Succubus - True Nude Mod - A Mod for Shin Megami Tensei V.

Defeat me.

Succubus, looking good.

+ added a + version with cups+

Known issues: Maybe some rigging on more difficult parts.

Some parts of the body were based off/modeled after a illusion game, I'm a amateur when it comes to modeling, i just wanted a mod like this done. I think this falls into the "porting" section of the rules, if it's against I'll delete it from here.

If you want a model ported to the game contact me, maybe i can do it...
I'm doing commissions now, check it in the coin link.

Liked? Throw me a coin.
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    DMTTAB Joined 4mo ago
    Hi mugenrei

    Thx for he awesome mod.

    Do you know if there is a tutorial on how to edit Character models? I'd like o modify some myself. Are you using unity to modify?

    Kind regards
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    heyjey8 Joined 6mo ago
    This is great, but the boobs are a little on the small side of things.  Any chance for a bigger bust version?  other than that great job
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  • 哦,太好了,她会是我的第一选择,thanks
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