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Ganon's Tower (The Wind Waker) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ganondorf!! May you drown with Hyrule!!!

One of the most loved mods from Smash 4 and many fans' favorite final boss area in the entire Zelda series, Ganon's Tower finally comes to Smash Ultimate!

This mod was inspired by Dr. HyperCake's amazing Smash 4 mod ( and PigsSSBM's gorgeous Melee version (, but is a project I completed entirely myself. The model is imported, ripped straight from Wind Waker by AJD-262 on modelsresource ( I didn't want the background to simply be stationary, so I applied a little bit of UV-translation magic to make the waterfalls actually fall (shown in the video preview). Additionally, because of the changes in how Ultimate's Omega stages work, I've crafted a custom main ring for the project, using assets from Fountain of Dreams and the tower's model itself to create the ultimate mod any Zelda fan can enjoy. Two downloads are included, one with the back waterfalls set as a constant color and the other with three distinct areas of color. Finally, courtesy of WTails358, the stage uses effects from Distant Planet to have a constant stream of rain flowing down in front of players! The best part? It's all completely wifi-safe.
Extremely proud of how this turned out, and incredibly grateful for all the traction and support. If you want to see more mods like this before their release, follow me on Twitter! I'm also currently working on a variant for the normal Fountain of Dreams stage, and let me just say in advance the water reflection is GORGEOUS. I haven't included a music file for this mod yet, but I'd HIGHLY recommend using this mod alongside a music mod for Ganondorf Battle from Wind Waker. It makes the stage all the better.

Goes over Pirate Ship Battlefield and Omega forms. Comes with UI, drag and drop installation, and completely wifi-safe. The mod also uses file addition, so Arcropolis 2.1.1 and older users will need Arcropolis 3.0 or higher. Thanks so much, and until next time!

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