
    the fucker
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  • Golfinho avatar
    Golfinho Joined 4mo ago
    Had some bugs, like random classes spawning instead of the intended ones sometimes, but enjoyable.
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  • XenSergal avatar
    XenSergal Joined 1y ago
    381 points Ranked 59,959th
    is there any way to make bots target enemy sentry guns more often? they can never seem to destroy them because all the enemy engineer does is sit behind them with a dispenser endlessly
    the lesbian ever
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  • AlexCesar112 avatar
    AlexCesar112 Joined 3y ago
    442 points Ranked 56,842nd
    7 medals 1 rare
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    • 2 years a member Medal icon
    Finally a way to play maps other than 2fort or turbine and have fun

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  • eddsworldfan69420 avatar
    eddsworldfan69420 Joined 4mo ago
    232 points Ranked 72,714th
    what if bots had avatars
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