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Doom 3X v1.3.2 D3 & RoE - A Mod for Doom 3.

Doom3X v1.3.2 by Charles Lai Updated by Dafama2k7 (24-08-2022)

E-mail me at [email protected] if you don't get a responce in a few days.

Please note. Doom3X has changes to the buttons to allow you to be able to select the Riotgun using the keyboard. Here is screen caps of my suggestions for the Controls. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions... Oh and don't even ask about a universal God Mode to override my "No God" damage settings on the bosses, have to win a game for real for once in your life guys.


v1.3.2 - Updated Shaders.
    - Fixed BFG weapon script for the splash damage function, now is better.
    - Fixed remixed sound for the plasma fire.
    - Updated the .dll file required for Dhewm3 v1.5.2 or higher, (RoE only) !

v1.3.1 - Updated particles and lights effects for most weapons.

v1.3 - Upped the volume for grenade explode sound.
    - Bettered ammo values for grenades, more realistic.
    - Shotgun and Double Shotgun, has its scripts bettered.
    - Updated the RoE section too !
    - Fixed a couple of minor issues.
    - Now, the mod has two folders, doom3x and doom3xroe, the first is for D3 base and the other is for D3XP (RoE) and this last, also requires it's own .dll for to be compatible with Dhewm 3.

v1.2 - Added back the snd_flesh sound on the damage functions into most of the definitions for the weapons.
    - Fixed the flashlight being too red and too big it's circle.
    - Fixed the shotgun mounted light not being enough blue color, now it is as it should be.
    - I have found a unknown bug that at least on Dhewm 3 may not let you to load previously saved game files, but at this moment i don't know how to fix it or what causes this ?¿?¿? Maybe it's my own custom config for Doom 3 and on other computers does not happen, but who knows ! Of course i will try to fix it, but i am not sure what can be...

v1.1.9 - Machinegun fire sound lowered a little bit it's volume.
     - Updated & bettered all the weapons mounted light pointers and flashlights.
     - The Machinegun GUI and it's light are orange color from now.
     - Grabber light bettered too on RoE.
     - default shotgun model is black again for being more different from the shotgun double barrel.

v1.1.8 - Updated Shaders to latest.
     - BFG raise sound bettered.
     - RocketLauncher sound bettered.
     - BFG smokemuzzle bettered.
     - Fixed multiple bugs on both D3 base & RoE parts.
     - Chaingun a little bit much faster.
     - HandGrenade does some exploding light.
     - BFG trail smoke bettered.
     - And more improvements i don't even remember.

v1.1.7 - Fixed Maggot demon melee hit sound.
    - Added a new burnaway particle for Vulgar and for Maggot.
    - Bettered plasmagun firing sounds.
    - 100% compatible with Dhewm 3 !!!

v1.1.6 - Added scripted splash damage to BFG weapon, much stronger !
    - Added plasmahurt decal for the plasma and BFG weapons.
    - Decreassed shotgun number of pellets to fire.
    - Decreassed spread and increassed power for the double barrel shooty.
    - Bettered the flashlights.
    - Increassed slightly the plasmagun fireball blue light.

v1.1.5 - Added glow in the dark to the shotgun doublebarrel or riotgun model.
    - Made the Maggot monster skin more disgusting !
    - Fixed rocketlauncher and handgrenade muzzleflashes.
    - Fixed Monster Revenant and CyberDemon muzzleflashes.
    - Better offset position for the fists.
    - Fixed zombies gib.
    - Updated Sentry, can get health if pressed on its head closer with the left mouse button.
    - Fixed flashlights for shotgun, flashlight, machinegun and pistol.

v1.1.4 - Added shakes to plasmagun weapon.
    - Fixed blue decals being green on BFG weapon.
    - Better blue lightning on BFG weapon.
    - Changed plasmagun fire sounds for a better ones.
    - Changed the shotgun skin to a more grynni one, to be more different from the double shotgun.
    - Added little recoil to rocketlauncher when firing.

v1.1.3 - Fixed ammo units for all weapons.

v1.1.2 - Full support for Dhewm3.
    - Fixed BFG now reloads blue ammo.
    - Reload pistol sound that before stop fire sounds, now is fixed.
    - Fixed Grabber. (D3XP only).
    - Updated Shaders.

v1.1.1 - Bettered Most weapons.
    - Updated Shaders.
    - Fixed bugs.

v1.1a - Changed Riot Shotgun (double) perspective and color, very subtile changes.

v1.1 - Updated by Dafama2k7.
    - Enhanced all weapons.
    - Fixed small bugs.

v1.0 - First Public Release.

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