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de_bugger - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

One bomb plant point, 16 spawn points per team. Mapped by Ottimista.

Decided to make a standard office type map. Thanks and respects go to Black Mesa Source team (borrowed some of the office props: to make it clear - assets have been taken from the MOD version, downloaded legally at the time it was free), CS:GO creators for the magnificent vertigo 3D skybox. One bomb plant point, 16 spawn points per team. Greets and thanks go to QFactor for the canteen soundtrack (well, I did the bass on it, yeah :)


PS. This is basically a bugfix release based on this deprecated map.

Update: fixed 3D skybox alignment (reported by JAM_HK416: see comment below).
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    Very nice, lots a fun!
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    You should make it to where you can jump out the map and fall to your death like in Vertigo. I don't know, thought it would be cool!

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    Still playing CS:S...
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    This map is available on the Retro CS:S game server at

    모든 게 잘 될거야 :)
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    Here's my small badly written feedback for this one:

    I gotta say this is a unique and well crafted defusal map! The usage of custom content from BM and CSGO is great as well as the amount of detail put around the office building (especially in the meeting room). From the map's txt and description here it seems like you're having a battle with map bugs and well, it hasn't finished yet...

    For starters: It seems like one part of the building seen outside of the map has a misaligning issue (as seen below). After decompiling the map with bspsrc, i discovered that it was because you have sliced the upper and bottom side of the building and included them with the 3D skybox without the middle one...

    I also noticed how some glass brushes are clipping through the bottom trims/bars which generates a small visual bug...

    Finally I noticed that the vending/soda machines were put as prop_physics_multiplayer which i think is unnecessary because those models are too heavy to move around even after the C4's Explosion. My suggestion is to put them as prop_static instead.

    Overall only few tweaks and improvements has to be considered to make this the perfect defusal map. Hope this was helpful :)

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