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Warcraft II DAIFE v7.0+, upgraded version - A Mod for Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

warcraft 2 2022 modding, enhanced features

This is Danny's Campaign AI Fixes Edition for all Warcraft II Campaigns (Battle Net Edition). But this is not the regular DAIFE or DAIFE Enhanced you may have seen in other post, but this is actually DAIFE v7.0 Upgraded version.

The difference between Regular/Enhanced DAIFE and v7.0 is the fact this new version contains several new files and plugins that enhanced the game experience even further aside from including all the previous contained in DAIFE Enhanced. So for this reason and because previous regular/Enhanced DAIFE versions don't work with the same plugin files I have decided to make a different post for this mod version.

Here you can find out quite a couple of new features like multiple new custom tilesets made by unknown warcraft 2 authors and that were rescued thanks to TuPaC - an old warcraft 2 USA community member. The mod features 10 new custom tilesets to the game:
1) Replacing Winter tileset with:
- Glacier

2) Replacing Wasteland tileset with:
- Beach (This old custom tileset don't have any name, so I called it this way)
- Desert 1 (Desert is official name I found out there, but needed a number reference since this              tileset contains major tile differences that are found in desert 2 as well).
- Desert 2 (I call it just this way, it has some little difference with Desert 1)

3) Replacing Forest tileset with:
- Warcraft 1 forest, alternative colors (War1 forest alternative, if you wanna call it)
- Jungle (official name I found out there)

4) Replacing Orc Swamp (Draenor) tileset with:
- Wetland (or Beetsland, how I like to call it. Official name though is Wetland from the guy who may have done it out there).
- Hell (this is the name I found for it).
- Night forest (Beautiful custom tileset coming out from Weapons of our Warfare - please check out my other mods to see this projected ported to BNE,  war2 windows version. I didn't find official name for it so I call it this way).
- Dark forest (No official name for it so I call it this way. I have seen also that this tileset name was confused with Forest - Jungle custom tileset, so I better call it this way).

It would take me time to remember all the new audio/visual features that were added up over time through the modding and live streaming to test, but  you can surely check them out for yourself playing this mod. But definetely most noticable in v7.0 is the new multiple tilesets feature.

If you're not awared about what regular DAIFE and DAIFE Enhanced is, then you can take a look into the respective DAIFE post to see it's respective features and more detailed
information about the mod:

This mod contains the same difficulty level as for campaigns just as it was set for regular/Enhanced DAIFE so difference here is pretty much an audio/visual upgrade even further.

Next to this README file, there're others like the Credits file which brings big thanks to the fan music remix developers and people which helped me to make this mod ever possible.
Aside from that, there's a file called "saveLoad bugs explanation" which will explain to you in simple terms about the issues warcraft 2 always had by using Save-Load in-game features and how they're actually fixable with one of the new added up plugins that you can use from the mod package.

How to install this thing ?

If you may have seen the already instructions set in main page from DAIFE v7.0 upgraded version in then just skip this section. I will try to set mod installing instructions as clear as I can:

1) This mod works for the warcraft 2 installer provided by russian community in: Download it and then place the war2patch.mpq into your main folder (backup if necessary for previous file there).
2) There're 4 new plugin files included into this mod package that will allow you to experience the great cool new features allowed for Warcraft 2 and for the first time are ever seen through DAIFE v7.0.
Big thanks to Edo-gorod (Mistral) to ever make this possible with his plugins feature.
So the plugins: Multiple Tilesets + Sound alert files for gold,wood,etc + sound alert files for upgrades,etc are 3 main core plugins that NEED to be placed in your war2/Plugins folder. Once they're there aside from war2patch.mpq in main folder, you're ready to play the mod.

Aside from that 3 plugins, there's a fourth one called Plugin kill assists. This is another creation by Edo-gorod which will allow you to have units with Kill counters within Warcraft 2 (just like Starcraft).
You can play without this plugin but if you want this another great enhanced in-game features then just place it within Plugins folder as well.

3) Previously in DAIFE Enhanced, there was a single plugin called saveLoad fix which would allow you to get ride of the caused bugs caused by using save-load in-game features playing single player mode. Those issues are explained in the save-load bugs explanation TXT file. Also, those bugs were present since 1995 in both DOS and BNE (windows) versions. So now you can get ride of them and play a clean great experience against computer. So the thing is that now this saveLoad plugin and it's features were incorporated into this Plugin kill assists file. Just make sure to set it into Plugins folder for a clean and good experience.

4) The mod package includes a install.exe file which will change mostly of the base Warcraft 2 BNE (windows) music themes for anothers being created by warcraft 2 fans & Warcraft 3 music. If you would like to keep listening classic music, you can just skip this file. If you would like to use it just place it in your main war2 folder (make backup from previous file if necessary).

5) If I have forgot to mention above, DO NOT attempt to use these plugin files with the previous DAIFE mod versions (v6.9 or before) OR with any other of my mods since the plugins are specifically made for this mod version or above (DAIFE v7.0+).

6) ***Update Febrary 26th, 2022* In order to use the new feature for damaged portrait icons for units (new icons for yellow/red health bars) just place the new GRP folder added up into the main mod package to your main war2 folder.

*Maybe on the future I may add up along with DAIFE v7.0 a longer explanation about what exactly is DAIFE from scratch but I'm lazy at the moment since it needs another long explanation that you can eventually find in the gamebanana post for DAIFE:

* Current bug at the moment may be the fact there's a new custom compass for Humans being used in certain missions but doesn't seem to load properly still. So maybe can bring a fix to this into the future.

If you had any feedback about this mod, please don't hesitate to bring it up through gamebanana or specially within my twitch/youtube channels. Since I have got almost 0 feedback from warcraft 2 warriors, I can't know if you guys actually like this new 2022 content or not for this awesome game.

Twitch channel:
Youtube channel:

If you would ever like to help sustaining myself, I would really appreciate any donation you can ever make to my paypal as well:
OR for donations during live streaming:

- Good luck & Have fun !