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jb_wtc_b8 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

Welcome! This is a very old map for TF2 jailbreak that I forgot to upload. I made this for my community, hopjb, starting in late-2012, up until mid-2014.
Thankfully, with the help of Semicolon Backslash and Benjamin Poursey, the world-famous map archivist, this map has now been given back to me after my hard drive got wiped clean all those years ago.

Here's a summary that D3xus wrote on the skial forums in 2015 about this map, which I think describes it perfectly:
jb_wtc_b8 - This is a rather small but fun map in the likeness of the World Trade Center. The coolest thing is an elevator that goes from the "ground" floor, where spawn & cells are, to the roof with soccer, jump rope (sweeper), and more. It's reminiscent of hopjb a little bit.

Now, I know this map looks bad, but this was my first real map for tf2, although b1 looked very different. It was simply for me and 31 other players to enjoy on my personal jailbreak server.

This map has quite an assortment of features and activities to keep players entertained for 60 minutes, or approximately 5 rounds.
  • Cell block with caution line and red line, with staircase and railing.
  • Basic deathrun with about 5-6 traps
  • Big cage & knife pit next to eachother
  • Disco on top of armory, next to big cage. Enter by ladder on back end.
  • Medic between armory and pool.
  • Very basic pool room with body of water, but nice corner view of skybox.
  • "Roof access" area that goes to elevators which teleports all players to top floor. CT doors open first, then T's open after 5 seconds, to prevent CT's getting rushed when exiting.
  • Once on the roof, players can not return to spawn, but there are a few fun things to do up here.
  • Jumprope with around 8 player slots
  • Basic football field with deadly ball. Make sure sv_allow_point_servercommand is set to "always" without quotes, so point_servercommand can run phys_pushscale.
  • Four square which is a basic random victory minigame. I forgot who gave me the original code, sorry. It was probably a CSS jailbreak map. I'll find it later.
  • There's also a large antennae/spire on the middle of the roof which players can climb up halfway. Soldiers can rocket jump even higher, I believe.

Also, I did not make the base for the towers, I was heavily inspired by the HL2DM map, dm_wtc_singe_v8, made by Singe, whose whereabouts are unknown. 
I had a strong desire to have players run around inside this massive steel tower, so this map is basically that manifest.

In 2014, I was planning the epic comeback, jb_wtc_b9, which I will post as a WIP here later.

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for the next update!