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Next & Better Shaders v7.8.5 - D3 & Dhewm 3 - A Mod for Doom 3.

Latest Shaders Pack for D3 & ROE - v7.8.5 by Dafama. (10-09-2022)

This NEW package contains the latest versions of my NG shaders
Also since v2.4, it start a series of 2 new shaders based on Parallax and on Relief techniques respectively. :D

Note...: Special Parallax and Relief textures not included, you can find on many shaders packages.

WARNING !!! Very Important !...:

set image_usePrecompressedTextures "0"
set image_useCompression "0"

This 3 lines above, should be included on the Autoexec.cfg into the folder of this mod, without them, shaders will NOT display any Relief or Parallax at all, ok ?

I recommend also, setting 'set r_lightScale 1.0' if you want a more "classic" Doom 3 style environment, (more dark), if not, the default '2.0' value for this command will enable a more "BFG" clean style look.


Very latest features on shaders...:

v7.8.5 - Updated Parallax Shaders, fixed test.vfp, now has better skin look, while keeping good metal look too.

v7.8.4 - Updated more Shaders, better skin, better metal.

v7.8.3 - Updated almost all Shades in this pack, enabled two new lines that adds more detail and better quality in all shaders, also i fixed a bug in the
zzz_cool_ng_shaders_ha_rfl_dfm_d3.pk4 file that made the shaders to not have specular effect so they where ugly, now is corrected too.
    - Updated the Parallax Shaders a little bit more, and also, now are ready for to be bettered even more in the future.

v7.8.2 - zzz_pak0221_shaders_fix_d3_4_hit.pk4 shaders where too dark, now is fixed.
      - Added a classic Parallax Shaders with special metallic look alike, very good ! yzzz_pak0221_shaders_fix_v2_d3.pk4.

v7.8.1 - E2M7 Shaders fixed interaction.vfp to be less dark.

v7.8     - At last i fixed all bugs on all Shaders now and i think, it's all fixed and good, there you have it, latest Shaders !!!

v7.7     - Fixed latest Shaders that contained a bug on most of them, that made them too red.

v7.6     - Fixed a bug, that i have changed diffuse for lum and should be diffuse, now it's ok.

v7.5.2 - I'm sorry, but i made a mistake with i have put gloss on an incorrect place on zzz_sikkbloom_glprogs_nodll_lite.pk4, now is fixed.

v7.5.1 - Small bug detected on zzzz_d3_shaders_zbest.pk4, now is fixed.

v7.5   - Light with shadows are made much earlier even, and on all Shaders, i reworked all !

v7.3   - Fixed a bug on zzz_cool_ng_shaders_ha_mad_dfm_d3.pk4 that was made the lights too low.

v7.2   - Fixed a bug on zzz_cool_ng_shaders_ha_rfl_dfm_d3.pk4 Shaders, now is ok.

v7.1   - Fixed a bug on both Riddick and Riddick Mate Shaders, now it's fine.

v7.0   - Lights are made much earlier and colors get better, just try it, it's the best version i made !
      - All shaders have been updated & bettered !

v6.3.7 - Updated & bettered all shaders and added contrast too.

v6.3.6 - Updated & bettered the E2M7 shaders, try them, are very good !
      - Also, i have added on the bonus folder a new trsgm plus shaders, that are more shiny than the current ones.

v6.3.5 - Updated all shaders.

v6.3.4 - Updated the ha and mad shaders.

v6.3.3 - Updated again the Parallax Shaders, i think are much better now, two different versions included.

v6.3.2 - Bettered the Parallax shaders !

v6.3.1 - Fixed the Parallax shaders !

v6.3- Enhanced all shaders, color and light bettered.

v6.2e- Updated all shaders, no downgrade this time, best ever !!!

v6.2d- Changed all shaders one parameter from 8x to 4x, now is better !

v6.2c- Changed all shaders one parameter from 16x to 8x, now is better !

v6.2b- Double shader bug fixed.

v6.2a- E2M7 Shaders fixed and enhanced just now !

v6.2 - Updated & Fixed all shaders, very recommended, BEST !!!

v6.1b- Less oil and more clear look in the TRSGM and Riddick shaders.

v6.1a- Shinning is better, even is varelly noticiable, but it is better, yeah !!!

v6.1 - Improved look quality to all shaders, specially i recommend to use the trsgm shaders, but the others, including the ones with or without Parallax had really get a face clean !

v6.0a- Parallax shader fully updated too !

v6.0 - Bettered all shaders, enhanced all !
     - Fixed some bugs too.

v5.9d- Fixed some bonus shaders and optimized and enhanced all shaders,

v5.9c- Tweaked a little the values for better shader effect.

v5.9b- Enhanced all shaders, better metallic effect.

v5.9a- Fixed two shaders, now features the new look like the others.

v5.9 - Fixed too plastic look again, for all shaders.
     - Optimized all shaders too.

v5.8b- Bettered all shaders again, even better !!!

v5.8a- Removed stupid artifacts, sorry for that.

v5.8 - Best version ever, gets more detail from textures and has better look in all shaders !

v5.7 - Bigger update and enhancement for all shaders, best looking ever !!!
     - Fixed many bugs.

v5.6 - Updated and Enhanced all shaders with removes some artifact and adds a new, modern look to all textures.
     - Fixed some bugs and removed the Relief shaders, because need too much power, i don't think any people use it.

v5.5 - Small improvements over the latest shaders, better for the metals especially.
     - Fixed a window transparent color bug.

v5.4 - The most realistic shaders ever comming from me. Just try it all !!!

v5.3 - Removed too brilliant look and now is more natural, now i think is the best possible.

v5.2 - Fixed one bug in NGT mod shaders.
     - Fixed reflection on ng_shaders_d3.
     - Enhanced shadows on most shaders.
     - Removed some artifacts on all shaders.
     - Enhanced all the shaders a little more, including Parallax and Relief.

v5.1 - Fixed one big bug in parallax shaders.
     - Removed 5 repeated lines that wasn't doing nothing on all shaders, a small speed gain.
     - Added more shadows to some shaders that have gamma more higher.

v5.0 - Fixed a lot of bugs.
     - Enhanced all shaders.

v4.9 - Enhanced fresnel on all NG shaders.
     - Relief shaders and a few other shaders, now do not use the more clear colors.
     - Fixed bugs.

v4.8 - TRSGM and Riddick shaders enhanced beyond and more...
     - Relief colors enhanced too.
     - Parallax shaders enhanced and fixed too.
     - All shaders enhanced again but even better.
     - bugs fixed.

v4.7 - Colors enhanced.
     - Parallax shaders enhanced too.
     - Relief shaders enhanced too.

v4.6 - Doom 4 alike, new look, great !!!

v4.5 - Better colors, enhanced specular, bettered glasses, optimized, best version ever !

v4.4 - Fixed bugs and bettered a little, is better now, better than ever !

v4.3 - Optimized & Enhanced all the shaders, much better now !
     - Fixed Trsgm and Riddick shaders specially on the colors and plastic problem, now solved.
     - Fixed small bugs.

v4.2 - Enhanced the ambient light and the colors in the dark.
     - Fixed small bugs in the glasses shaders.

v4.1 - Just polished some of the latest features present in previous version.
     - Fixed a bug in ambientlight.vfp.

v4.0 - Very much detailed !
     - Better contrast.
     - All shaders enhanced.

v3.9 - Optimized all shaders.
     - Enhanced HDR and colors.
     - Enhanced ambient lights.
     - Enhanced glasses, they look perfect now !

v3.8 - Removed the too bright and plastic look 100% at last !!!

v3.7 - Fixed bugs and polished everything for perfection.

v3.6 - Added fresnel and better shadows, enhanced all shaders, best version !

v3.5 - Added a greyscale to modulate the colors to a even more realistic look, perfection !!!

v3.4 - Internal release, fixed bugs and enhanced the detail.

v3.3 - This is now perfect almost, i removed some global lightning that make all to clear and remove scary, now is scary like the original Doom 3 but with the new features, effects, lights, shadows and everything just better !!!

v3.2 - Rim the light, now it deflects the light from distance, all shaders included in the package had been updated with the latst features.

v3.1 - Added fragment color to reflections and similar, the color gets realistic like never before !

v3.0 - Fixed & Enhanced even more all shaders, with self shadows, better light, better color, better everything !!!

v2.9 - The shaders based on HL2 & HL1 had been discontinued, however, NG Shaders, get updated and now, are a bit faster, Best & NG shaders get better lightning and specular, plus enhanced ambientlight.vfp and bumpyenvironment.vfp and environment.vfp, now the glasses are more visible and real and the monitor screens from computers or tv's get better shining.

v2.81 - Fixed another Big bug that make problems on lights in, now is correct !

v2.8 - Fixed Riddick based shaders, fixed some NG shaders, including my Parallax and Relief ones, it seems this circle effect bug is something many shaders that use new technics have, also, after fix this bug, the plastic problem on some 'other' shaders, is gone ! So, good for me and for everyone, Doom 3 looks more realistic and cool than ever !!! :D

v2.7 - Added some new shaders and fixed a very bad bug in all NG and other shaders, that make the lights like a circle in some situations, now is fixed !

v2.6 - More Shaders added to both Best & NG !

v2.5 - Added TRSGM: Try to early-out based on attenuation (clip black pixels).

v2.4 - NG BFG and NG HL2 discontinued, however, i start now 2 new shaders, one based on Parallax and another on Relief, but both using the latest features that makes them look new, cool, awe and metallic, while keep as fast i can.

v2.3 - NG & NG_ha shaders gets more metallic and less plastic, because this two shaders have tendency to go plastic but i don't let them. :D

v2.2 - NGT new shaders have been speed up very much without lose any quality, also, BEST & NG shaders have a more dynamic lightning, better than ever !

v2.1 - Small update and addition of some new shaders.

v2.0 - Self Shadows and realistic cool looking NEW features, just try it, now !!!

v1.3 - Minor bug for best shaders that was make things like computer screens to appear black, now is fixed.

v1.2 - Improved metal look and enhanced the fast shaders, the NG shaders are not changed.

v1.1 - Fixed a bug.

v1.0 - Removed Parallax at last, so they are good looking but faster.


Lenght    Name
-------    -----

Very Special Thanks to all this great persons...:

This mod uses awesome Brilliant Highlights latest new techniques thanks to Maha-X !
This mod uses some parts from awesome Shaders thanks to Sikkpin !
This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager !
This mod uses best fixes for Dispersion & Chromatic shaders by Langenscheiss !!!
This mod uses brilliant Green Bar fix thanks to Langenscheiss !

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    Attention !!! a NEW Next & Better Shaders v7.8 is already here, i recently found some better optimizations and better lightning and color for all latest Shaders !!!
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    Absolutely love the "ng_shaders_parallax" shader! However with it the text on walls, doors and such is all messed up, like here for example:
    Would be awesome if you could fix it.

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    To clarify, this is OG Doom 3, not BFG Edition, correct?
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