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Signature Skills+ - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

Signature skills from P3 and P5.


The mods on this page allow specific Personas to learn their signature skills from P3 and P5 via level-up. Stats have been backported directly from P5R then tweaked where necessary to balance for P4G.

These skills are available in addition to those already in the game. No skills have been replaced.

When installing, make sure these mods are placed towards the top of your list in Aemulus Package Manager, ABOVE others that make changes to Personas/Skills/Skill descriptions (e.g. Compendium Restoration Pack or Detailed Descriptions).

I'll likely add more to this page in time so let me know in the comments if you'd like to see any specific skills brought over.

  • Magatsu Mandala
    Can now be learned by Magatsu-Izanagi at level 89. Cannot be used on bosses (modding limitation).

    Effect: "Dark: deals heavy damage to all foes with a chance of Panic/Fear/Enervation."
    Power: 160
    Accuracy: 90
    Effect chance: 50
    Cost: 30 SP

    ID: 428 (Dec) / 01AC (Hex)

  • Shining Arrows
    Can now be learned by Kaguya at level 85. Cannot be used on bosses (modding limitation).

    Effect: "Light: deals light damage to all foes 4x to 8x."
    Power: 15
    Accuracy: 90
    Cost: 22 SP

    ID: 309 (Dec) / 0135 (Hex)

  • Myriad Truths
     Can now be learned by Izanagi-no-Okami, the ultimate Persona at level 91 (innate) instead of Megidolaon.

    Effect: "Deals heavy Almighty damage to all foes 3x."
    Power: 180
    Accuracy: 95
    Cost: 52 SP

    Skill ID: 435 (Dec) / 01B3 (Hex)

  • Cadenza
    Can now be learned by Orpheus at level 37.
    Requires the Compendium Restoration Pack.

    Effect: "Restores 50% HP of party and increases Hit/Evasion rates."
    Cost: 24 SP

    Skill ID: 433 (Dec) / 01B1 (Hex)

  • Oratorio
    Can now be learned by Messiah at level 81 (innate).
    Requires the Compendium Restoration Pack.

    Effect: "Fully restores party's HP and nullifies all stat penalties."
    Cost: 38 SP

    Skill ID: 432 (Dec) / 01B0 (Hex)

  • Door of Hades
    Can now be learned by Thanatos at level 76.
    Requires the Compendium Restoration Pack.

    Effect: "Deals heavy Almighty damage to all foes with a high chance of instant kill."
    Power: 160
    Accuracy: 90
    Effect chance: 60
    Cost: 32 SP

    Skill ID: 434 (Dec) / 01B2 (Hex)


  • "Can these skills be acquired via Skill Cards?"
    Not at this time. I need to work out how to add new Skill Cards to the game.

  • "Can these skills be inherited by other Personas via fusion?"
    No. Signature skills can't be inherited in P4G so I've kept it that way for my skills. If you want to be able to inherit them, let me know in the comments and I'll consider adding an option for that.

  • "I recognise some of these skill animations..."
    Custom skill animations are possible, but difficult to implement and we're still learning how they work. Cadenza's animation has been ported from P3, Oratorio uses the "Best Friends" animation from P3, and the rest are borrowed from existing P4 skills for now.

  • "Will you bring over the Eiha/Kouha lines of skills?"
    Not at this time. For a couple of reasons:

    1. P4G simply isn't designed for damage-dealing Dark/Light skills. Without editing enemy affinities appropriately, they'll completely melt opponents and I'm not interested in changing the game so extensively to accommodate them. The implications to balance would also likely be significant.

    2. You can't use damage-dealing Light and Dark skills on bosses without also making it possible to use Hama/Mudo on them. This makes them overall less useful.

    Magatsu Mandala and Shining Arrows are less of a concern because you can only acquire them late-game from high-level, special fusion Personas. This makes their effect on overall game balance minimal.
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    Any chance we could get the skill "King and I"? It was from persona 3, and it was a fusion spell for having Black Frost and King Frost. It had giant SnowFrost's fall on ever enemy.
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    Do these mods interfere with Detailed Descriptions at all?
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  • throws errors when trying to use this with cep is it compatible?
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  • does this mod compatible with instakill damage skills mod ?
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    Hey, great mod!
    Question: Will you be adding Cross Slash for Izanagi to the mod. It's a pretty cool move and would be a shame not to have it. Cheers!
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