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In Hell DC ADD-ON v1.7.1 - Doom 3 - A Mod for Doom 3.

Title                    :     "In Hell - Directors Cut(V 1.1)"
Date of finishing     :     2007/23/9
Author                   :     Steve "Doomi" Kirbst

Email Adress             :     [email protected]

Other files of the author:     de_Wohnheim, Eberhof_3k, little_italy, cs_spaceport and many more ( Counterstrike )
                                little_italy, Eberhof_4k, Trainingfacility, fy_tmpmap and more ( Counterstrike Source )
                    mp_bunkerville ( Call of Duty ), In Hell ( Classic 2006 )

Website                :

Original mod...: In Hell - Directors Cut(v1.1) created by Steve "Doomi" Kirbst.


Optional Add-On...: Add-On v1.7 Dafama2k7 (03-08-2k22)


v1.7 - Updated Shaders.
    - Bettered most of the weapons.
    - Fine tuned the volume for most weapons.
    - Fixed bugs.

v1.6 - Changed the NG Shaders for the shaders used on both HellinTime and PrayforPain mods that i think feet better for the kind of maps/mod that is In Hell DC.
    - Replaced some monster_flying_lostsouls for monster_flying_deadsouls on most maps.

v1.59 - Changed some Cacodemons for Painelementals and some Lostsouls for Forgottens on most maps.

v1.58 - Updated most weapons particles and fx to use more of the Phrozo mod.
     - Machinegun and Chaingun feel much better now, specially !

v1.57 - Updated Shaders again, bug fixed on lightning, now is fixed.

v1.56 - Updated Shaders again, too red problem, now fixed.

v1.55 - Updated again to latest Shaders ! ( bug fixed )
     - Fixed a bug on shotgun and double shotgun.

v1.54 - Updated Shaders to latest !
     - Bettered the smoke effects on many weapons and monsters.
     - Bettered the lights and shadows for BFG and plasmagun.
     - Now, both the BFG and the plasmagun share the same ammo between them.

v1.53 - Updated the Shaders to the latest !!!
     - Updated Phrozo, Forgotten and Vulgar custom .pk4 files.
     - Updated Perfected Double Shotgun .pk4 file too.
     - Lowered a bit the spread of the Plasmagun weapon.
     - Lowered a bit the velocity of the Plasmagun weapon.

v1.52 - Joined the sounds for medkit health + SoulCube recharge into one sound for health medkits. (Like in D3 BFG Ed.)

v1.51 - Fixed and added more features from the Phrozo mod i am using.
     - Also Removed exagerated shakes from damage impact sound for the CacoDemon.
     - Updated the shaders with specially changed ones that i think fit better this maps/mod.

v1.50 - Changed most particles for weapons and monsters, that now many use the new particles from Phrozo, so thanks Phrozo for your amazing mod !

v1.49 - Latest Shaders.
     - Changed a little bit the model skin for the shotgun.
     - Plasmagun weapons is more powerful and have new fx and particles.
     - Added the Baron of Hell demon to most of the maps in the campaign.

v1.48 - Latest Shaders.
     - Latest A.I.
     - Added the Vulgar demon to most maps on the campaign.
     - Added recoil to plasmagun.
     - Fixed bugs.

v1.47 - Lower volume for plasmagun fire sound.
     - Plasmagun velocity is much faster.
     - Chaingun damage increassed.
     - Added latest shaders.

v1.46 - Higher volume for machinegun fire sound.
     - Bettered textures for most weapons.
     - Added latest A.I. for monsters, zombies, etc.
     - Added latest shaders.

v1.45 - Enhanced the HD textures by Doomi.

v1.44 - Changed old textures with NEW ones.

v1.43 - Fixed the Rocketlauncher number of rockets it reloads sometimes.
     - Replaced the shotgun_double with the new shotgun_double from Perfected mod.

v1.42 - Added Arachnatron (kind of) Trites that fires acid projectiles !
      - Fixed the DEAD SIMPLE 1 and 2 maps and added full shadows to them, also, added some Arachnatron Trites.
      - Fixed small bugs.

v1.41 - Fixed a problem with previous v1.4 crashing the game with the error player cannot be spawned, sorry, my fault.
      - Now, the double shotgun is optional and can be disabled just by renaming to end in .zip the zzzz_dbshotgun4d3inhell.pk4 to or rename again to end in .pk4 for enable it.
      - All the new features from v1.4 are present on v1.41, so is not required to download the v1.4, just the full mod plus all previous updates.

v1.4 - Enhanced plasmagun, fires a little slower, while machinegun and chaingun fire both a little faster now.
     - The fireballs from burned Imps and burned Hellknights have the fx and lights fixed now.
     - Replaced with newest A.I. version for demons.
     - Replaced with newest shaders version.

v1.3 - Plasmagun, BFG and (ChainGun, its barrel only.) now are brighter and glow in the dark.
     - Branded Hellknights throw its own fireballs, different colors and effects !
     - Burned Imps throw its own fireballs too, with different colors and effects.

v1.2 - Now, the grenade return automatically to previous weapon after throw a grenade, does not need to press any key for toggle.
     - Fixed a bug in the pistol.
     - Accelerated the barrel on the chaingun.
     - Changed 'monster_zombie_base' zombies without head to three 'monster_zombie_benzo' with different heads, there is three kind, benzo standard with crane, benzo_1 with half crane, half head and benzo_4 with Swann head with googles.
     - Fixed monster_demon_imp's with burned skin, by error it was used the Hellknight branded skin for them, now they use its own correct burned Imp skin.

v1.1 - Fixed a bug found by Simo K., (thanks to him !!!), that bug made the shotgun_double to show a black box on every fire and it was caused by missing sgmuzzleflash.fx, now is fixed.

v1.0 - First Public version.
     - Updated all the weapons to be more powerful and flexible.
     - Added heads to the red skeleton zombies.
     - Changed HUD and crosshair.
     - Added much needed, double barrel shotgun !!!
     - More small fixes i can't remember.

Mod Description:




Unzip the file into your Doom 3 root folder and make sure that use path names is on. Then run the .cmd file or run the game as normal and select it from the mods menu. Then open the console and type in...:

    map Entrance




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