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Mewtwo Moveset Edits - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Mewtwo has gained some adjustments and improvements to its moveset. Changes include the following...
  • Neutral Attack: The attack now hits on frame 3, and can transition over to the flurry attack sooner. If the player holds the attack button, Mewtwo will now spam the attack until it hits something.
  • Flurry Attack: BKB has been increased, making it no longer possible for Kazuya to tough out the hits under normal circumstances. The finisher hits on frame 5, deals slightly more damage, and sacrifices BKB in favor of stronger KBG.
  • Forward Tilt: Adjusted the damage dealt for the sweetspot and midspot hitboxes. All hitboxes sacrifice some BKB in favor of stronger KBG, and the changes apply to when the attack is angled up or down as well.
  • Up Tilt: The attack now hits on frame 5, and no longer has late hit periods. Damage dealt is slightly stronger for all hitboxes, they all launch fighters at a 80 degree angle, and their sizes have been increased as well. Lastly, the first 3 hitboxes last for 7 frames.
  • Tail Sweep: The attack now hits on frame 4, with the hitboxes lasting for 3 frames. They also deal greater damage and knockback, and the knockback angle is still dependent on how close the target is to Mewtwo's tail. Ending lag is also shorter to make the attack easier to spam.
  • Dash Attack: The attack no longer has sourspots, but it still has a clean hit and late hit period. Damage dealt is stronger for the clean and late hits, and they both favor higher BKB, at the expense of reduced KBG. Lastly, all hits offer a small shield damage bonus.
  • Shadow Blast: The attack now hits on frame 18. The sweetspot's size is slightly larger, and the hitboxes do sacrifice some KBG for higher BKB. Changes also apply to when the attack is angled up or down.
  • Galaxy Force: An extra hitbox has been added for frame 9, which helps to remove blindspots against smaller targets. The attack itself can deal up to 7 hits (adding up to 17.5% damage), with the looping hitboxes now autolinking aerial targets. For fighters on the ground, they're pulled closer to the center, and can never trip. The final hit offers slightly stronger KBG.
  • Shadow Bomb: The attack now hits on frame 18, launches fighters at a 45 degree angle, and has slightly stronger KBG. The large hitbox can also hit aerial targets, but the strength of the shield damage bonus is still based on how close the target is to Mewtwo.
  • Body Spark: The attack now hits on frame 5, and receives a good amount of hitbox adjustments. Fighters are now dragged towards Mewtwo's body, with the center hitboxes (placed between the arms and legs) autolinking aerial targets. Hits up to 11 times (adding up to 13% damage), with the final hit dealing slightly more damage, and receiving stronger KBG. Lastly, hitbox priority had to be adjusted to avoid any unintended interpolation moments.
  • Shadow Scratch: Attack still hits on frame 7, but it now launches fighters at a 45 degree angle, and offers slightly stronger KBG. A small shield damage bonus is also present.
  • Backward Aerial: The attack now hits on frame 10, with the hitboxes lasting for 6 frames. Damage dealt remains unchanged, but they do offer stronger BKB, with the sweetspot sacrificing some KBG.
  • Up Aerial: The attack now hits on frame 9, with the hitboxes lasting for 8 frames. Damage dealt remains unchanged, but all hitboxes now launch fighters at a 80 degree angle. KBG had to be reduced along the way, however.
  • Down Aerial: The meteor smash hitbox can now affect fighters on the ground, and receives stronger BKB. The sourspot deals 15% damage, and launches fighters at a 80 degree angle.
  • Grabs: Start-up lag is now one frame shorter for all grab types, with the standing grab now grabbing as early as frame 6. Grab hitboxes last for 3 frames, and have their range increased as well. The grab range increase is actually a callback to my moveset mod for Smash Wii U.
  • Shadow Cannon: The attack can now deal up to 16% damage if all five Shadow Balls hit the thrown target. The Shadow Balls also receive slightly stronger KBG, but they also have a negative shield damage bonus.
  • Backward Throw: The throw now deals 12% damage, launches fighters at a 45 degree angle, and has its KBG reduced slightly. Despite the KBG reduction, however, the throw can now KO fighters slightly sooner than Incineroar's backward throw.
  • Psychic Whirlwind: The throw's BKB has been increased at the expense of weaker KBG. It can now KO sooner than Incineroar's up throw, and comes close to rivaling the KO power of Charizard's up throw.
  • Down Throw: The throw receives knockback improvements, and launches fighters at a 85 degree angle. The collateral hitboxes also deal slightly more damage and knockback. Ending lag has been drastically decreased to make it easier for Mewtwo to perform a follow-up attack on its thrown target.
  • Shadow Ball: An uncharged Shadow Ball now deals 5% damage, and receive a BKB increase. The full charge still deals 25% damage, but it now launches fighters at a 45 degree angle, and receives a small KBG increase. A negative shield damage bonus is present, however.
  • Confusion: The attack now becomes active on frame 8. Beginning on frame 7, Mewtwo can rebound if fighters try to grab it. Fighters caught by the grab hitboxes will now take up to 12% damage, and Mewtwo can quickly follow-up with its up tilt afterwards. The reflector still offers a 1.4x damage multiplier for reflected projectiles.
  • Disable: The size of the hitbox is now consistent, regardless of whether or not the target is on the ground. It also deals stronger knockback against aerial targets, and thanks to being weight independent, can even stun Bowser when he's under the effects of a Super Mushroom and Metal Box. However, it does have a negative shield damage bonus, making it pretty much ineffective for delivering shield pressure.
  • Other Attacks: Mewtwo's getup attack after tripping now has the darkness effect. This results in the attack dealing slightly more damage when using not just the spirits that boost arm attacks, but also the spirits that boost fire and/or explosion attacks.
Now, it should be noted that a lot of my tests were done in Training, and don't take into account stale move negation.

Smashline is required to use this mod. The download also includes the source coding, which shows all the modifications that I've made.

Version 1.001

This minor update only really focuses on doing some script cleaning. It shouldn't operate too differently from the initial release, however.

Version 1.01

This update focuses on Mewtwo's Shadow Cannon (forward throw). The throw is now pseudo weight independent, always dealing 40 units of knockback, regardless of the thrown target's weight. The throw's knockback angle is also decreased to 60.

The Shadow Balls now launch fighters at a 40 degree angle, and have stronger KBG as well; this does somewhat affect their KO potency. The throw overall can still deal up to 6 hits, but it does become gradually harder to land all 6 hits as the thrown target's damage increases.

Version 1.011

This is primarily an oversight update on my end, but it simply adjusts Shadow Blast and Shadow Bomb a bit.

The size of the sweetspot for Shadow Blast has been increased slightly; increased from 6.5, to 7. This also affects the attack when angled up or down, but the damage and knockback dealt remain unchanged.

Shadow Bomb only uses a single hitbox now, as the smaller hitbox has been removed. This basically means that the shield damage bonus is no longer affected by how far away the target is; it's now a consistent 8. Damage and knockback remain unchanged.

Changes from version 1.01 remain in place.

Version 1.012

Second oversight update after releasing version 1.01. Shadow Scratch's hitboxes are now slightly bigger, while the down aerial can now hit on frame 14. Damage and knockback remain unchanged for both attacks.

Version 1.013

This tiny update decreases Body Spark's start-up lag by 1 frame; it now hits on frame 4. It also adjusts the knockback for one of the looping hitboxes so that it can drag fighters to the center hitboxes more easily.

Version 1.014

This particular update fixes a bug that apparently existed for Galaxy Force. Now, all hitboxes that use the 368 autolink angle inflict forced knockback (while having the weight independent flag set to false), instead of weight independent fixed knockback.

The reason for this very adjustment is because the set_vec_target_pos function has a glitch that can potentially cause weight independent hitboxes to launch fighters toward the upper blast line. Galaxy Force's KO potency is not affected by this adjustment though, so the KO percentage range remains the same.

Version 1.0141

After releasing version 1.014, I apparently came across a new dilemma, where the 368 autolink angle could potentially generate the deadly blow effect. To fix that, the knockback dealt had to be below the threshold that caused fighters to enter a tumbling state.

Because this update was rather quick, version 1.014 has been removed. If you've downloaded 1.014 prior to this update, I'd recommend downloading the new 1.0141 revision.

Version 1.0142

Another quick update involving Galaxy Force. The 368 autolink angle hitboxes now use a 0.5x hitlag multiplier, staying in-line with the hitlag multipliers that the looping hitboxes use. And just as a side note, some hitlag has to be dealt for the frame 9 hitboxes, since disabling it would've erroneously enabled Galaxy Force to hit up to 8 times, instead of 7.

Version 1.015

This particular update is for Mewtwo's neutral attack. The sourspot has received stronger BKB, and the attack itself now offers 5 additional hitstun frames.

Version 1.016

This update reduces the length of the flurry attack script; game_attack100. It was done to try to reduce the size of the plug-in further, but the attack should still function the same way as before.

Version 1.017

Mewtwo's flurry attack receives a few additional adjustments. The looping hitbox is slightly larger, and covers more horizontal range. As for the finisher, it now hits on frame 4, covers more horizontal range, and has been changed into an extended hitbox.