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(Commission) Bowsette and Bowser - A Mod for Shin Megami Tensei V.


A fusion error brought Bowsette to Da'at, instead of Mother Harlot, and in the place of her seven-headed beast with ten horns raised from his head, came Bowser, now a mere subservient koopa for queen Bowsette.

This mod was commissioned to me by @Lukedo3001 again, this request was something really different from what i usually do, and was a great idea.

1.  This mod features:

  • Bowsette as Mother Harlot and Bowser as her Beast;

  • Her name, portrait, icon and a lore were added.

  • A patch if you have Juri installed, be sure to have the ZZ0 prefix on Juri's mod (older versions of that mod has ZZZ as prefix, replace it).

2.  Known issues:

Read it, it's important!

  • If you use any mod that alters Name, Lore, or demon Icon:

The files where these items are located are "common files", meaning they are shared between all demons, so if someone changes the name of a demon for example they are changing a "list" that have the name of all demons.

It's all ok until you put another mod that does the same, depending on the load order it will overwrite these files and only the ones from the other mod will be loaded, meaning the first demon mod you installed will have its changes on name, lore icon, etc reverted, but the model and any other non shared files will be intact.

My way of remediating this was prefixing my mod with ZZ0 so it will load last, and any mod with ZZ1 will be compatibility patches since ZZ1 loads last and overwrites ZZ0 and any other common file, but only solves this mod's problem and creates another since it will overwrite all the other custom demons names to the default ones.

You can solve this by diffing my mod with the original file, diff the other mod with the original file then apply the diff patches to the original file, with smttools.

If you want a model ported to the game contact me...
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